Tuesday, 13 October 2020

I was wrong about the Democratic Party #walkaway

Tip of the hat to Mundabor for this:


Kathleen1031 said...

I need to share this with family members and loved ones who are confounding me with their support for the Democrats. Maybe just maybe, they will hear something like this and the spell will be broken. Honestly, I think so many Americans are completely gaslighted and brainwashed. I've often thought it demonic. I cannot explain why so many good and moral, intelligent people don't see through it. Maybe it's partly tradition or just an unwillingness to admit at this point they were brainwashed. I get that. But in just a short time the fate of our nation will be sealed. We need to share this.
This young woman sounds like many young women today, lots of "likes", etc., but she so elegantly and thoroughly explains exactly why it is all a sham, it's a thing of beauty to hear. Well worth hearing and sharing.

Anonymous said...

I, also, am going to share this with several people I know who are blindly devoted to the Democrat party. This young woman is an inspiration and very brave as leaving a “hive” mindset can be a lonely business. I left after the Bill Clinton presidency debacle and never looked back. I had no problem listening to her testimony—it’s a bit long but she did a good job painting a picture of her process which may help someone else take the blinders off and think for themselves. God bless her and all that are finally seeing the truth.