Saturday, 17 December 2016

Climate of fear in Vatican is very real

Image result for steve jalsevac john henry westenOne of the most respected news sources in the Catholic world today, is LifeSiteNews headed by Steve Jalsevac and John-Henry Westen. These are good men, faithful men. They are honest and committed to the work that they do. Their credibility and contacts and professionalism is highly regarded. Their detractors are amongst the "usual suspects" not necessary to name here. 

That is why this article is so important

December 16, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Our Nov. 16-23 visit to Rome was the most dramatic of many such twice-per-year work trips we have taken there during the past 10 years. After meeting with cardinals, bishops and other Vatican agency and dicastery staff, John-Henry Westen, our new Rome reporter, Jan Bentz, and myself saw a consistent pattern of widespread anxiety and very real fear among faithful Church servants. We have never encountered this before.
 Many were afraid of being removed from their positions, fired from their jobs in Vatican agencies or of encountering severe public or private reprimands and personal accusations from those around the pope or even from Francis himself.

Referencing Edward Pentin's statement last week about the climate of fear that has descended upon the Vatican, Steve Jalsevac takes it deeper with his own experience supported by other quotations and with examples of the manipulations as evidenced during a presser at the North American College.

What is most disturbing, however, is that these men who are faithful and know of the crisis at hand are actually in "fear." How can this be? How can these men who are to serve Christ and His Church be so interested in their careers and survival in a decadent and corrupted Vatican structure as to remain silent? 

Is it a roof over their head? Is it food in their belly? Is it advancement? Ironically, is Francis actually correct when he refers to priests who are "careerists?"

Allow me to address these directly. 

My brothers, reverend Fathers, Excellencies, Eminences;
It is time for you in the Vatican and elsewhere who are living under a "climate of fear" to find your testicular fortitude and rise up. We ask the Lord in the psalms, "be not angry with us forever." I ask you, "be not silent forever!' You were given a great gift, a gift of the priesthood of Jesus Christ. Men of an uncountable number came before you and sacrificed all for the "pearl of great price." Women were tortured and disgraced rather than betray Him.
We have had this past week, St. Lucy and St. Eusebius to serve as prime examples. Why do you not have one-tenth of their courage? Do you think you can work quietly inside and try to influence and to help?
You must find your courage to rise up and wake up the Catholic faith. More than anything, you fear disobedience, you fear schism. Well, the schism is already here and obedience to evil, is evil. 

The time has come. As one commenter has said, we will take you in. Fox and I can take three and Mass is in the dining room.


Dan said...

I doubt if the fear is primarily for their career. It's likely that they realize the destruction that Francis is wreaking in the Church and just don't know what to do.

I know I don't.

Ana Milan said...

The thing to do is to publicly back the four Cardinals. The more that come forward the better & quicker will be the outcome. Christ will not abandon His Church but little trust in Him is shown by most of our leaders in the CC to-day. There are very few non-effeminates among them so this will probably drag on & on until Divine intervention is wrought upon us all.

The Modernists have torn the Church of Christ asunder but have not been able to annihilate it, nor will they succeed in doing so. There is going to be a huge task for everyone to restore the damage but with God & Mary on our side it won't be insurrmountable. Keep the faith. said...

We're ready when you are, Fathers, Excellencies, Eminences. We will provide for you in your hunger, your thirst, your need of a place to lay your head. Find out the truth about the glorious Virgin whom you have espoused. She who says of herself, "the more you gaze at Me, the more you will love Me." - Blessed Francis Palau. She fears nothing; why do you?

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Dan

I think we SHOULD know.
We are told to not worry about yesterday, or what might come tomorrow. We tell the truth without regard for possible consequences.
If one is a bread-winner for a family, it is much harder to do than when one is a priest. This freedom not to worry about the effect of telling the truth on one's family is a very good reason for priestly celibacy.

I am not the bread winner, just a wife and a mother. I tell the truth, and I am confronted with rolling eyes. They are all evolved, and I am a rigid fanatic, you see?

Once I was admired and adored, now, when I am wiser, I am a cause for embarrassment. Wherever I go, I cause consternation. I say things that ought not be said, according to our best experts on television, in academia, in government and our courts of "justice".

What hurts the most is that my family is ashamed of me, when I know they should learn from me.

Despite all of it, I know exactly what to do. I do not make plans, I do not fear too much, I just fulfil my duties and always tell the truth.

Peter Lamb said...

Leaving for two weeks of sun, sand and sea in Durban. Here's wishing a very happy Christmas to Vox, Frankie and all Voxites. Chat again next year. God bless all! :)

Anonymous said...

If they don't speak and Francis goes on with his agenda, their careers in high positions won't last long anyway, since the orthodox are being quickly dismissed and sent to irrelevant posts.

Anonymous said...


Great post here. The fear is palpable.

As an aside, in your challenge to 'My Brothers' etc.,' you wrote '...disobedience to evil, is evil.' Should that be 'obedience to evil, is evil'?

Fantastic blog here, Vox. Thank you for the courage of your convictions.


Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Mary,

You are most correct, thank you for pointing that out, I should have had a coffee before blogging early this morning and thank you for your kind words.


A blessed Christmas to you and yours!

Frankie and Vox (David)

Fox said...

So true, They will be accountable for the souls in their charge and those which were influenced by there grave errors and omissions. There is no "EandOE" (Errors and Omissions Excepted) in the vows of ordination to the priesthood.

To whom much is given, much is expected

Anonymous said...

Well said, Ana.


Anonymous said...

Some of my relatives won't speak to me because I refused to eat meat on Friday in their house (never mind the fact that I begged them beforehand NOT to serve meat on Friday). As such, I'm persona non grata.

I still love them; however, I have to love God more.

Eirene said...

Anonymous@ 6.40
Sorry to hear about your relatives' reception of your Friday Fasting! Didn't they have anything else on the table you could eat? Merry Christmas!

Michael said...

I believe with all my heart that Francis' treachery will someday be exposed for the world to see. The fact that the Borgia and Medici popes lived immoral lives is common knowledge. The treachery of the current papacy will also be common knowledge someday.

Marcial Maciel was once beloved, idolized by his followers and is now thoroughly denounced by practically everyone. Even more so will Francis be denounced. Francis is a false prophet, a disobedient servant, and a treacherous son. He is a narcissistic wolf, and a faithless, materialistic clown. God will not be mocked forever. Francis just turned 80, and surely is not long for this world. May God remove him swiftly, and send us a faithful shepherd.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @6:40,

I feel for you. Not to minimize your situation with your family, but it is such a shame that we "all" have these issues to deal with. Each one is a little persecution, an attack on our personal faith, against the Church, against Jesus Christ, and against the One True Faith.

Unfortunately, the liberal attitude that looks for and professes such great tolerance does not think or feel it is due to those of differing opinions.

You are so very right. Of course we love them all But yes We must love God more, and we should be worried more about what he thinks of us than what our families think.

Have Blessed Christmas,

Anon in T.O.

TLM said...

Yes, Anonymous @4:34pm! As Trump said in his campaign: 'WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOOSE?' You have NOTHING to loose and EVERYTHING to gain!!

No Meat on Fridays! said...

@ Anonymous 6:40

I am so proud of you. And ashamed of your slothful, inconsiderate relatives.

Wolverine said...

Unfortunately, our beautiful mother, The Church, has been violated by this usurper for coming up on four years! The institutional damage, let alone the spiritual damage inflicted on the flock has been incalculable! We must continue to pray (and fast) that God will bring this nightmare to an end soon.

We can be thankful that during this Advent season there HAS FINALLY been the advent of some public / ecclesiastical push back to this disgraceful situation. Now is the time for all concerned brothers and sisters to raise their voices and get behind Cardinal Burke and Archbishop Schneider (our Catholic Trump?) and drain the Catholic swamp of Her sodomites, Freemasons and communist episcopal and priestly infiltrators!!

Enough is enough...if secular America can kick out the Clinton/Obamanation then there is no reason, with God's help, that the Church can't do likewise to Her enemies within. Stop the Catholic media and priestly happy-talk and/or silence and start trumpeting the truth from the rooftops of this diabolical disorientation that the Church, which was warned prophetically (ie by Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII, Pius X, Fatima, Akita, LaSallette etc.) is now living through.

Anonymous said...

They did. I had shrimp cocktail, salad, hors d'oeuvres and wine before dinner, and quite frankly was full. I was pressed to have the main course of meat, and said no as per my previous post. Well, you could have heard a pin drop at that point.

Honestly, if you invited guests to your house and you knew that they couldn't eat certain foods, I'm sure that as a good hostess, you would take that into consideration when planning your dinner.

I'm the only child who keeps the Friday abstinence. (Mom does too, even thought she's exempt from fasting - 65+). As I said before, I love them dearly but I have to love God more. Maybe if I did, we'd be one family again.

Please pray for me. Thank you and Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I get more spiritual/moral support from my online friends than from my own family.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I find the idea of being deathly afraid of and intimidated by a latino (gaucho)pope from Argentina -- Jesuit though he may be -- impossibly ludicrous. signed: ms. in Texas

Terry Nelson said...

Sorry - this is absurd. A cleric should be so grateful to be fired from a Vatican assignment so he can go back to being a priest. This is Medieval gossip - those who are afraid of being let go are careerists and should be purged. This is a very destructive post that Lifesite and you have posted.

Anonymous said...

To witness evil and to stay silent is the Mortal Sin of Omission. It is a very grave Sin and will cost their soul the removal of the Sanctifying Grace needed to get through those very narrow gates of Heaven this includes Catholic Popes ! Catholic Popes do not get a pass on the Mortal Sin of Omission. That includes the Omission of Adultery. It includes the Omission of Sodomy.

Anonymous said...

I hope there is some brave Cardinals out there in the Wilderness calling for a new Conclave or the resignation of Pope Francis for the sake of the Catholic Church.

Dymphna said...

I don't eat meat on Friday but I don't tell everyone why. I've been mildly teased but it didn't matter. Now my family members know to leave it alone or I'm leaving.

Anonymous said...

@Paul Morphy

I can fully understand the human emotion that is fear. Uncertainty has a very corrosive effect and the perpetrators of this uncertainty know the effect that it has on their victims.

For those in the Vatican and the Church who are victims of this intimidation, you have my sympathies. However it is important to try to remain steadfast and to show fortitude for the truth. This witness to the truth costs.

I'm reminded of the trials that Job had to endure. He possessed everything in terms of material wealth and he was "an upright man". Yet Job was tested almost to beyond limit. He lost his wealth. He lost his children. He lost his wife. Job was left with practically nothing as a result of these trials. The only thing that say him through was his faith in God. And the Bible tells us that God recognised this and that recognition ensured that Job got his wealth back and he even went on to have more children and to live a longlife.