Friday, 14 October 2016

Thomas J. Rosica vs. Raymond J. de Souza: Whom do you trust? Rosica slanders de Souza and in so doing adds, Cardinal Collins to his screed!

Father Raymond de Souza, a Canadian priest of the Archdiocese of Kingston has been publicly slandered on Twitter by the ever more irrelevant Thomas J. Rosica.

Barona has the story.

The fact is, Tom Rosica and the rest of Team Bergoglio can't stand the pressure. 

They can't stand it from me and you can't stand it from one of their peers. They can't stand being shown that they're wrong. 

Amoris Laetitia, that stinking piece of heresy and sacrilege will be abrogated. It will be denounced by a future Pope. Mark my words.

Thomas Cardinal Collins of Toronto was one of the 13. Rosica seems to have no prudence as he lashes out at him too. How much longer will the Archbishop of Toronto tolerate this Basilian in Toronto?

Is Tom Rosica saying that Cardinal Collins is imprudent and signed a document that he did not read? That he did not understand? He clearly seems to be saying this and that Cardinal Collins' actions, all the 12 others, was an attempt to "thwart the synodal process." Not my words. Tom Rosica's!

He accuses Father de Souza of "false reporting" and questions his faithfulness to the "magisterium." Quite the accusation to make against Father de Souza.

Who does Rosica think he is to calumniate another priest over social media? The Catholic Herald is a well-regarded journal, it is widely read in England. 

What a disgrace.

Mark my words well.

Their time is almost over. 

They can enjoy it for now. They have their reward.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Cardinal Thomas Collins defends his faithful and just Synod actions in manipulative story by the Toronto Star. Will the Basilians have him STFU too?

Cardinal Collins is one of the thirteen or whatever number it was that signed and sent a letter to Pope Francis at the beginning of the Synod. A few days ago, Cardinal Donald Wuerl lashed out in a Jesuitical periodical that some people, insinuating the thirteen, "just don't like the Pope." According to a Toronto Star reporter, Father Thomas J. Rosica sent the article to journalists allegedly stating, "I fully share Cardinal Wuerl's assessment."


Maudie N Mandeville said...

No one believes that the 'Jovial Buffoon', Cardinal Timothy Dolan, doesn't like the pope. It's surprising that Wuerl 'lashed' out at all thirteen, although it may mean that the pope hasn't extracted everything he can get out of the cardinal of $New York City$. Dolan immediately went full blown docile as one expects from a large majority of men in positions of power in the Church, today, and explained away his signature by stating “I said, here you go, Holy Father, you told us to be honest and we were. You’ve answered right to these [concerns]. I’m grateful you paid attention. So let’s get on with the work.”

No, Timmy, he never answered you 'concerns'. But being a brown noser, you are right to have been petrified of his misericors talionis.

Ana Milan said...

I have requested Fr. Rosica to name the many retractors of 'that letter' on two websites to-day as it is important he does so as not to look foolish & lacking integrity himself.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

With this kind of leadeship, I'm so glad I have never given a penny to Salt and Light television.

Lee said...

Rosica is the most divisive mouth in the "Catholic" Church, he is full of hate and venom.

Peter Lamb said...

This is who "Fr." Rosica works for:

Anonymous said...

Rosica better watch out slandering Holy Men of God who are the only ones protecting the body of Christ against the Judas's in the Church.. If anything is done to my good and Holy priest that is one of the signatories, i will go to every media outlet i can find and expose these demons that hate the truth and hate the church. Rosica you are a Judas under the head Sanhedrin Caiaphas (C Jorge)sentencing our lord to death. We Catholics know you by your fruits, you are like the rotten fig tree our lord cursed..

Anonymous said...

In addition to my previous post i would like to add, Rosica is at best misleading or at the worse intentionally lying.. *Most* of the signatories knew exactly what they were signing, does he think they are stupid or what? God help us with this clown.

Michael Dowd said...

Fr. Rosica acts like a thuggish Democrat. Hillary could use him. Maybe she is using him.

C. LaSalle said...

Thomas Roscia had proven by his past actions that he has anger issues when disagreed with.

He should be censured for his remarks. He has no credibility.

Tantumblogo said...

Rosica conducts himself like a left-wing political attack dog, not a priest in Christ's Holy Church. He speaks with enormous venom, publicly treating priest and prelate alike as enemies if they dare to counter Francis' reign of terror and destruction.

He's more fit to work for Trudeau or Clinton than serve in the Holy See. That he was chosen for this role tells us a great deal about the man who appointed him to this role - Francis.