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A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 4 October 2016

Rome has fallen - follows the Buenos Aires Bishops' path praised by Bergoglio - at least Alberta and the Northwest Territories remain Catholic

Originally published September 23, 2016. Updated: October 4, 2016

In his post today, Sandro Magister picks up again on the points made at the link below. After further analysis of Bergoglio's comment in the letter to the Bishop in  Buenos Aires and the actions of his Roman Vicar, there is no other conclusion to make.

Jorge Bergoglio, the Bishop of Rome has sanctioned Holy Communion for those in adultery and a previous valid marriage that cannot be granted a Decree of Nullity.

It is a crime against Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church such as never before in all of history. Not even popes who themselves were criminals, fornicators, adulterers, sodomites or murderers taught such a thing - that the Holy Eucharist could openly permitted to be defiled.

Where is all this leading?

For that, you should read Hilary White's latest at The Remnant.

On his Seventh Heaven Blog, Sandro Magister asks if Agostino Vallini, the Cardinal Vicar of Rome will now receive a commendation from Pope Francis. Perhaps we should call it the Bergoglio Award for Faith Corruption.

The Vicar, who represents the Pope in the day to day business of the Diocese of Rome, has issued a document on  Amoris Laetitia. It occurred on September 19 at the Lateran Basilica to the Pastoral Conference of the Diocese of Rome and is titled, "The Joy of love: the path of the families of Rome." 
"It is important to establish with all these people and couples a 'good pastoral relationship'. That is, we must welcome them with warmth, invite them to open themselves to participate in some way in the Church's life, to groups of families, to perform some service, eg. charitable or liturgical (choir prayer of the faithful, offertory procession). to develop these processes is extremely valuable active presence of pairs of pastoral workers and also the profit you a lot of the community climate. these people - the Pope says - "should not feel excommunicated, but they can live and grow as living members of the Church "(AL, 299).
"It's not necessarily get to the sacraments, but to direct them to live forms of integration in ecclesial life. But when the concrete circumstances of a couple make it feasible, ie when their faith journey has been long, sincere and progressive , proposes to live in continence, then if this choice is difficult to practice for the stability of the couple, 'Amoris laetitia' does not exclude the possibility of access to penance and the Eucharist. this means some opening, as in the case in which there is a moral certainty that the first marriage was null and void but no evidence to prove it in court; but rather when, for example, was paraded their condition as if it were part of the Christian ideal, and so on.
"How are we to understand this opening? Certainly not in the sense of non-discriminatory access to the sacraments, as occasionally happens, but of a discernment that distinguishes appropriately case by case. Who can decide? The wording of the text and the 'mens' of its Author not I think there is no other solution than that of. in fact, the internal forum internal forum is the way conducive to open our hearts to the most intimate confidences, and if it has been established over time a relationship of trust with a confessor or a spiritual guide, you can start and develop with him a long journey of conversion, patient, made of small steps and progressive inspections.
"So, it cannot be other that the confessor, at some point, in his conscience, after much reflection and prayer, are to shoulder the responsibility before God and the penitent and to request that access to the sacraments takes place in a confidential manner. in these cases do not end the process of discernment (AL, 303: 'dynamic discernment') in order to achieve further steps towards the full Christian ideal. "

"Access to the sacraments in a confidential manner." Why? Because they know that it is wrong and they can't bring their error into the light, lest it cause scandal for its very error. 

First Buenos Aires where Bergoglio was Bishop, now Rome, where he is Bishop. Is there any more denying what the Pope thinks? How much more until the neo-Caths try to twist this pretzel logic that the Pope doesn't really mean what he means?

ValliniThe Vicar has chosen to follow the path of the Buenos Aires episcopate to whom Bergoglio wrote, "there is no other interpretation." One now can wonder, what will Bergoglio say or do about Canada's Bishops in Alberta and the Northwest  Territories who upheld the teaching of "living as brother and sister?" These bishops quoted directly from Familiaris  Consortio, so conveniently abridged by Bergoglio and the putrid writers of Amoris Laetitia.

The Pope has already watered down the annulment process and he has questioned the sacramental validity of most Catholic marriages. Amoris Laetitita goes the rest of the way, to allow that who cannot obtain an legitimate, legal and proper Decree of Nullity to return to the Sacraments after they are "remarried" civilly and living in adultery.

The fundamental question that I have had since the beginning is simple and comes down to one word.


Is it really about money? Are there really that many people in such situation in our parishes demanding to return to the sacraments on threat of withholding their five shekels a week? (Catholics want married priests? They can't afford married priests but that's for the next synod but it makes my point on the money). Germany is only one place, the laws there are not everywhere, which of course explains Bergoglio's desire to decentralise the Church. Yet, there seems to me that there has go to be something more.

They can only hate the faith. They can only hate Our Lord Jesus Christ and His true presence in the Church through the Blessed Sacrament. There can be no other explanation.They no longer believe. If they ever had the faith, they have long since lost it, 

Of that, I accuse Bergoglio, a man who still won't genuflect at the altar to the Salvation of the World, but who grovels on the floor to wash the feet of those who have come to destroy Europe. Why does he refuse to genuflect? 

It is truly from Satan.


Rab said...

Very well said, Vox. Most often the explanation which requires the least amount of asumptions is the correct one. Between elaborate theories and plain old diabolical apostasy, I believe the latter is the case here. Even though the scale of the apostasy is unknown to us, it obviously reaches up to the (very?) top.

Ana Milan said...

I agree with you - none of the occupiers of the Vatican (the usurpers of VII) ever did hold the True Faith. They were deliberately put in place to infect the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church of Christ on earth & bring it to ruin. PF may talk about the devil from time to time but as he has declared there is no Hell then what is the purpose behind his words? If there is no Catholic God then there is no God! He & the others are simply living for this world & what they can get out of it both status-wise & high living. They don't care about the ruination of souls because they simply don't believe we have souls that were made to be with Our Saviour for life eternal. It will be too late by the time they reach their destination to do a U turn!

It is particularly sad that no member of the Hierarchy has publicly called for the Consecration of Russia or the release of the Third Secret intact, both requests made by Our Blessed Lady, Mother of God. If anyone at all among them has the slightest bit of faith & concern they would do this immediately. She has said it will be done but to bring that event closer - hopefully before Lund - they should do so vigorously & collectively without any more fence-sitting. The SSPX & their support within the Vatican should also put their weight behind this demand & point out the devilish orientation this Papacy has taken.

Dan said...

Every time I read something put out by the Vatican I can't help wondering who the heck is writing such poorly worded material.

Anonymous said...

I feel very very sad for this extraordinarily faithless and evil Pope. Does he even realize that he is leading countless souls to their eternal damnation? Obviously not at all. He doesn't even care about his own soul, let alone other people's souls.

What do we do? We pray for his conversion, repentance and renewal every day we pray our Holy Rosary. We offer our fasting and abstinence every Friday for his conversion, repentance and renewal. We pray and beg Almighty God to give us the grace and strength to be holy and faithfull despite all the daily faithlessness we see from the Pope and other Church leaders.

S. Armaticus said...

Francis is a functional and crypto-marxist.

The rest of them are either yes-men, intrinsically disordered or leftist IDEOLOGUES themselves. They hate the Church because it is conservative. They fear that if they don't destroy it, it will right itself and their life work will go down the shitta.

As for the Faith, they lost that years ago, if they ever had any in the first place. The story that is indelibly etched in my mind is what Berardin's mother supposedly said after his ordination. She said that she was very surprised that he went into the priesthood since he never exhibited any interest in religion.

Kathleen1031 said...

Wow Armaticus, interesting, I wonder if that quote is true. Very telling, if so.

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks for the update Vox. For most of our prelates it's 'go along to get along' with worldly powers. And evidently they don't have the faith to worry about their own future.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 69 year old very devout Catholic who thought I had seen everything and then Pope Francis came along. My world hasn't been the same since. My father was a communist and we argued always as I was growing up. So I think I know one when I hear one. I have no doubts Pope Francis is a Marxist through and through. Therefore he cannot love the Church. It is against his strong held ideology and to his goals. I believe he is a puppet of the New World Order He speaks the same language as Obama, Merkel and the rest of the globalists but then again prophecy has told us that this time would come. We must remain faithful to Christ and his Church.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

when I attended university for the first time, all my doubts about the Catholic faith were confirmed. I had faithful parents, and a conscience they helped form, therefore I understood that to be Catholic, I had to accept all that the Church taught. With pain and guilt (and after years of prayer) I informed my parents that I could not in good conscience practice our religion any more, because I rejected some doctrines. My wedding was a civil one. Yet most of my friends, who had no faith (we were all products of our time, hostile to our Creator) had no problem with lying, going through the sacraments like any other tradition, with full knowledge and participation of priests. Bergoglio was one of them, a liar, a fool, one all too willing to practice hypocrisy, and to call it progress of humanity.
This is why, the first time I heard Bergoglio contradict Church teaching, and no one said anything, I knew like the Freemasons who celebrated, that the world would never be the same again. Good has become evil, and evil good. Faithfulness to God is now dangerous fundamentalism, terrorism (like these praying pro-lifers and teachers against celebration of sodomy), while man has begun to correct God, in God's name.

I am convinced that Bergoglio's "inner forum" informs him to continue on this path of deceit, as spiritual progress. He is a liar, and one who believes fanatically that lying is good. He is friends with liars, and can not stand honest people. He wants everyone to be like him, a lukewarm, deceitful, duplicitous snake. His year of mercy is a farce, Those who do not repent, who are determined to replace the Word of God with their inner forum (formed and informed by Satan), do not need mercy.

The purpose of the year of mercy is to automatically give men absolution for that which is unforgivable, without repentance. Remember, the confessional is not a torture chamber, but a place of a loving encounter. A sinner no longer needs to profess his sins, either. It is enough that he came to the confessional. Why should he speak, if words are meaningless, for they can mean anything and everything we want?

Can't you see? If you are a man, you are forgiven for everything, always, no conditions attached. Anything other than this is terrorism, and we cant have it in an open society, sponsored by Bergoglio's soul-mate Soros.

Bergoglio is evil, and he sincerely believes to be the answer for the world. It is a godless world, where God is used and abused for man's purposes. Bergoglio has no fear of God's justice, if he believes in Him at all. He believes in Marxist justice. God is put to work for Bergoglio's vision of a ONE world of peace, justice and love. Like another soul-mate of Beroglgio's, Saul Alinsky's more radical pupil, Hilary Clinton has said: Religious beliefs will have to change, Bergoglio works tirelessly at this, and he is very successful.

Truth Seeker said...

To add to the confusion regarding what the pope says either verbally or written - we have Catholic apologists defending him - and giving a different interpretation to those seeking truth of what the pope and the bishops are saying, writing, teaching, etc. I know many who don't follow these blogs, but do rely on resources such as EWTN, Catholic radio - Catholic Answers in particular. I just saw this posting by Tim Staples (and Jimmy Akin is another defender of the pope) - then there are so many who attend their Sunday Mass, and only hear what comes from the pulpit, newspaper tidbits, thus have no clue of all the controversies swirling about in our church. I can only pray. I will simply post link here.


TLM said...

I agree with Kathleen, Armaticus! If she really said that, and I guess the key word is 'IF' your imagination could run wild as to the 'WHY' he got into the priesthood.

Anonymous said...

Words of the Savior
in the Early Morning of May 7, 1971
Do not be worried and discouraged by the time of apostasy, even if
it is threatening a whole country!
Again I tell you: the time of Antichrist has begun. The Antichrist is
not Satan, nor a single person. The Antichrist is the Church of the
world, the society that has detached itself from God and My Gospel, –
it is the antichurch of those who have given themselves to the world,
and who do not want to know about the cross and about grace. As true
Christians know, adore and love Me as their God and Savior, so do the
godless worship the world and man. Their idol is not Satan, in whom
they do not believe, but man, who has made himself into a god.
Antichrist is the world detached from God. http://atonementbooklets.com/d/faith-part1.pdf