Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Archbishop of Zagreb bans Cardinal Burke from Offering Holy Mass in the Traditional Rite!

GloriaTV is reporting that the Archbishop of Zagreb, Josip Cardinal Bozanić has barred Raymond Cardinal Burke from offering the Holy Mass according to the traditional rite, what Benedict XVI referred to in Summorum Pontificum as the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. 


On Twitter, Edward Pentin is stating that the "organizers arranged the whole thing without informing" the chancery or archbishop. This may be what he has been told from them.

First, no cardinal, no bishop can ban the offering of Holy Mass according to the traditional rite. However, a bishop does have the right to refuse another bishop entry into his diocese without his permission. At the rank of Cardinal, this is different; Cardinal Burke needs no permission to enter any diocese as he is a, Cardinal. The complication comes in with Zagreb's archbishop also being a Cardinal.

If the organizers did not advise the chancery, that was their mistake. It was imprudent and foolish.

The Archbishop of  Zagreb, however, has acted inappropriately and needlessly created an ugly situation that did not need to happen.

There is a new phrase in Rome, and Cardinal Burke has become a verb.

He was "burked" and now so too, has the Mass.

The Archbishop of Zagreb owes Catholics an explanation and Cardinal Burke, an apology.


Anonymous said...


Each bishop is the Vicar of Christ in his own diocese.

Since his great demotion, Burke has spent far too much time away from his little Sovereign Order. May the Croatians are encouraging him to renew his ministry?

The Canonist

Vox Cantoris said...

Ah, my canonist friend. How are you? Still in possession of your faculties, one presumes?

Yes, each Bishop is the pope of his diocese, except Cardinal Burke doesn't have one, other than his Titular.

As a Canonist, you should know that you don't stand in his league and I think he's probably a little more up on it than yourself, right?

The issue really has more to do with the Archbishop of Zagreb and his abuse of Benedict XVI's motu proprio, don't you think?

Athelstane said...

"Burke has spent far too much time away from his little Sovereign Order."

In fairness, his position with the Knights of Malta is not a full-time job, It's hardly even a part time job. In the past, it's typically been a nominal position for retired cardinals or those with full-time curial posts. Burke has few duties with the Order, and truth to tell...more than a few in its leadership like it that way.

Rab said...

It would truly be a surprise if Cardinal Burke was "allowed" to celebrate traditional, divine Mass. This resistance to it is nothing new to us who live here. Unfortunately, modernists have infiltrated clergy, monasteries and seminaries of Church in Croatia (and especially Bosnia). Heresy, disbelief, tradiphobia, arrogancy, sucking up to heretics, Talmudists and mohammedans, praying in mosques, vocation crisis, devastation and abuse in liturgy, architecture, music, art... You name it, we have it. A sorry state of affairs, and hierarchy is to blame. They were quick to swallow the demonic lie of aggiornamento. The rest is history.

Kathleen1031 said...

We find the new verb mentioned here. One is now "burked". Can one also "toady"? I already have the definition.
toe-dee, toady, "to so cloyingly suck up to one's authority figure as to cause nausea in innocent bystanders".
Cardinal Bizanic has toadied.

Toma Blizanac said...

Although the organizers (or to be more precise, people who had no clue how hard it is to organise TLM in Zagreb) have made a mess, the Archdiocese WAS informed a week before the Mass about the exact schedule (and a lot earlier that the organizers wanted to have a TLM by Cardinal Burke). There are subtle things here and I am not going to describe everything in English. The main things are: the Mass was cancelled/forbidden by the Archdiocese after it was announced on the internet.

A great insult to the good Cardinal who accepted it like a real gentlemen and still came to Croatia to present his book, give a lecture and celebrate some novus ordo Masses. Also, probably (because of the tactlessness of the organizers) a nail in the coffin of our hopes of restarting regular diocesan TLM which ran for 4 years almost every Sunday until our priest died 2 years ago. The bishops would be glad if they got rid of all these problem-makers and if these few hundred traditional Catholics in Croatia all went to the newly established SSPX house which has Masses in the three largest cities of Croatia (including Zagreb), of course for now in halls, not churches.

Unknown said...

What kind of a man would prohibit the Mass of all Ages? Well, that's a rhetorical question.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

Burked. Borked. The Left wins. Hold fast, it may be centuries.

Eirene said...

And I'll answer it, Karl, to the best of my ability. What sort of man would prohibit the Mass of all Ages? - A meanie, ignorant so called cleric who displays his contempt of Almighty God by treating one of His servants in this humiliating way. But worse than that, one who shows complete disrespect for the Holy Mass. Never mind, his day will come!
And it's called Dies Irae!

Unknown said...

I think that working with sympathetic priests is very important. My limited knowledge suggests that the Church in zcriatia and B +H has had a lot of charismatic renewal influence. Young priests are a great hope and the hierarchy are blowing with the wind coming out of the Vatican. God bless your work and dont give up hope.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't get to forbid. Just do it.

P. O'Brien said...

Would have been a great time for Cardinal Burk to tell the Croatian cardinal to "stick it" and say the Traditional Mass anyway.

Michael Dowd said...

Will there be consequences for this presumably malicious act? My guess is that whatever they are will come only in the afterlife. Cardinal Burke, it seems, can be kicked around with impunity. And perhaps therein lies his power and salvation.

Sybok said...

Need permission from bishop whose diocese youre in, no matter you clerical rank and honors, to celebrate public mass, even pope would ask this out of tradition /politeness (not sure if francis does this). Private mass you can do whatever wherever though.

Im more inclined to think the archbishop is miffed at not knowing of event, but im sure there is politics too esp since francis has put brakes on canonization of cd stepanac, want to look good for the boss. Dont get me wrong its unfortunate burkes teidentine mass didnt happen.

Sybok said...

Oh i just read he celebrated a new order mass, sorry everyone, i retract my earlier comment

Vox Cantoris said...


Why are you doing this? Why do you leave me these comments?

You know that I am not going to publish these to reveal a certain tragedy that you and I are both aware of. When you first posted a comment months ago, I was surprised. Surprised because I was already aware and was shocked that someone else who would know, would stoop to such a low level.

I knew instantly that you were a priest, you used the word "faculties," most laity would not. Given how soon it happened, only a priest would know due to the normal gossip channel engaged in.

You know by now that I am not going to post anything on it. I do not throw my friends under busses. It is also not a public matter.

What you are doing is evil. It is not against me you are doing it to, but it is against him. What has he done to you? You are a priest, you profess to be a Canonist. Well, then; you are much more educated that this simple blogger, but you know little about what you are doing to yourself by these comments.

I know you will read this. You will come back like a dog to his vomit.

So, maybe you'll finally get it.

What you are doing is a gravely sinful matter. You are a priest and you are coming on here attempting to goad this writer into exposing a private matter that you know of, and that I well know of, that will publicly discredit another priest. A priest who also happens to be a friend of mine and whom I love and hold dear.

I have even hinted to you that I have your I.P. address, that you are within a few hundred metres of a Toronto location. That location has a College, a Catholic college of a certain religious order. A condominium where some of these priests live is right across the street. Are you a fool? If you are a, "Canonist" how hard do you think it would be to identify exactly who you are?

Given the location, I initially thought you were the obvious one, but he is not that stupid. He would know better. When he was known to be out of the country, your comments continued from the same location and the likelihood that his laptop was hitting a server back here, was possible, but not logical or likely. So, it was not him. But it would not take too much effort on my part to narrow down who it is you are. Indeed, it is already being investigated.

There is a greater issue, Father Canonist and that is your soul.

If you believe in the High Priest, Christ, our King, how do you as a priest, dare to slander your brother priest, harass me over him and attempt to get me to publicly betray him.

I will not so you can stop now.

I ask my readers to stop and pray for you. You are in deep need of conversion over what you are doing.

It is not from Christ, the Lord Jesus whom you were called to serve.

It is from the enemy, Father Canonist, and he has you by the throat.