Tuesday, 25 October 2016

More insults and accusation from the mouth of Bergoglio

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Vatican Radio is reporting on the daily Mass at the Motel St.Martha and the homiletical dissertation of the Bishop of Rome.

In many cases, the Pope continued, rigidity conceals the leading of a double life; but, he pointed out, there can also be something pathological. Commenting on the difficulties and suffering that afflict a person who is both rigid and sincere, the Pope said this is because they lack the freedom of God’s children: “they do not know how to walk in the path indicated by God’s Law”. “They appear good because they follow the Law; but they are concealing something else: either they are hypocritical or they are sick. And they suffer!” he said. Pope Francis also recalled the parable of the prodigal son in which the eldest son, who had always behaved well, was indignant with his father because he had joyfully welcomed back the youngest son who returns home repentant after having led a life of debauchery. This attitude –  the Pope explained –  shows what is behind a certain type of goodness: “the pride of believing in one’s righteousness”. The elder son – Pope said – was rigid and conducted his life following the Law but saw his father only as a master. The other put rules aside, returned to his father in a time of darkness, and asked for forgiveness. “It is not easy to walk within the Law of the Lord without falling into rigidity” he said.

Who is this man speaking of?

The traditional Catholics whom I know are very humble people. They go to Confession frequently, sometimes weekly because they know that they are not righteous. Who are these Catholic of which he speaks, these rigid and sick people?

This Pope insults people continually. Remember "self-absorbed, Promethean, neo-pelagians?' 

What Pope, what Bishop of Rome speaks this way of his flock, his children?

Is this man of Christ?

Our Lord said that we should be kind, and love and be gentle, but he also said "if you love me, keep my commandments." Keeping the Commandments of God entails a certain kind of rigidity. I won't accept sodomy as a lifestyle choice, I won't accept adultery as an option in my life or in my society, I won't accept masturbation or pornography as normal, healthy and good. I will not cheat my neighbour or commit violence against him and so on. I will look after my family, my friends, take upon responsibility in my Church and community to the best of my ability and I will speak the Truth.

Does this make me "rigid" and "sick?"

If so, then I am guilty.


Anonymous said...

No one was more "ridgid" than Christ. Christ commanded us to be "ridgid" in the Faith. Francis is a Jesus-hater. Screw Francis.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, so Pope Francis is telling us, that we have been wrong for the last 2000 plus years and the gospel of John (14:15) “If you love me, you will keep my commandments”, is fake… Well there you go, I suppose we better skip through Matthew 5:17 as well… "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.

Rab said...

Get your regular dose of Bergoglio's poison! It's funny, actually. He is fortifying my faith. Thanks, pope Francis!

Ana Milan said...

PF & his cronies are contemptible miscreants who should have been dealt with long ago. Rigidity in keeping the Commandments & adhering to the Sacraments was always the core of Catholic teaching prior to VII when Satan entered the scene & got everything changed around making a farce of our beautiful faith. This man does not represent me & my family when he goes to Lund - I have written this to him. In nearby Estonia they are inviting people to kick Our Lady's statue with the purpose of discrediting Her & our faith in Her & Hr Son, Our Saviour Jesus Christ. These are the people PF & cronies hold dear to their hearts. These are the one they want to give the Bread of Life to. These are those PF says are the same as us & can gain Heaven as there is no Catholic God, i.e. no God. These are the people who will help him establish a NWO religion.

Has not ONE Cardinal or Bishop of the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church of Christ on earth NOTHING to say?

Stephen Lowe said...

Inspiring is not in this Pope's make up. It should be required for the position of Vicar of anywhere, no less of Christ.

Brian said...


I could not help but think, as I read your post, of the traditional theological censures.

From the Dictionary of Dogmatic Theology,

1. a. "heretical" when opposed to a truth of the faith, defined as such by the Church--according to its greater or lesser opposition, the proposition may be termed "proximate to heresy" (proxima haeresi) or "of heretical savor"(sapiens haeresim).
b. "erroneous in faith" (erronea) when opposed to a grave theological conclusion, which derives from a revealed truth and a premise of reason; if it is opposed to a simple opinion among the theologians, the opposition is censured as "temerarious" (temeraria).

2. With respect to its "defective form", a proposition is judged equivocal, doubtful, captious, suspect, bad sounding, etc., although not in contradiction with any truth of faith from a doctrinal viewpoint.

3. With respect to the "effects" which it can produce, considering the particular circumstances of time and place, although it is not erroneous in content or form. In this case the proposition is censured as perverse, vicious, scandalous, dangerous, seductive of the simple, etc.

Bergoglio, over the past three years, has warranted censures in all three of these areas, especially in #3, where his Modernist modi loquendi scribendique are most severe. This, from a bishop of Rome, no less, is weaponized dissent on an industrial scale. But who will do the censuring? Our bishops? Yea, when pigs fly.

And the Catholic world fell silent before the Spirit of Vatican II.

TLM said...

Hillary Clinton PRAISED Pope Francis at the Al Smith Dinner a few nights ago..........THAT my dear friends should tell you EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

As a priest I'm outraged by this, I wonder if Francis "the humble" desecrated his own Mass by using the pulpit as a way to attacking believers. He and his forces of evil will not prevail.

TLM said...

AMEN Anonymous!! He and his forces of EVIL WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT PREVAIL. The Lord God WILL PREVAIL, period and end of story!

Unknown said...

"Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect" Matthew 5:48
If that's not rigid, then I don't know what is. We need rigidity in the struggle for sanctity. What about all the religious orders? Are they 'too rigid'? What is this man saying? Is it too rigid to go to regular confession, Holy Mass, as we strive everyday with our failings and weaknesses. It is only with rigidity, in our prayers, in our regularity of receiving the Holy Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord that we continue, relying on the Grace of God to sustain us. Is that too rigid for PF?

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Following Bergoglio's logic, a disturbing picture of our Lady emerges - an internally dark and disordered, superficially wholesome follower of laws. She does not see God as a loving and forgiving Father, but only an executioner of rules. Hers is not a god of surprises and evolving rules - toward celebration of Sodom, but a monster Demiurg.

For Bergoglio, our Lady would be much more inspiring, had she chosen the path of the prodigal son. We know now that teaching the Gospel is a grave sin against ecumenism, and our missionary work is in taking the homeless to the beach, followed by proper Italian pizza.

To hell with holiness, heaven is Sodom. We are fast approaching the culmination of the satanic plan to turn good into evil. So called Francis is suffering a diabolical disorientation. He is turned off by and despises all that is holy. I am not even trying to imagine his internal disorder any more. It is too painful.

Anonymous said...

PF sounds like a tormented nutcase spouting crazy talk on a subway platform. In this lunatic rant, he sees secrets and hiddenness, pathology, rigidity and double lives, concealers, hypocrites and sickos. Is this not a projection of his own tortured soul trying to stay glued?


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Isn't it obvious? - Bergoglio tends to flesh, while rejecting the needs of the spirit.

He brags about the "smell of the sheep" on his garments, but doesn't call on the sheep to aspire to holiness. He makes holiness suspicious, undesirable, and proof of hidden depravity.

As though well-formed Catholics do not understand that we are all sinners, as though rejection of the flesh that helps us become Christ-like is a pleasant pass-time.

The smell of the sheep he worships turned him into a depraved denier of Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life. His inspiration is flesh, his passion - catering to sin, transformation of the world into a party thrown to honour flesh. Via this lens he boldly distorts the Word of God.

There is no depravity Bergoglio will not excuse, and no virtue he will not attack, ridicule and condemn.

Beach and pizza are not what makes the people whole, it does not lead to living true to our nature. Putting the needs (and wants) of the flesh at the centre of the Church's mission is denial of Christ's mission.

Christ's sheep hear His voice, and follow Him to the cross. This narrow path has nothing to do with pride parades occupying main squares of our cities.

God said that we should seek His Kingdom first, abandon all other desires, concerns and fears, and trust in Him completely. Only then does He promise to provide all we need, according to His Will that we should all find Him.

What a disgrace this pope is, what evil he speaks.

Anonymous said...

Francis the flexible. Not my pope.


xsosdid said...

So to summarize: "accompaniment" at the "peripheries" entails a thorough scourging of the faithful...Who knew?!

Anonymous said...

The Prodigal son returned to his Father's house ,to live under his Father's rules ,his Father did not change his rules to entice his son home.There are those in the Church ,trying to change the rules to entice breakaway protestants ,lutherans etc to come home .They have mutilated the Mass for the same reason.

Poverello's Apprentice said...

Once you come to understand that Jorge Bergoglio is not a validly elected pope and that he and his benefactors are in schism from One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the smoke begins to clear. When I the hear the prayer for "Francis Our Pope" during the Novus Ordo Mass I pray for "Benedict Our Pope". How can a man who rejects does the clear teaching of Jesus on marriage, divorce and adultery as well as the teaching of St. Paul on the need for worthy reception of the sacraments be Catholic? Can any one has rejected and teaches others rejection of any part of the holy gospels remain Roman Catholic?

Anonymous said...

This is a man without wisdom.

A Dunn

Peter Lamb said...

The Teaching of the Church:

According to theologian Tanquerey, "The conditions, all of which must be present at the same time in order that the Pontiff's judgement may be infallible are:

a. The Roman Pontiff may not be speaking as a private doctor, nor as bishop of the city of Rome, nor as a prince of a state, but as the Pastor and Doctor of the universal Church according to his supreme authority;

b. The Roman Pontiff should be teaching a truth of faith or morals;

c. The Roman Pontiff must be defining, that is, he must be determining with finality which doctrine must be held with internal faith;

d. The definition must bind the universal Church" (See Tanquerey,Dogmatic Theology, 1: 128-129).

The fourth requirement is to "bind the universal Church." IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE POPE CAN TEACH HERESY AND AS LONG AS HE DOES NOT ATTEMPT AN INFALLIBLE DEFINITION, ALL IS WELL. That the Church is infallible means this:

"...the Church can neither deceive, or be deceived in matters of faith and morals. It is a prerogative of the whole Church; but it belongs in one way to those who fulfill the office of teaching, and another way to those who are taught. Hence, the distinction between active infallibility, by which the Church's rulers are rendered immune from error when they teach; and passive infallibility, by which all of Christ's faithful are preserved from error in their beliefs." (See theologian Van Noort, Dogmatic Theology, 2: 102).

The Church's teaching office cannot teach error, and the faithful can be secure in their beliefs. If error is taught, it cannot have come from the Church. THAT POPE MUST HAVE LOST ECCLESIASTICAL OFFICE BY THE PROFESSION OF HERESY.

Kathleen1031 said...

And yet I hear Catholics on the radio, American Catholics, singing his praises left and right. There are so many of today's Catholics who either don't care or don't see what these heretics are doing. I hear priests and bishops on Catholic radio just talk on and on about Pope Francis this and Pope Francis that. It's incredible! How are we occupying the same planet? It astounds me.

Alberto from Italy said...

Lodata sia Gesu Cristo

Dear Brother in Christ from Canada,

I was just asking myself, how many from you understand italian.

As catholic italian speaker, I let you imagine what that to listen Pope Francis 1 speaking in italian all the time about all and nothing.

Every word from this pope who just speak a poor italian language will be report from the italian media and newspaper, every hour and all the day especially at all the TV News

Not only his knowledge of the italian language is poor but the theological talk is just terrible too and not at all really catholic.

Such a pope is just devastating the italian catholic Church with a terrible impression of confusion who is going on in Roma and all around in the different diocese.

The argentin dialectic just bring confusion in all the Catholic Church but more in Italy because this Pope express himself mostly in italian.

Signore, vieni nel nostro aiuto !

With regards and blessing.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Brother Alberto,

Praise be to Jesus Christ, now and forever!

We have more Italians in Toronto than any city in the world outside of Roma!

Well, you have to put up with his Italian and we get the English translation.

What can we do but stay on the boat and pray the LORD wakes up soon. But he won't quiet the storm. No, he is going to let the boat be rocked until the world is forced to its knees.

Mary our Mother will come. All men will see her. All Protestants and heretics will realise they were wrong, that they insulted the very Daughter of God, the very Spouse of God, the very Mother of God!

It's going to be rough until we get there.

Peace to you and thank you for reading from Italia!

Ronald Sevenster said...

It is surprising to see that all the accusations of Bergoglio perfectly apply to himself and to the bunch of modernists that surrounds him.