Thursday, 27 October 2016

Is God warning us? Is he warning Francis and the Church?

Only weeks after a devastating earthquake in Italy, two more have occurred and both were feld in Rome.

Is there a message here?

We are a few days from the trip to be made by the Bishop of Rome to Lund, Sweden, to commemorate with heretics the revolution in the Church and Europe unleashed by Martin Luther. A revolution that gave rise not only to Protestantism, but out it, illuminism, freemasonry and communism now pushing us all to globalism and dictatorship. It is the exaltation of man over God. It is the dictates of the State over the individual. It is the manipulation of the masses by the few.

True ecumenism is what is desired, what is longed for by Catholics. Calling those who have fallen for the lies of Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Knox and countless others, home, home to the One, True, Faith is our desire. No triumphalism but a family reunion. 

Rather than call them home, this Pope, and frankly his last five predecessors have compromised and souls have been lost.

The place for the Pope is in Rome, not Lund.


S. Armaticus said...

Good observation.

I also wonder whether this latest invasion of the Mohammedan's isn't also the work of chastisement and a call to conversion and to "Restore all things to Christ".

Ana Milan said...

The epicentre is getting exceedingly close to Rome now so it must be taken as a sign that Heaven doesn't approve of Lund which is almost upon us. We must accept that none of those going to these commemorations are Catholic in the true sense & will not care too much if all the historic buildings in Rome & Italy are razed to the ground as they have no feelings of love towards what they represent. They only care for their own safety & positions. We need a coup against these people, but who will step up to the plate? The Venezuelan people have shown us how to do it - wait until the boss is elsewhere & then strike.

Michael Dowd said...

News flash: Abrogation of 6th and 10th Commandments under consideration by Vatican.

Sources close to Cardinal Kasper and Pope Francis indicate consideration is being given to elimination of the 6th and 10th Commandants due to popular demand. The source further indicated that Pope Francis said that these commandments are much too rigid and that most folks pay no attention to them. " People must be accompanied on their journey of faith and be shown mercy regardless of their actions or beliefs."

It was unclear when Pope Francis will make this announcement. Some speculated it would be in Sweden at the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's posting of his thesis and who famously said, “Does the pope set up laws?” he had asked in his essay on the church’s Babylonian captivity. “Let him set them up for himself and keep hands off my liberty.” If a priest was supposed to be celibate, what standing did he have to set up rules about sex for the laity?"

Anonymous said...

MichaelD.- I don't doubt this claim, but I would love to know the source of your information as it certainly would be good to know.

Michael Dowd said...

Anon. Christian. The source is me. I made it up. But given Pope Francis nutty actions it does have a tinge of credibility. And who knows, maybe I'm getting advance information from the cosmos but don't realize it.

Peter Lamb said...

Mike Dowd, ROFL!

Anonymous said...

It's a coincidence. It's a natural phenomenon. No earthquake is going to change the ideas coming out of Rome today.

If you could get a dim wit cardinal or bishop to speak up and directly challenge the BS coming from Rome and the pope, that would be a miracle and a great message from God.

Peter Lamb said...

“... Bishops are deprived of the right and power of ruling, if they deliberately secede from Peter and his successors; because, by this secession, they are separated from the foundation on which the whole edifice must rest ... and for this very reason they are separated from the fold, whose leader is the Chief Pastor; they are exiled from that Kingdom, the keys of which were given by Christ to Peter alone… No one, therefore, unless in communion with Peter can share in his authority, since it is absurd to imagine that he who is outside can command in the Church.” (Pope Leo XIII,Satis Cognitum (#15), 1896.)

"This means all true popes must be in communion with Peter and his successors, and if they are not in communion with Peter and his successors, then they cannot share in his authority, since it is absurd to imagine that he who is outside can command in the Church. There is no one who does not see and understand clearly and openly how opposed this is to the Catholic dogma of the plenary power divinely bestowed on the Roman Pontiff by Christ the Lord Himself of feeding, ruling, and governing the universal Church. "(Pope Pius IX Quanta Cura Dec 8, 1864.)

"You will firmly abide by the true decision of the Holy Roman Church and to this Holy See, which does not permit errors." (Lateran Council V, Bull ‘Cum postquam’ by Pope Leo X.)

“The practice of the Church has always been the same, as is shown by the unanimous teaching of the Fathers, who were wont to hold as outside Catholic communion, and alien to the Church, whoever would recede in the least degree from any point of doctrine proposed by her authoritative Magisterium.” ... But he who dissents even in one point from divinely revealed truth absolutely rejects all faith, since he thereby refuses to honor God as the supreme truth and the formal motive of faith.” (Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum (# 9), 1896.)

To reject “one point” of divinely revealed truth, which is, as Vatican I says, all teachings, universal and ordinary and extraordinary magisterial teachings, is to reject “all faith” and to become apostate. How often do we hear that unless the pope defines a dogma on faith and morals as pope, [i.e. solemn magisterium only] we as Catholics may resist, or call into question all those other teachings? Well, according to the infallible teaching of the Church, this is a lie.

From the Infallible/Ex Cathedra Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX, 22: The obligation by which Catholic teachers and authors are strictly bound is confined to those things only which are proposed to universal belief as dogmas of faith by the infallible judgment of the Church. - CONDEMNED. (Letter to the Archbishop of Munich, “Tuas libenter,” Dec. 21, 1863.)

Quanta Cura of the same pope: “Nor can we pass over in silence the audacity of those who, not enduring sound doctrine, contend that “without sin and without any sacrifice of the Catholic profession assent and obedience may be refused to those judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See, whose object is declared to concern the Church’s general good and her rights and discipline, so only it does not touch the dogmata of faith and morals.” But no one can be found not clearly and distinctly to see and understand how grievously this is opposed to the Catholic dogma of the full power given from God by Christ our Lord Himself to the Roman Pontiff of feeding, ruling and guiding the Universal Church.”

If you believe Bergoglio is pope, you must believe everything in Vatican II and you must submit to his teaching. This is not papalotry, this is Catholicism!

Vatican I, Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius IX all condemn those who would recognize Bergoglio as pope, but reject Vatican II and indulge in "pope-sifting." Bergoglio is the Vicar of Christ, or he is not. He cannot be for Christ and against Christ at the same time. Choose and obey, or reject!

Anonymous said...

Even if Rome was flattened and not a stone was left upon a stone, this Pope would blame it on climate change. He delights in watching the faithful squirm. He refuses to bend his knee to the holy name of Jesus.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Michael Dowd

I wonder why there are any commandments left in the age of tenderness and situational ethics.

You are right on target, but too shy reaching inevitable conclusions - no commandments! I remember reading one of Bergoglio's recent homilies, where he managed (in his deranged mind) present the narrow path to salvation as the broad one, which according to the Word of God, leads to hell. He actually twisted the meaning to state that the broad and easy path is the narrow one leading to Heaven. It was, as usual, surreal, to hear such garbage coming from a mouth of a seemingly mentally functional human being. Now he calls lukewarm Catholics rigid and mentally deranged, and those the Bible names lukewarm - good Christians.

It is clear that for Bergoglio following God's commandments ("If you love me, you will keep my commandments") is undeniable proof of lukewarmness, spiritual darkness and rigidity.

Anonymous said...

Yes or No: Have you ever read True or False Pope by John Salza and Robert Siscoe

Anonymous said...

"It's a coincidence. It's a natural phenomenon."

Nature does not operate outside of God's action.

It's definitely a warning, which along with many others, are indicating that Our Lord is displeased.