Monday, 24 October 2016

Children in dough mixers - who did this to Syria?

Who did this to Syria?

Who created the conditions for the creation of ISIS?

You know the names. Obama, Clinton, McCain, Cameron. The blood of these children is on their hands.

The American people have been lied to be their leaders and need to hold them to account.

The sick jihadis killed children, the eldest was just four years old, in an industrial dough kneader in the Syrian town of Duma.

In a chilling testimony, one Syrian woman spoke of “Christians being killed and tortured, and of children being beheaded in front of their parents.”
Speaking to Dr Yvette Isaac, from advocacy charity Roads to Success, Alice Assaf said: “Our neighbour came in and said: ‘Umm Issa, they have taken many girls about 300 girls. They were taken to Duma. Many of them were Christians and few were Alawites.
“At the bakery, there were six young people who were working there. We knew them. They were burned in the oven, six well-framed men.

“Then there were 250 children. They were put in the dough mixer, they were kneaded. The oldest one of them was four-years-old.”
As well as dealing with ISIS, Duma has been the site of bloodshed and violence as the city has found itself at the heart of the Syrian civil war.
The brutal killings were highlighted by Congleton MP Fiona Bruce before Parliament.

Recounting Dr Isaac’s testimony, Mrs Bruce said: “She showed us recent film footage of herself talking with mothers–more than one– who had seen their own children crucified.
“She told us of a mother with a two-month-old baby. When Daesh knocked at the front door of her house and ordered the entire family out, she pleaded with them to let her collect her child from another room.
"They told her, ‘No. Go. It is ours now.’”
The horrific killings comes as ISIS continues to wipe out Christians in the Middle East, targeting believers in Iraq and Syria.

The report, by charity Open Doors UK, found Christians in the region have been taken hostage, church leaders assassinated, homes and businesses destroyed and women and girls raped and forced into sexual slavery.
ISIS terrorists took the Christian town of al-Qaryatain, Syria in August 2015, trapping the town’s 300 Christians and murdering 20 who tried to escape.

Christians returning to the town, which has been liberated by rebel forces, have found their homes and businesses reduced to rubble and landmines left by ISIS littering the town.

Before 2011, Syrian Christians numbered about eight per cent of the population of 22million.
Today about half are believed to have left the country.
A spokeswoman from Open Doors UK said: “Horrific stories such as these are sadly all too familiar to those who have encountered Daesh.
"Open Doors local partners in Syria and Iraq are providing trauma counselling to help victims of abuse begin to heal following their terrible experiences, as well as providing practical support.”


Everyday For Life Canada said...

And what do in the West in response to this genocide? There's mostly silence in our pews and in the media for fear of not offending anyone or of being critical of Canada's official and politically correct narrative about refugees. We have a lot of sins and innocent blood on our hands. May God reward and give peace to all those who are senselessly suffering and butchered because of their faith. The present time is in many ways the new Dark Age.

Unknown said...

We deserve God's wrath, we deserve a chastisement !! I am convinced that it is only through the prayers and supplications of these martyrs that God has not struck us down yet. The blood of the innocents (the millions of aborted children) and the blood of the martyrs (and they are martyrs ) they are butchered because of their faith in God, is why we are still here. Their faith is unshakeable, under persecution, under threat of death and horrible execution- they hold firmly to the cross. How do we dare complain about anything? We need to fall on our knees and beg God for mercy- pray for these people on whose blood we are still surviving - our church is full of corruption - how is it it still stands? Because Our Lord promised the gates of hell will not prevail against her - BECAUSE THE BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS IS THE SEED OF THE CHURCH .

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

As our humble leader likes to say - Who am I to judge? We Catholics conducted the crusades. No difference.

Of course, the way to overcome these difficulties, is to criminalize fundamentalists, like Vox Cantoris. When will you learn to get along? When will you realize that the only way forward (no statement of goal and proper means required apart from a declared desire for peace and security) is through removal of fundamentalists from the public square.

When these social justice warriors eliminate us, there will be peace, justice and security for all, as in Soviet Russia.

Unknown said...

They put Christian children into dough kneaders...and our airhead clergy continued to babble on about "inter-religious dialogue."

Dan said...

Waiting for Francis to comment..........

Kathleen1031 said...

Dear God, help us. We have to witness our pope and cardinals and bishops ignore the plight of Christians everywhere and doing all they can to cause the church you founded disappear. This past Sunday, hoping against hope we would hear guiding words of wisdom on the election, we heard unrelated trivia. No one talks about these brothers and sisters and the horrible reality of their massacre. The people who do this are demons! They are disfigured savages, and if being angry about them makes me a bad Christian as defined by our insipid and increasingly heretical hierarchy, then so be it.
Lord God, come to their aid, hear their cries! It will drive us crazy to want so badly to help them and be so helpless. Our Lady, please intercede for them.

Ana Milan said...

How I wish that PB would find the courage to speak out before he passes on. If he released the Third Secret of Fatima & urged PF & cronies to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as per Her instructions his own salvations could be assured. Presently, it is hard to see any of them attaining eternal salvation, but then do they really believe in God - I doubt it!