Thursday, 20 October 2016

"America is great, because America is good."

"America is great, because America is good," according to Hillary Clinton.

No Hillary, America is not good. She was once, she is no longer.

Lest I offend my many loyal American readers, my own country, Canada; is not good either.

Our nations have advocated and aggressively promoted the slaughter of innocents in the womb. On this, America has led the way for the whole world. Sixty, maybe seventy million - 70,000,000 babies murdered since Roe vs. Wade. The eldest would be young grandparents today, the loss of population so far is perhaps 90,000,000. One wonders what is wrong with the economy? The economic contributors were murdered or never conceived by those who were. I apologise for putting people in economic terms but it does highlight the issue quite dramatically.

Hillary Clinton wants every American Christian to now pay for baby murder.

Canada has already embraced euthanasia; American states are individually rushing towards that abyss.

The United States of America, has destroyed Syria, Iraq, Libya and is now provoking a potential confrontation with Russia. Russia is not America's enemy, she is not Canada's enemy. Imagine if a Russian and American president could sit down together. Imagine if these two nation-states could join forces to defeat our real enemy.

No, America is not good. It lost that claim a long time ago.

But it can be.

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Our Lady of America, Our Lady of Tepeyac pray for Americans, pray for all of us.


Tantumblogo said...

Yah, we have to import millions of immigrants to take the places of the babies the native population has aborted into oblivion, in order to try to maintain some semblance of an economy.

God always lets our sins be our punishment. And we have sinned so very, very much.

Great post, Vox!

Peter Lamb said...

“This is Antichrist, of whom you have heard that he cometh, and he is now already in the world.” 1 John 4:3…We must look, then for the beginnings of this revolt in the times of the Apostles. The spirit of Antichrist was at work as soon as Christ was manifested to the world. In one word, then, it describes the continuous working of the spirit of heresy, which from the beginning runs parallel to the Faith…It is evident that St Paul and St John applied these terms to the Nicolaitions, the Gnostics, and the like. The three notes of Antichrist – schism, heresy, and the denial of the Incarnation – were in them. It is equally applicable to the Sabellian, Arian, Semi-Arian, Monophysite, Monthelite, Eutychian, and Macedonion heresies. The principles are identical; the deveolpment various, but only accidental. And so, throughout these eighteen hundred years, every successive heresy has generated schism, and every schism has generated heresy; and all alike deny the Divine Voice of the Holy Ghost speaking continuously through the Church; and all alike substitue human opinion for Divine Faith; and all alike work out, by a sure process, some more rapidly, and some more slowly, a denial of the Incarnation of the Eternal Son. Some may start with it in the outset, others resolve themselves into it by a long and unforseen transmutation, as that of Protestantism into Rationalism; but all being identical in principle, are identical in their consequences. Every age has heresy, as every article of Faith by denial receives its definition; and the course of heresy is measured and periodical; various materially, but formally one, both in principle and action; so that all heresies from the beginning are no more than the continuous development and expansion of the “mystery of iniquity,” which was already at work.” —– Cardinal Manning, ‘The pope and the antichrist/Crisis in the Holy See’, lecture one, “Christ versus Antichrist’. 1861

Kathleen1031 said...

Typically I am sensitive to Canadian insults, but not this time. You are absolutely correct. When Hillary said that it was the same response I had, we are certainly not "good". No nation that murders it's children can be called "good". And the final debate last night cements it. No Catholic can vote for Hillary Clinton without knowing they are voting for partial birth abortion. This, shockingly, includes our Bishops. Bishops! My husband and I are going around to various parishes this weekend, just to hear homilies. We want to see if finally, just before this amazingly important election, our clergy stand up and defend Christ, or turn their backs on him. If they are silent, given the last debate, when we now all know what is on the line, then they are nothing but whitewashed tombs.
One doesn't have to cross one's bishop, although how sad is that, in order to defend LIFE and promote voting based on proper Catholic values. We see Franklin Graham, who also has a 501C tax exempt status to worry about, but he's all over the Internet defending Christian values! He's basically the ONLY Christian presence in this election. The USCCB have vaporized, to our utter dismay and disappointment. The church has made itself irrelevant, and I admit, we feel a lot of resentment and anger now. But why should we be surprised? For their own comfort, they abandoned the innocent unborn, children "adopted" to homosexual parents, Catholic morality, the traditional family, parental rights over children in the area of sexuality, the safety of little boys and young men in the sacristy, Catholics who have been abandoned and insulted by Pope Francis, and worst of all, Christ Himself.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the truth hurts, even when said sincerely. But when it is the truth, the truth it is.

An American

Barnum said...

Hillary shamelessly lifted that assertion from A. de Toqueville's "Democracy in America." He was referring to its fervent Protestant form of Christianity that encouraged hard, honest work during the week and shut the country down on Sundays to worship Christ. When Hillary says America is good, I don't think Toqueville's America is what she has in mind, her residual Yankee Puritan thought-pattern notwithstanding.

Jonvilas said...

Just one remark. Most likely, you do not know Russians. You might think quite right that Russia is no US or Canada's enemy. The problem is, that for Russia, USA is enemy No. 1. To understand this, would suffice to watch Russian TV (in Russian of course). Since I am living close to Russia and Russian is my second language, I can assure you that you might think differently, but for Russians even for many ordinary Russians, the biggest enemy is USA, not China. Although, in reality, the Chinese are slowly occupying Siberia.

Ana Milan said...

Appalling situation where a Prince of the CC is host to such an outspoken enemy of the Church. Out of all America could not the Democratic Party have supplied a person of good character at least as their candidate. Are they totally at the bidding of George Soros (Schwartz)? Any party that displays itself to be in the grip of the devil should not be supported by Catholics/Christians IMO.

Good article carried by Lifesitenews - Archbishop Chaput urges bishops to embrace Catholic identity in face of ‘secular meltdown’ which hopefully will be read & heeded by Cardinal Dolan before he loses the plot altogether.