Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Bergoglio invents a new sin - the sin against "ecumenism"

Ah, another papal trip, another homily, another aeroplane interview. It's all becoming so boring.

It is not necessary to write much about what follows. You know the difference between true and false ecumenism. 

For those who do not, a quick refresher, it really is quite simple.

True ecumenism is to preach that all Christians ecclesial communities have a duty to return to full and complete and visible unity in the Catholic Church outside of which there is no salvation. 

What we have primarily experienced since the Second Vatican Council is a false ecumenism, that we can dialogue and leave people where they are because God just loves them there, anyway. Even though, "there" is out of union with the Church and in heresy or schism.

We don't need to pick a fight on an individual basis with our Orthodox brothers and sisters. Frankly, given the behaviour of Rome and the those in the west who undermine the Church's faith, liturgy and morality, what possible reason would the Orthodox have for wanting to discuss unity.

To equate that one can "sin" against "ecumenism" is an utter falacy. It is repugnant to think that a Pope could invent a sin against an action or a theory or a movement. One sins against God, not an idea.

“Be open, be a friend. ‘But I must do everything to convert them!’ There’s a great sin against ecumenism: proselytism, they’re “our brothers and sisters.”

Well, you can dialogue and encounter all you want but it's not going to get you anywhere if your'e afraid to proclaim the truth.

Oh wait, it will get you somewhere.

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BillyHW said...

We have a pope that doesn't believe adultery is a sin, but believes evangelization is a sin.

Ana Milan said...

It is past time that PF was accompanied by men in white coats out of the Vatican to the nearest secure mental facility. How the Hierarchy can sit silently watching him demonise the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church I cannot fathom. It is clear that he simply is not fit for purpose & must be replaced asap.

His tenure has not lead to the sanctification of the people of God but into the hands of Satan. Instead of adherence to the Ten Commandments, sin is no more & Hell doesn't exist. The most obnoxious behaviour is deemed OK under this Pope who requires no repentance from the sinner but makes priests accompany them in their immoral lives to their immortal annihilation. Such teaching has to come from Lucifer, whether through an extremely sick man of the cloth who un-consciencely carries out his orders or from a hardened Marxist who never had the True Faith & doesn't want anyone to have it. Whichever, this monster has to be taken from our midst. Cardinals WAKE-UP. Bishop Schneider address this problem openly when you visit this month.

Michael Dowd said...

Just from a common sense business way of looking at things Pope Francis makes no sense. If you believe in your product you try to sell it. Christ sure did and died doing it. Evidently Pope Francis doesn't believe in his product.

Yesterday, a husband and wife friend of mine invited me to lunch. It turned out they had targeted me for membership in their Pentecostal Church. And these folks really believe in their form of Christianity. They live it. It is real to them. They talk about all the miracles it has produced in their lives. They are truly enthusiastic. I was most impressed. What is wrong with us that we can't do something similar.

Today is the feast of St. Francis. He had the kind of faith of these Pentecostal folks. We need to return to that somehow, someday, hopefully sooner than later.

John said...

Michael Dowd said:

"Just from a common sense business way of looking at things Pope Francis makes no sense. If you believe in your product you try to sell it. Christ sure did and died doing it. Evidently Pope Francis doesn't believe in his product."

I see where you are coming from, Michael, but this is the whole problem with false ecumenism, namely, that they imagine that Christ's Church is somehow broader than the Catholic Church united to the Pope. If Pope Francis believes that, then he is selling his product via ecumenism, because his product is not the Catholic Church, but the vague ecumenical Church which is wider than the Catholic Church. In that case, he wouldn't see himself as the supreme Vicar of Christ in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, but merely as the vicar in one particular church together with other vicars in other churches that together make up the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, united through a vague, mystical bond (a mystical bond that can only be seen through the magic of 'ecumenical dialogue'). Isn't this the greatest post-Conciliar heresy? To deny or distort the nature of the Catholic Church and her supreme pontiff? False ecumenism is more or less the Mason-ification of the Catholic Church.

We would never have heard pre-Conciliar popes or bishops referring to non-Catholics as saints or martyrs. The problem is this great contempt for the virtue of faith and the integrity of the doctrine of the Catholic faith, so that it doesn't really matter what faith you have or what doctrine you hold. This is a kind of concession made to the Protestants, because it's the Protestants who did away with the integrity of the doctrine of the Catholic faith, and made faith into something that you invent for yourself.

"Today is the feast of St. Francis. He had the kind of faith of these Pentecostal folks."

St. Francis had the Catholic faith, but I know what you mean: their zealousness.

M. Prodigal said...

Scary! New so called 'sins' that are not sin. And sins that are left unchecked and sinners left unadmonished...now that is sin. To not want the salvation of souls or the best for them which is heaven and to bring them to a fullness of faith and a deeper understanding and love for God...that is sin too.

Don Juan said...

The Papal Encylclical Motalium Animos. Pius IX. January 6,1928. A magisterial teaching that stands in stark opposition to all that Francis is or says. A must read.

Anonymous said...

The Creation of sins beyond that which God Himself has identified is at the heart of Phariseeism.

Thus we have the sin of rejecting ecumenism and we have the whole raft of sins Pope Francis has created that involve the environment; "environmental sins".

As an essential element of this Neo-Phariseeism is the notion that, just like with the old Phariseeism, the rules don't apply to the Pharisees. Fancy that...

Thus, Pope Francis and Al Gore and the rest of their lot can burn jet fuel by the tons and live in palaces and be driven around in motorcades and {if you've checked their bellies out recently...} overeat the resources of the planet. they can do so with aplumb! All those enviro-sins are reserved for us folks who don't share their hyper-valuable vocations.

Ah, the more things change the more they state the same....

Johnno said...

You know what the icing on the cake is?

The Orthodox aren't buying it!


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

A true dialogue has a purpose. We attempt to remove disagreements by presenting arguments, by explaining, why we are right about an issue, when the other party is mistaken. Of course, if we did not believe that we hold the correct stance, we would abandon it for the correct one.

What is the purpose of a dialogue, if facts, doctrines and rational arguments are despised and shunned as divisive? - Peace, unity and love, of course.

Any thinking person knows that existing differences and disagreements do not cease to affect us, when swept under the carpet, when deliberately avoided. This attitude creates righteous anger in those who love and desire truth. It also creates violent extremism in those, who are not very loving and mature, and despise hypocrisy simultaneously.

On a small scale, in families and among spouses and friends, when disagreements are deliberately avoided in the name of peace, peace is destroyed. Trust is destroyed. A real meeting of souls (Bergoglio would call it an encounter) is impossible. Truth as a foundation of such relationships becomes impossible. Lies and omissions become this foundation. People do not become closer to each other, but more alienated.

Bergoglio now openly persecutes the best members of the Church, those who love and openly proclaim Truth. When the one world religion is proclaimed, the foundations for what has been prophesied will have been firmly established. Everyone will know who the villains are - those proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Muslims who like chopping heads off, as Bergoglio explained, are victims of inequalities and poverty, not murderers. We make them angry and become responsible for violence committed by them, when we do not share our savings, our home and meal with them, when we don't build mosques for them, and give our daughters to them.

Of course, Bergoglio doesn't point at the globalist engineers of the new world dis-order (which worships Bergoglio's god of surprises, which might actually be him) as culprits of abuses, injustices, puppet governments, bombings and murders. He invites them as his advisers and funding providers.

Dan said...

Oh no another sin?! I'm still trying to get the hang of those sins against the environment.

Brian said...


Has there, in all history, ever been a greater FOOL'S ERRAND than this whole Spirit of
Vatican II playbook? I shudder when I think of what is still to come, not only disciplinary changes but even doctrinal. Tommy "Bear" (Rosica) has reminded us of how doctrine changes in the Francis Modernist theme park. Sadly, those bishops, who are at heart Catholic, will remain in a state of deafening silence. Quivering puppies. The conciliar spell is one powerful muzzle. Conciliar bishops sowed, or at least watered and fertilized, the modernist seeds and now the Modernist harvest is being reaped bountifully under chief reaper Bergoglio.

Anonymous said...

Ecumenism, from the Greek word “oikoumene,” meaning “the whole inhabited world,” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic_Church_and_ecumenism." One World Religion. It cannot be claimed that ecumenism is aimed simply at uniting Christians of different denominations,when dialoguing with Muslims or Rabbis ,Christ is conveniently swept aside ,and the focus is on Monotheism .In other words they are trying to divide the Undivided Trinity to suit all parties ,surely a sin against the Holy Spirit.God is not a cake that can be sliced into portions to accomodate different tastes.