Saturday, 1 October 2016

Rosica Alert: "Pope Francis IS the new evangelisation" - silly Catholic, you thought it was all about Christ!

I've written it before, sometimes this blog just writes itself. No sooner did I write in the post below about "the Rosicas of the world" who perpetuate the narrative myth about the positive outcomes of the "Francis Effect," comes this little gem by no less than Tom Rosica, himself.

We call these moments of theological and communicative  brilliance, "Rosicanisms."

Perhaps, rather than conjecture and anecdotes, Tom Rosica, a member of the collapsing Basilian Congregation and the Executive Producer of the little watched and less relevant, Salt + Light Television, and not so-regular Vatican spox anymore, might wish to put forward some scientific research about how that "new evangelization" is actually going.

The latest research is that attendance at Holy Mass and the sacraments, the only true measurement of Catholic practice is plummeting. This is true in North America and in Europe where the Church continues to bleed adherents, Mass attendees and paying out damages to victims of priests for buggery and the bishops who covered it up.

Yet, Father Rosica, coined the phrase, "The Francis Effect." We, here at Vox, know more about "The Rosica Effect," which continues to improve every day.

He continues to try to convince one and all that the Pope is actually bringing people back to the Church, back to Christ. You would have to be an idiot to actually think this is happening. Has anyone seen the crowds at the Vatican lately? It was said, that in the past, people "came to see John Paul II but to hear Benedict XVI" as a way of describing the enormous crowds who came to listen to them proclaim Christ. The people aren't stupid, they know when they are being sold a bowl of rotten fruit based on the Masonic ideals of "dialogue" and "encounter."

Rosica states that the "pope isn't inventing new doctrines." But readers to Vox know this well, that is not how doctrine is invented, is it? 

"Will this Pope re-write controversial Church doctrines? No. But that isn't how doctrine changes. Doctrine changes when pastoral contexts shift and new insights emerge such that particularly doctrinal formulations no longer mediate the saving message of God's transforming love. Doctrine changes when the Church has leaders and teachers who are not afraid to take note of new contexts and emerging insights. It changes when the Church has pastors who do what Francis has been insisting: leave the securities of your chanceries, of your rectories, of your safe places, of your episcopal residences go set aside the small minded rules that often keep you locked up and shielded from the world."

With that quote, (originating at the NCReporter) Father Thomas J. Rosica, on numerous occasions, laid out the plans of the Synod on the Family. A fact that is now so well known as we have conclusive proof that Francis himself favours the sacrilege of Holy Communion for adulterers. A disgraceful position for the Vicar of Christ, a scandal to the faithful and a betrayal of Our Lord.
If Father Rosica and Jorge Bergoglio wish to fill the Churches (with paying fans),  it’s not going to be by postulating the papolatry of Francis as the new evangelisation come to earth and his "god of surprises."

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Pope Francis 'IS the new evangelization'
Friday, September 30, 2016

Basilian Father Thomas Rosica, English-language assistant to the Vatican press office and CEO of Canada’s Salt and Light Media Foundation, spoke to Pittsburgh clergy in West Virginia.

WHEELING, W.Va. — Pope Francis is reaching people whose hearts and minds had been closed to the church because he demonstrates the humility and mercy of Jesus, Father Thomas Rosica told the priests of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, who gathered Oct. 19-22 for their triennial multi-day convocation at Oglebay Park.
“He IS the new evangelization,” said Father Rosica, CEO of the Salt and Light Television Network in Canada and English language assistant of the Holy See Press Office. “You can read all the theoretical texts that there are on the new evangelization. But if you want to see it in Technicolor, look at him.”
The theme of the convocation was “Prophets of a future not our own: Leading with confidence in a time of transition.” It was intended to help prepare priests for the transformation of their parishes and ministry through On Mission for The Church Alive! There were workshops and question-and-answer sessions related to On Mission, as well as opportunities for prayer and recreation.
Father Rosica’s keynote presentations set the tone by emphasizing how Pope Francis helps others to encounter Jesus.
Other popes saw early glowing media coverage quickly turn to scorn. That is not happening with this pope, Father Rosica said.
“Honeymoons don’t last this long,” he said. “We are not in a honeymoon period right now. We are really in the period of the new evangelization.”
People who sit near Father Rosica on airplanes used to tell him their complaints about the church; now they talk about how much they love Pope Francis, he said. When someone asked him to hear a confession mid-flight in the galley, he asked what had prompted the urgent request.
“We just saw the pope on television,” the person said.
Some priests have complained that Pope Francis has been harsh on clergy, with his criticism of clericalism. Instead, “he is the best agent we have working for us,” Father Rosica said. “We have a pope who is preoccupied with mercy, compassion and love.”
Last year when Pope Francis addressed the U.S. Congress, Father Rosica assisted news media at the Capitol. As the pope spoke, the representative of a major network tapped him on the shoulder and asked, “Father, is it normal that most of us are crying right now?”
Father Rosica looked around and saw news producers and burly cameramen with tears streaming down their faces.
This has happened despite the fact that Pope Francis has been very direct in offering the church’s critique of issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage, Father Rosica said.
“In a relatively short time at the helm of the Catholic Church he has effectively opened up gates of communication that have been effectively cloistered and closed for generations,” he said. Although the media sometimes publish distortions based on their own wishful thinking, “the world is listening and watching because he models a solid consistency.”
The pope isn’t inventing new doctrines, but he is applying the teachings of his predecessors and of Vatican II to new questions, Father Rosica said. And he is able to articulate those teachings in language that speaks directly to people’s hearts, he said. Although he hasn’t changed its content or mission, “Francis is rebranding Catholicism and the papacy,” Father Rosica said.
“Francis is giving us the (Vatican II) council and helping us to appreciate the great themes that were announced there and how do we apply them to the questions of today ... For those who have dismissed the council — and some have — Francis has said, ‘Do not dismiss it. We do not need to go for a Vatican III, IV and V. We need to go back to Vatican II.”


Ana Milan said...

“Francis is rebranding Catholicism and the papacy”. Yes, he certainly is, at least he has got that right. It is quite unrecognisable from the CC I was born into & it all goes back to VII. Once we were Universal, with the same Mass in the same tongue with the same gestures & vestments to suit the particular Mass being said & time of year. There were no lay Readers or Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, confessions were heard in confessionals which were commonplace in every church & heard at regular times twice weekly. There were side altars & communion rails & ushers in most churches to ensure an orderly approach to receive the Sacred Host. There were plenty of marriages & baptisms with regular annual retreats & confirmation ceremonies. The sick were brought Holy Communion on the First Friday of every month & those in hospital visited. There was always Requiem Mass for the Dead & the Month's Mind Mass. There were blood & thunder sermons given every Sunday from a pulpit that needed little amplification as in those days it was a requirement for priests to have an strong, resonating voice & much thumping was done to emphasise salient points.

Then VII was initiated & we all know the outcome. The smoke of Satan has turned Christ's Church into political mayhem - whatever gets the votes, i.e. money, is now OK. Everyone is going to be saved even without baptism. "Outside the Church there is no redemption" has been transformed - chanting Buddhists, Hindus, Jihadist Muslims et all dong their thing in Catholic Churches in Assisi, Satanism in the Vatican, LGBT priests dancing in the sanctuary, Communist Crucifix being accepted ......

Our seminaries were taken over by sodomites who showed the door to any upstanding young heterosexual man - they wouldn't fit in! Our children were not catechised & are now being corrupted at a very young age (without parents consent) by an explicit & pornographic sex-ed programme devised in the Vatican. In order to restore Tradition which every Pope & Hierarchy are compelled to do, as well as upholding the Deposit of Faith & Magisterium, Vatican II will have to be cremated!

Kathleen1031 said...

What Ana said, and I can't say it any better!
But these destroyers can't manufacture people in the pews, they are either there or they aren't and it looks like, they aren't. I've heard on EWTN small numbers at St. Peter's blamed on terrorism fears, but that's not it. You couldn't keep devout Catholics out of St. Peter's due to terrorism fears. It's the people aren't interested in hearing papal indifferentism, Marxism, or any other of his ism's. Fly all the way to Rome for him? Pass. But these guys are nice and cozy, still have a good life, lots of travel and three squares, so, not a problem. I know there are many PF lovers as well, this is true, and "crying". ! That's it exactly, confused people looking for an emotional experience, and they hear the words "mercy" and they melt like butta. Just so sad. They're happy with a Kleenex after discarding a tapestry.

JayBee said...

“Francis is rebranding Catholicism and the papacy,” Rosica said.

That says it all. Catholicism = a philosophy, image, product, technique, organization, system, NGO, institution, business, charity...

IOW, it's a man-made bureaucracy created by humans for humans... like every other "cause."

It is not divine.

If the Church fails to offer people the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ, there is no reason for anyone to belong to the Faith. A thousand other places are more fun with better music and tons of "participation" and "community"!

It's laughable Rosica tells priests to "come out of safe spaces and rectories"! When have you ever found a priest actually on parish grounds? Is it not more likely you stop by for a visit and the place is deserted and the church locked?

If you want to see a priest, turn on a TV talk show, or hop on a blog! Better yet, go to a protest rally or a social justice conference.

Or maybe we are not keen on seeing priests anymore? After all, it will lead to a psychotherapy session or a lecture on tolerance.

Need confession or the last rites? Well, it better be between 3:00 and 3:45 pm on a Saturday afternoon. The best you can expect any other time is a supercilious parish secretary or a middle-aged female "minister" of something.

Vatican II is not inherently evil, IMO. But, in retrospect it has had the devastating effect of secularizing and protestantizing the Church. This attracts insecure and needy men to the priesthood. It confuses parents who then fail to educate. It repels devout Catholics who cannot articulate what is lost, but honestly discern it.

Here is a simple formula. The mistake made by Pope Francis and Rosica is trying to address it from the bottom up, when instead Christ must be the origin.

No sacraments = no Catholicism = no priests = no people.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Bergoglio is the new evangelisation? How many Muslims or satanist celebrities or atheists has he baptised and brought to Christ? Have they really "encountered" Christ in Bergoglio? Or have they moved on with their false god worship, occult and disdain for Christians? How many sodomites has he managed to convince to repent of sodomy and end it in their lives? How many divorced have returned to their spouses thanks to Bergoglio? How many have turned to the study of the Holy Scriptures? How many European mosques have been turned into churches?

Those 'encounters" Rosica talk about are inconsequential (the kissing of the feet, for example, is an embarrassment, is not at all Christ-like), do not lead to salvation of souls, and really DO appeal to the hearts of the dumbed-down populace, like any soap opera.

Unknown said...

How can someone who discourages evangelization "be" the new evangelization? Only if the new evangelization is just a code-word for "NO evangelization!"

Anonymous said...

If people are told that even atheists get to heaven and there's no Hell ,only annihilation ,the Vatican hierarchy will soon be made redundant,they are dialoguing themselves out of existence.there has always been discussion and debate between people of different faiths,such things should take place in neutral territory ,and can be done without compromising the Catholic Faith,removing Crucifixes or covering them up in catholic churches so that non catholics are not "offended" by them is an act of betrayal to Christ and an insult to the Martyrs who shed their blood for Him.

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Vox. The travesty continues. Yes, most Catholics love Pope Francis because he tells them they don't have to be Catholic anymore in sense of obedience to the Will of God as outlined in Catholic doctrine.

So, it is no surprise that these Catholics are no longer going to Church or receiving Communion. Pope Francis told them that this was OK. God is merciful and all that.

Pope Francis has turned himself in a type of anti-Christ by undoing Christ's teaching.

Pope Francis is surely a new evangelist---for the devil.

Sybok said...

The old religion is dead, they murdered it. but we will never submit to the new religion, this god of surprises, francis and his magic doors.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh Mass attendance down 40% since 2000.

Anonymous said...

If I may, I'd like to amend your last sentence:

No sacraments = no Catholicism = no priests = no people in the pews = no $$$ for church maintenance, Peter's Pence etc.

The Catholic Faith WILL ALWAYS exist because there WILL be bishops, priests and laity even if they are few in number. Cf. Matt. 16. However, I did get your meaning.