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A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 18 September 2015

Why is Pope Francis blind to Germany's rich and porn producing bishops?

Marx - Germany's new Luther?
The Rhine and Tiber have clearly merged into one filthy polluted river washing over faithful Catholics like the rising floods of Noah. Kasper, Marx and others from Germany continue to scandalise the faithful and debase the truth all under the watchful eye of Jorge Bergoglio, the man whom the Grand Lodge of Italy remarked that with him "nothing will be the same." 

The Synod on the Family became a cesspool of dissent where over half the bishops, though not the two-thirds required, actually wanted some kind of accommodation for Holy Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics and unrepentant sodomites. It was to be on the family but it was taken over by these neo-Protestants from Germany. They did this under a false illusion of mercy and deceit and they did it with the acquiescence of the Pope himself for reasons which will become clearer in a moment. 

We've heard a lot about mercy, but we here little of  truth. The homosexualist and sodomite cabal that has overtaken the world from government to schools to businesses is a steamroller of fascist supremacy that will squash anything in its way. The American Psychiatric Association removed homosexual orientation as a mental illness not because of science or medicine but because of politics. This same filthy, debased and accursed cabal has infiltrated the Church in a partnership with others to bring down our Church. Some unseen hand is operating in this regard and it has now overplayed itself. Yet, there is another unseen hand that is actually the Hand of God. That it is the Holy Spirit and He is exposing this filth that has infiltrated the Holy Catholic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ for all to see.

We know that they cannot win, that the "gates of Hell will not prevail" but in these times we must ask, "Where is the Pope?"

A few years ago, LifeSiteNews wrote about the "German Bishops being caught in a massive porn scandal." After a papal rebuke, they announced that it would be sold. Yet we find that one year ago, this has not only not happened; but these same filthy Rhine bishops actually pumped over one billion Euros from Catholics back into its production!

The Catholic Church in Germany is the largest employer after the Government and Mercedes-Benz with over 600,000 employees. Yes, you read that number correctly. The bishops in Germany also earn incomes of up to 150,000 Euros. There is no collection at the Offertory. The Church in Germany is funded through taxes and if you don't pay you don't receive the sacraments. This is simony! What lays behind this German assault on the truth at the Synod is their own survival as a privileged class of bishops in a failing Church. 

These filthy degenerate bishops have taken control of this papacy and it is time to ask Francis a few questions.

"Holy Father, why have you allowed this and what are you doing to cleanse the Church of this filth?"

If you are not familiar with Regina Magazine you should be, and it is free. Published in February 2014, before all these Rhineland shenanigans, is this piece by Beverly De Soto of Wiesbaden titled, The Secret Catholic Insider Guide to Germany and German Catholic Church, Inc. by Harry Stevens. 

It nails the German bishops to the wall and I say that instructively as they refuse to carry their crosses. This rot and filth is falling at the feet of Francis, it is high time we find the courage to call them out, and him.

The mask is falling off.


Brian said...


What we are witnessing, is the inevitable unfolding, faster than ever, at the Papal level, of the New Theology(now on steroids), that triumphed 50 years ago. Bergoglio, Marx(what an appropriate surname)et.al.,are just beginning. Get ready. Everything is up for grabs. How about the call to ordain women. Inter Insigniores and Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, are probably, about as relevant to Bergoglio and Co., as Familiaris Consortio was to the recent synod. This disposition to ignore previous magisterial statements, is not new. It was done at Vatican II. Look at how the Decree on Ecumenism (Unitatis Redintegratio) ignored Mortalium Animos (1928) and Ecclesia Catholica (1949). I wonder when Triune Monotheism will be up for discussion. Perhaps Bergoglio took the first tentative step, in that direction, when he blathered: "God is not a Catholic God." Want to see Jorge and his gang squirm like worms in a glass of vodka? Hand, to each of them, a pen and a copy of the oath against Modernism.

Damask Rose said...

"Why is Pope Francis blind to Germany's rich and porn producing bishops?"

It's all part and parcel of the same thing. Making sinful sex OK. Communion for adulterers, practicing homosexuals, oh, and when governments finally manage to say sex with kids is OK, it will be Communion for paedophiles/homosexuals that abuse boys, I forgot, that's happened already.

Unknown said...

Okay, so your article put out a good deal of information but you need to be careful. It is way to early to jump to conclusions on Pope Francis. Jesus never went to the Pharisees and called the out, He only defended the truth when the Pharisees tried to find fault in Jesus. I think the silence Pope Francis has at this moment will play out to be silence from the Holy Spirit.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

"Jesus never went to the Pharisees and called the out..."

Andrew, I strongly suggest you read Matthew 23. If Jesus didn't "call out" the Pharisees in that passage, then what exactly did He do?

Jonah said...

Perhaps we need to re-examine the unsavory connections between Germany and Argentina:


Anonymous said...

Practically a year later, I'm still trying to figure out why Pope Francis didn't turn out Cardinal Kasper on his ear after being caught in a bald-faced lie in public [Edward Pentn recording]. And Kasper even denying that he lied at all! Not only that. Kasper, also in public, disparages his brother bishops [the Africans], then what's a little porn? Unbelievable!
How long, oh, Lord? How Long?!!
Vicky Hernandez

Anonymous said...

These German bishops are selling the Blood of Christ ,and investing the money in filth of the worst kind,its obvious this relaxation of moral teaching is for the benefit of those promoting it ,its certainly not for the benefit of the laity,they are the new Pharisees ,like sepulchers all white washed on the outside,inside dead men's bones and all corruption,history has a habit of repeating itself.