Sts. Peter & Paul Sung Latin Mass

Sts. Peter & Paul Sung Latin Mass
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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

All you Vatican and Papal Coprophagians!

Take this:

And read this!

"Madmen and sycophants in the Vatican": A FOOTNOTE
I wrote yesterday in criticism of the hypersuperueberpapalist nutters who, in their respective generations, have seemed to wish to assimilate the Roman Pontiff to one of the Persons of the Glorious and Undivided Trinity. Today, I wish very briefly to point out that this tendency, as well as being arguably blasphemous and idolatrous or at least heretical, is contrary to the Tradition of the Universal Church, and to that of the great and glorious Roman Church herself.
Believe me, we do not need some new and horrible dogma that the voice of Bergoglio is the voice of the Holy Spirit. For two millennia, Roman Pontiffs, in harmony with Churches of the East and of the West, have been content with the notion that Ss Peter and Paul are sub Christo the basis of their authority. And the First Vatican Council put this beyond denial when it infallibly defined that the Holy Spirit does not inspire the Pope to teach new doctrine; the claim made by the church's authentic Magisterium is that He helps the Successors of S Peter to guard the Apostolic Tradition, the Depositum Fidei.


Anonymous said...

Look Bergoglio and weep.

Michael Dowd said...

More than likely the voice of Bergoglio is the voice of an evil spirit as there is evidence to support this contention.

Stephen Lowe said...

I was taught that the Holy Spirit could never contradict Divine Revelation. It would be impossible...

Anonymous said...

Bergoglio has no Holy Spirit when making a comment like he did last week. It is so honorable that as a Catholic I can not repeat it, It is that based. Its high time Bergoglio retires as fast as possible. He seems to be looking his brains and mind.