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Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and the rest - Antichrist minions and anti-Catholic bigots

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This Catholic knows what subsidiarity and Thomism is. It is also obvious what anti-Catholic bigots look like too.
Vox Cantoris

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri and Center for American Progress fellow John Halpin mocked conservative Catholicism as an "amazing bastardization of the faith" in new emails released by WikiLeaks.

In the fresh batch of emails released as part of a reported cache of "Podesta emails," with the subject line "Conservative Catholicism," Halpin also mocks News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch and Wall Street Journal managing editor Robert Thomson for being Catholic.

"Ken Auletta's latest piece on Murdoch in the New Yorker starts off with the aside that both Murdoch and Robert Thompson, managing editor of the WSJ, are raising their kids Catholic. Friggin' Murdoch baptized his kids in Jordan where John the Baptist baptized Jesus," Halpin wrote in a 2011 missive to Podesta and Palmieri.

"Many of the most powerful elements of the conservative movement are all Catholic (many converts) from the SC and think tanks to the media and social groups. It's an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy," he added.

Palmieri, who MRCTV reports was also with the Center for American Progress at the time, added in the email chain that she believes Murdoch, Thomson, and many other conservatives are Catholic because they think it's "the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion."

"Their rich friends wouldn't understand if they became evangelicals," she added.

Halpin thought Palmieri made an "excellent point."

"Excellent point. They can throw around 'Thomistic' thought and 'subsidiarity' and sound sophisticated because no one knows what the hell they're talking about," he wrote.

John Podesta, chairman of Clinton's campaign, was included in the email chain but didn't comment. The email was posted to WikiLeaks along with over 1,000 Podesta emails that were hacked. The Russian government is suspected to be behind the cyber attack.

The New Yorker article referenced in the email comes from the April 2011 issue and is titled "Murdoch's Best Friend".

Thomson likes to remain slightly hidden. But he is perhaps Murdoch's only close friend. The two men are both from Australia, are married to Chinese women, and were born (thirty years apart) on the same day, March 11th. In restaurants, they order Australian wines and delight in discussing that country's politics. They are also both raising their children as Catholics," Auletta wrote in the piece in describing how similar the men are.

"It surprised me how important it was to both of them that their children were baptized and instructed," one family intimate noted in the piece. "This is something they did together. The four kids sat down with a priest."


Michael Dowd said...

It should be noted that most of the Pope Francis Catholics who favor Hillary are also anti-Catholic in the same way she is.

Fr. Michael said...

I know for a fact, having been in 3 parishes in Pa, that Catholics, especially the elderly, will vote Democrat, straight ticket, no matter what I said or preached about abortion. No, the old folks remember their parents voting for the blue collar party, a party which valued Catholics and their morality at that time. And they will vote the same, so "you're wasting your time, Father."For them, I would speak to them until I was blue in the face and they stared back at me stone face. Some, would insult me in such a manner after Liturgy... And these are people who grew up long before VatII.! The younger crowd, THEIR children and granchildren, no longer attend church, are in irregular marriages, or for the most part live with someone. And these grandparents will defend their lifestyle to the death. "After all, they still believe in God, that's what matters...". Look at Ma and NJ, both heavily 'Catholic' populated and read the polls...all for Hilary. I could go on, but I am so disillusioned by our Hierarchs in this country. They, along with our Catholic politicians and the faithful (including, the pious little old ladies who seem so good, especially those who volunteer for parish activities and even say their rosaries), yet still vote for pro abortion candidates, will have to answer before Our Lord. Take a good look at photos of aborted chicken, especially in the last trimester that Hilary wants to legalize nationwide...I will not apologize for making my vote a one vote issue despite what the National Council of Catholic Bishops has otherwise issued in the past.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Father Michael,

Don't ever give up. Don't become disillusioned. Preach it, even if one person listens. Remember what the LORD said to Ezekiel, "He will be truly dead in his sin but I will hold you accountable for his death."

We have the same problem in Canada with our Liberal Party. My late parents were lifelong Liberals. My mother voted Conservative in her last years, realising that her Party left her. They used the Catholic, the Irish immigrant and French Canadians for their own gain. Look at our current Catholic Prime Minister, ushering in euthanasia, marijuana legalisation, prostitution decriminalisation, funding for foreign abortions, demanding only pro abortion candidates and Member of Parliament and no abortion law at all up to the moment of birth.

God help us all.

Liberalism is truly a sin, and, a mental illness.

Fr. Michael said...

Thank you for the encouragement. I am now on a leave of absence due to my health.Please pray for me and for my nation, as I will do so for you and for Canada. The last shrine my father visited before he died in Nov.1975, was St. Joseph Oratory. My mom died that same year, on St. Joseph Day, Mar.19. I,too visited the Oratory and St. Anne in the early 70's. Wonderful memories.

TLM said...

God Bless you Fr. for being faithful to Christ in His Church! Keep preaching the truth, as you never know who you're going to 'reach'. It is SO refreshing to hear a Catholic Priest in the US that is true to the faith! The fact that I am even making a statement such as this is in itself VERY SAD, but VERY TRUE. You will be in my Rosary Fr. Michael! Be assured of my prayers! (I am in the US the Chicago area. Blaze Cupich is my Bishop and soon to be Cardinal, so pray for us here in Chicago as well!)

May St. Michael the Archangel protect you!

Truth Seeker said...

Blessings to you Father Michael! I pray you get some well-deserved rest, not only for your physical well-being, but your spiritual and mental healing as well. You are to be commended to keeping up the good fight for TRUTH...something that has been diminished almost to non-existence today in our world.

However, we know Who will triumph over all this evil so rampant today - and so many "Catholics" have fallen for the delusions and deceptions and lies of the devil, they cannot recognize truth anymore they are so blinded. We are truly becoming the remnant. So many in my own parish I thought were true Catholics...have saddened me by their support of those who lie within our Church, the shepherds who are leading their flocks to grave peril of their souls. I pray for all our priests who still believe what Christ taught and have not fallen for the lies of today. I pray for all of us who still believe in truth...what our true Catholic teachings are, which come from God the father, Christ His Son, and the Holy Spirit, and not from man who makes up his own interpretations and goes against what we are to believe and how we are to live our lives - so that our eternal life will be will be in heaven...not hell.

You don't hear much about hell from the pulpits and when you do in the media..."there's the possibility that anyone is there" ?!!! That is only one sad example of far too many distortions promoted by clergy in the hierarchy and those many in the pews who are duped into believing such.

You don't hear much about sin...MORTAL sin in particular and the consequences of such, and what actions on our part make the sin a mortal sin, thus a grave condition of our soul. Lord Have Mercy on us all! We must stay the course in spite of chaos and confusion.

Hang in there Father Michael, and many thanks to you bloggers, and to you Vox who continue to bring us truth and alert us to what is going on, as we would not know what is happening in our church by only attending Mass and the sacraments in our parish. Bless you too, and keep up the good work!