Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Washing the feet of Soros

We are being played. 




The Remnant has been taken to task in the combox by a commenter for this edited photo. He did not take me to task for republishing it. I challenged him for that and he has written a comment which I will not publish. 

Where was the holiness, where was the dignity, where was the respect by Jorge Bergoglio when he did this!

What sacrilege!

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Was their dignity to the Papal office with this?

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Dan said...

Move along! Nothing to see here. Just the decline and fall of Western Civilization.

If you want to do something, how about a work of mercy? Plant a tree!

As for me, I'm going to work at identifying and curing my "normie-privledge." I found myself shocked at hearing about "chest-feeding." "Chest-feeding" is when a woman, who thinks she is a man, but still wants to be a mommy, feeds his? infant with hormonally enhanced swollen hairy "pecs."

mea culpa...

TLM said...

Incredible what the DCLeaks website has revealed. Pope Francis is George Soros' main water boy. Bergoglio has the 'world stage', which is of utmost use to Soros with his Diabolical One World Order agenda.

Our Lady of Fatima PRAY FOR US!

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Vox and Remnant. Everyday we receive that Pope Francis is not about the Lords work but rather about Man's. And who is the Man being glorified? How about himself and Georgie Boy.

Stephen Lowe said...

Shameful. The Mystical Body is undergoing a Passion and, for the most part, the laity and the clergy are watching. When will the Prelates defend the faith? How can pewsitters help restore the church when they are ridiculed constantly. I thought this was a year of Mercy...I guess not for the contemplatives, seminarians, traditionalists, or the FFI. Hypocrites.

Mark Thomas said...

The Remnant's "photograph" of His Holiness Pope Francis does not correspond to the Faith that I received when I was baptized into the Church. I was taught that we are to see the face of Jesus Christ in each person. That means that we don't mock and misrepresent our brothers and sisters. I was also taught by Holy Catholics to treat the Pope and Church objects and symbols with respect.

Why would The Remnant, who has chided the "world" for having mocked the Church, Her Papacy, holy practices, and symbols, mock Pope Francis in regard to an act that he performs on Holy Thursday? Why would Catholics disrespect the Church's holy practices, symbols, as well as the Vicar of Christ?


Mark Thomas

Vox Cantoris said...


I, too, used the photograph – perhaps you should include me in your criticism of the folks at The Remnant. You think it mocks either of them? I think it highlights perfectly the situation.

George Soros is a man who is an enemy of the Faith. He has enormous power and he uses it. The evidence is clear on how he has tried to influence the bishops and the Pope himself. Further, when we see the actions of the Pope in both the issue of environmental worship and, as Obama today, a demand to open borders to innumerable migrants, it is a legitimate question to consider that he is succeeding in his goals.

The picture is from the Pope washing the feet of an African “migrant” on Holy Thursday. Every time I see that photograph, I want to vomit. I think the Remnant’s playful Photoshop is just fine.

Tell me Mark, how many times did Father Bergoglio, Bishop Bergoglio and Cardinal Bergoglio break liturgical law – Canon Law on Holy Thursdays past to wash the feet of women. We know that as Bishop of Rome, he did it twice, until people couldn’t stand his “breaking” the Law to the point he arbitrarily changed not only the Law but the whole ritual! Should he wash feet of women, Mohammedans? Sure, on any of 362 other nights of the year, not Holy Thursday.

Face it Mark. Bergoglio is a showman. A puffed up narcissist longing for the camera and putting forth a false humility that makes me want to vomit. An attention seeker extraordinaire.

You ask, “Why would Catholics disrespect the Church's holy practices, symbols, as well as the Vicar of Christ?”

Exactly Mark, why would Bergoglio do that?

Now, let me say this. The tone of your comment shows me that you are going back to your old ways.

I'm answering you before anyone else does.

I told you to censor yourself and change your attitude.

And I'm losing my patience.

I'm fed up with your "drive-bys" or your "Nicky, Nicky Nine Doors."

Got it?

Mark Thomas said...

I read The Remnant's article. Okay...so some outfit linked to George Soros noted that His Holiness Pope Francis said this or that about Islamic migration. That is supposed to be sinister?

Pope Francis has upheld the Apostolic See's policy toward Moslems that has been in place for decades. I guess that George Soros "purchased" Popes Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI as they (the Popes) said the same thing about Moslem migrants as did Pope Francis.

On each Day for Migrants and Refugees, Pope Benedict XVI urged us to adhere to the Church's ancient teachings related to the welcoming of migrants and refugees.

2011 A.D: Pope Benedict XVI exhorted Italians, for example, to welcome refugees from North Africa who had flooded Italy.


Did George Soros own Pope Benedict XVI?

Earlier this year, Pope Francis responded to the following question:

Q. However, does Europe have the capacity to accept so many migrants ?

Pope Francis : "That is a fair and responsible question because one cannot open the gates wide unreasonably."

Does George Soros agree with that? By the way, Pope Francis has condemned the unjust economic system that George Soros advances. That unjust economic system helps to destabilize nations which, in turn, has contributed to the mass movement of desperate Moslems to the more prosperous (financially) West.

George Soros does not wish to change the unjust economic system that our Popes, including Francis, have long condemned.


Mark Thomas

Eirene said...

Roman Catholics everywhere should shudder at the absolutely true revelations of Chris Ferrara and The Remnant! George Soros and his evil cohorts mean business. They are co-opting world leaders, secular and spiritual, to advertise and participate in their satanic scheme to subjugate the whole of mankind under their vile and inhumane New World Order! The time for wall papering over the cracks is over, folks! Grim Reality is hitting us all now - on a collision course with the Church. Pious exclamations and false hope
won t work now! This is War and this is the Enemy. Fight now and gain a heavenly crown. Fail now and be consigned to the goat pen !
Seriously !

Vox Cantoris said...


When will you understand that these Modernists put a drop of heresy, a drop an ounce of error in what they do. They speak out of both sides of their mouths. Pope loves the environment? Then why fly around the world? How much pollution was created at WYD?

The Church has no business demanding that nations destroy themselves through uncontrolled mass migration. This is not legal immigration.

The Church's position on Islam since Vatican II is wrong and out of keeping with Her Mission and in conflict with every Pope and Saint and Doctor that came before who spoke on that obscene antichrist system.

John Paul committed a grievous act in kissing the Koran.

Benedict has no business entering the Blue Mosque.

Mark, ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've now had it.

You've learnt nothing!

Vox Cantoris said...





Eirene said...


Michael Dowd said...

I think all the moves Pope Francis makes are to make the Catholic religion acceptable to the powers that be by re-positioning it as Masonry, Protestantism and a do-gooding NGO. This is being done for the purpose of financial survival due to the projected decline in membership. They have chosen Mammon over God.

Anonymous said...

Until you see he is not pope what you do and say is void.
V2 is beyond formal heresies!

Come out of her it is not the Catholic faith, stop support cur the purse strings.

Vox Cantoris said...

Excuse me?

What I say and do is "void?"

Francis is the Pope. Benedict XVI renounced the papacy and has not denied it since.

Watch it! I'm not putting up with snarks anymore.

Got it?