A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday 28 September 2016

Look at Oscar Eduardo Miñarro - a new Bergoglian Bishop from Buenos Aires - believes embryos are not life and approves of "gay marriage!"


This is the newest Bergoglian Bishop.

Clearly, Redemptionis Sacramentum never made it to Argentina.

 Fracto demum sacramento,
ne vacilles, sed memento
tantum esse sub fragmento,
quantum toto tegitur.
Nulla rei fit scissura:
signi tantum fit fractura,
qua nec status, nec statura
signati minuitur.     

Nor a single doubt retain,
when they break the Host in twain,
but that in each part remain
what was in the whole before;
For the outward sign alone
may some change have undergone,
while the Signified stays one,
and the same forevermore.

From the Corpus Christi sequence, Lauda Sion by St. Thomas Aquinas; but what did he know when you have men such as Miñarro who know better.

"The Holy Father has appointed Fr. Oscar Eduardo Miñarro as auxiliary bishop of Merlo-Moreno (area 301, population 1,051,000, Catholics 861,820, priests 59, permanent deacons 30, religious 198), Argentina. The bishop-elect was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1960 and was ordained a priest in 1995. He studied in the major seminary of Morón. He has served in a number of pastoral roles, including parish vicar, parish priest, dean, member of the diocesan pastoral council, member of the presbyteral council and the college of consultors, legal representative of various colleges and head of seminarians in the diocese. He is currently vicar general of the diocese of Merlo-Moreno and parish priest of Nuestra Señora de la Merced."

We are fortunate, in Canada, that most of our bishops, were renewed under Benedict XVI.
Source, in Spanish: 
"... With the theme of the embryos, you're in a philosophical issue, not purely scientific. I think if we ask the question of when an embryo has life, are in a philosophical issue. What we can ask is that in philosophy there is no absolute truth. That what there are questions that generate different responses and that all can be acceptable to the extent that justify it . But who can say whether the embryo is alive or not? I think that neither religious nor scientific, it is a very complex thing. "
"... Yes, I am in favor. Also, if I say that equal marriage is enacted, it will cease to exist by that? No, it will be the same. So if there is a situation, I have not favor that this situation is dignity for the people who are living? What favor greater integration in society? And I, as a church, I can not do also feel that God is with that situation?
(Mgr.) He opposes Arancedo saying that marriage should be between two different sexes by natural complementarity of man and woman ... If he makes a philosophical approach is understandable from the philosophical. I can agree or disagree, but if I put myself in the same rigid position'm being like him. The risk of these discussions is intolerance in general. I blame Arancedo intolerant and full of epithets descalificativos showing my intolerance. In those things not business: if I am tolerant I am tolerant, and if not, not. It is a different, thought justified. I do not accept it is that thought is imposed for all.
In that sense we could say that progress is being made in degrees of tolerance because, for example, recognizes the right to marry to same-sex ... "
- "Review of lifestyles that separate the priests of the village, including work clothes, mandatory celibacy, house, poverty ...worship...
- Review of the liturgy to achieve creative inculturation that allows the people, particularly the poor, the experience as their own language to approach God;
-Review Which mainly calls to priests, recalling that the centrality must be placed in the kingdom and evangelization rather than worship;
-Review Of all spirituality that is not a real walk in the Spirit but platonic evasion and bring to put one ear in the Gospel and an ear in the heart of the people ".



John the Mad said...

Ghastly. Simply ghastly. This new bishop is showing great disrespect to the body, blood, soul and divinity of Our Lord. Shame on him.

Unknown said...

His Excellency Moreno the Moron! I mean, Moreno who studied at Moron...

tigga wild said...

Unrecognisable as the Sacrifice of the Mass. Words fail.

Mike said...

John the Mad, I think you may be over-reacting a bit. Please let me explain by making five points.

1. This man was ordained in the new 1968 Rite of Priestly Ordination invented by Paul VI.

2. The bishop who ordained him was consecrated in the new 1968 Rite of Episcopal Consecration invented by Paul VI.

3. He was himself consecrated in new 1968 Rite of Episcopal Consecration invented by Paul VI.

4. He appears to be using invalid matter in the Novus Ordo Mass, again invented by Paul VI.

5. The Novus Ordo Mass is constructed in such a way as to manifest in the priest a doubtful or defective intention to do what the Church does.

The GIRM now calls what was once known as the "Consecration" the "Institution Narrative".

Traditional Catholic sacramental theology teaches that to recite the words of consecration as an historical narrative, instead of a sacramental form, manifests a defect of intention, and renders the consecration invalid.

This is why the Mystery of Faith was removed from the Form of the Sacrament and now describes instead the end of the world, instead of the Priest's faith in the Real Prescence.

There is also the fact that there is no Offertory in the new mass, but the preparation of the gifts, with a Jewish grace before meals as a substitute for the traditional offering of the Divine Victim.

So, to allay your fears regarding desecration of the precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord in the photo above, you might want to consider the summary of the five points I just made above.

1. Doubtful.
2. Invalid.
3. Invalid - but not necessary to the general point I am making.
4. Invalid.
5. Doubtful.

Even if only one of these necessary conditions in the points were merely doubtful, and the rest were valid, then there is still no profanation of the Blessed Sacrament in this photo.

thomas tucker said...

I can only hope that is Photoshopped.

Maria K. said...

Here's a Youtube video of him accepting some sort of award. Yeah, that's him in the street clothes...

Eirene said...

What on earth does this Bishop think he is doing in this pic?I have never seen anything like this in my life!
Making an exhibition of the Holy Eucharist on this way is beyond words.

JayBee said...

That body and blood stuff is out, ho hum, yesterday's news! Our diocese just published the new curriculum for religious education, based on the one devised by Vatican, which will be implemented in all parishes.

"What is the mass (liturgy)?"
"The mass is a celebration of God's love."

Well, who can argue with that? But that's all it says... nothing about sacrifice, passion, adoration, consecration, thanksgiving, prayer, God's presence, or even the last supper. Just stuff about community, gathering around a table, and active and full participation (each kid must join a "ministry").

And this "definition" of the liturgy is taught in 2nd grade... that's first communion year!

Anonymous said...


You beat me to the moron punch!

The "other" Karl

Michael Dowd said...

Simply outrageous. The devil must be pleased. The evidence keeps accumulating against apostate Bergoglio. Hopefully, a critical mass will be reached where either the Cardinals or God Himself will get him to repent or resign.

Truth Seeker said...

In this month devoted to Our Lady of Sorrows, I can only imagine her tears and the swords piercing her heart as she watches the continual assaults, outrages, sacrileges, and indifferences that offend her Son - our Savior, Jesus Christ. I cannot imagine His sorrow as His consecrated shepherds commit these atrocities - these shepherds who are supposed to be leading the flock toward their eternal reward and salvation to spend with Him. They say ignorance is bliss - I was very blissful about our Church until I began reading some of these blogs - I would never have believed what is going on - as most of those Catholics today in the pews have not a clue about. I commend all and thank all of you who bring to light these matters - as horrific as some of them are, we need truth - a commodity disappearing in our culture today. I have to keep my focus on Jesus Christ - for HE is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and His Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph over all this evil that is so rampant today. Our Lady of Fatima - pray for us! St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in this battle!

Anonymous said...

Just how does Bishop Goofball distribute Holy Communion without "crumbs" of Our Lord's body dropping all over the place?


Dan said...

George Soros' plan seems to be working...

Anonymous said...

The really appalling thing is that it IS NOT the Body, Blood Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as it is a product of the False Church masquerading as the Catholic Church. The purpose is to deceive the Elect. Oh and by the way, Bergoglio is a false "pope" too.

susan said...

He's done nothing different or worse than papabile, probably-next-pope, ratzinger protege, francis arse kissing, apostate extraordinaire Cdn. shonborn did.....

(be sure to look at the pictures at the bottom)

minarro's just following the ecclesial political wind...words can't begin to describe my sorrow over the betrayal of our Lord, on a daily and increasingly egregious basis.

These 'men' are anything but.

raphaelheals said...


Anonymous said...

I experience an interior pain that I cannot entirely explain whenever I see, or read about sacrilege, whether it is the abuse of the Most Blessed Sacrament, the desecration of churches, statues or crucifixes, the lack of theological and moral guidance and teaching by the hierarchy, all of which indicate how deeply embedded the demonS are within the Church. That is a fact. For how long or to what purpose Our Lord is allowing all of this to happen is within the realm of His divine Will, which has for its ending,His glorious Second Coming.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

So Fr. Oscar Eduardo Miñarro truly believes that: "... With the theme of the embryos, you're in a philosophical issue, not purely scientific. I think if we ask the question of when an embryo has life, are in a philosophical issue. What we can ask is that in philosophy there is no absolute truth. That what there are questions that generate different responses and that all can be acceptable to the extent that justify it . But who can say whether the embryo is alive or not? I think that neither religious nor scientific, it is a very complex thing." He then shows that he knows nothing about natural law, the soul, faith, reason and evil. Did he not study St. Thomas Aquinas in preparation for the priesthood? His secular rhetoric demonstrates that he has been sucked in by the post-modernist materialistic thinking and a “science’ of reductionism.

John the Mad said...


"With the theme of the embryos, you're in a philosophical issue, not purely scientific. I think if we ask the question of when an embryo has life, are in a philosophical issue."

With all due respect to Bishop Minnaro (not much appears due) I note the following from the late Dr. Lejeune.

"After fertilization has taken place a new human being has come into being...[this] is no longer a matter of taste or opinion, it is not a metaphysical contention, it is plain experimental evidence...." - Dr Jerome LeJeune, Professor of Genetics at the University of Descartes, Paris, discoverer of the chromosome pattern of Down's Syndrome, and Nobel Prize Winner, Report, Subcommittee on Separation of Powers to Senate Judiciary Committee S-158, 97th Congress, 1st Session 1981

Unknown said...

His conclusion on the embryo "issue" is indeed disturbing on so many levels.

Don Beeman said...

A defect of intention by an individual priest does not alone render consecration invalid.

But maybe you are making a case that the shift by the (institutional) Church from sacrament to historical narrative, (combined with the new ordination rite?) de facto "removes" consecration from the form of the liturgy?

So we are not receiving Holy Communion because there is no consecration (even with intention)?

Just trying to see the unseen here. They've gradually been taking the Sacrament out of the mass, and I always felt it would be eliminated not by decree, but subtly. You seem to be saying it's happened in actuality?

Dan said...

What really gets to me is knowing with certainty that p*pe Francis was aware of this guy's thoughts on embryos and gay marriage BEFORE deciding to make him bishop.

Says a lot about the p*pe!

Mark Thomas care to comment please?

Anonymous said...

Wow, the biggest "host" I've ever seen. I wonder what is he trying to accomplish?? I doubt that big bum bread was validly consecrated.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

What we can ask is that in philosophy there is no absolute truth.

Ok, Ace; but what you just said is, by your definition, not true.