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"Stormed and humiliated." - The rebuilding of the Institute John Paul II by Francis and the "sexual revolution in the Vatican"

Pope Francis "cleans" since Pontifical John Paul II Institute. For Studies on Marriage and Family for "Amoris Laetitia"

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(Rome) The theologian Andrea Grillo, a staunch Bergoglianer, revealed in a comment "the plan behind the incredible appointments" (Il Timone) at the head of the Pontifical Institute John Paul II For Studies on Marriage and Family, which was carried out on Wednesday by Pope Francis.

The reshuffles mean a realignment of the John Paul II established international center, which for 25 years has been the guardian and supporter "of the authentic Magisterium of the Church" in the area of marriage and family. The intervention of Pope Francis is "the application of Benedict XVI's hermeneutics of rupture 'of Vatican II to that institution and to the moral theology in general, and in particular to overcome the doctrinal heritage of sexuality, life and family of Paul VI and John Paul II," as written in the Catholic monthly magazine, Il Timone .

"Familiaris Consortio" was yesterday, today is "Amoris Laetitia"

The serious human intervention suggests that not only touches to the post-synodal letter Familiaris Consortio of John Paul II, but also to the prophetic encyclical Humanae Vitae of Paul VI, is to be replaced by Amoris Laetitia.

Pierangelo Sequeri was appointed as the new director and Curia Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia on the new Grand Chancellor of the Pontifical Institute. On outstanding representatives of Catholic marriage and family teaching as Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, Cardinal Angelo Scola and Msgr. Livio Melina, who passed since the founding of the Institute in succession, now follows Sequeri. "The transition is big, strong and surprising, especially because it is carried out in parallel with some general developments in recent years," said Grillo.

The John Paul II Institute

Founded in 1981, the same year in which Familiaris Consortio was published and is directly related. It was founded at the request of the then Pope to deepen the study of theology and philosophy of marriage and the family, which was visible as a priority of the pontificate of John Paul II, 

The headquarters is located at the Lateran University in Rome. Five additional offices in the United States, Benin, Brazil, India Mexico, Spain and Australia.

In these 35 years, thousands of theologians, bishops, priests, professors and pastors were in the area of "theology and anthropology of marriage" formed. The approach by Grillo had been very "classic", but quickly developed a strong apologetic profile and experienced by the encyclical Veritatis Splendor of 1994, the "gradual accentuation of moral maximalism, who coined strongly the work of the past 20 years."

Conflicting positions between Pope Francis and the Pontifical Institute

For the most recent development, however, was decisive. In the past three years since the end of the pontificate of Benedict XVI the tones between the willed by Pope Francis' Church and the Institute were always rough.

The culmination of the tensions began with the preparation of the Synod of Bishops on the family when at the Institute prevailed the conviction that Pope Francis share the theses of Cardinal Kasper and the course began to make a change in Catholic moral teaching.

Professors of the first rank of the institute were open against Kasper "openings" position. The result was that Pope Francis did not appoint representative of the Institute as synod members or as observers. The most qualified "in-house" experts on marriage and family were excluded from the Synod. The marginalization by the pope reinforced the already existing fears. It did not escape even outside observers and those transitioning through saw this as a direction decision of the Pope in favor of Kasper-theses.

Grillo must dig deep into their rhetorical tricks to find a "small scandal", which should serve as knitting for the previous director. The priest and moral theologian Livio Melina, since 2006 at the head of the Institute, had shortly before the official presentation of the post-synodal letter Amoris Laetitia written a critique of the papal document by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn and distributed to the students of the Institute. Following the publication of post-synodal letter on April 8 followed several courses that are critical to the controversial Exhortation concerned. The Institute was represented at positions in open contradiction to the papal "openings". An attitude that is certainly not arrived well at the highest level.

"To maximalist"

Msgr. Melina, who at the Gregoriana did his doctorate under Cardinal Caffarra and several years under the direction of Cardinal Ratzinger at the CDF has worked before at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute.Was appointed, is one of the world's most important Catholic moral theologians and bioethicists. His positions appear in the Vatican but no longer in demand.

Bergoglianer Grillo turned up already in the past two years, nosing in on the institute because it is "too maximalist" and that Familiaris Consortio regarded as "Pillar of Heracles". 

To justify the papal intervention, Grillo then accused the Institute that adherence to Familiaris Consortio have adopted in terms of theology of marriage "in recent months, an almost pathological form".

The defense of the marriage sacrament and the Church's moral teaching was not only reviled by him as a "quasi-pathology" but also as shown as an "aberration." The appointment of Pierangelo Sequeri "rightly puts an end: said Grillo literally: "It symbolically opens after a period of 35 years, which began with Familiaris Consortio, a few months after Amoris Laetitia a new phase. Not without continuity with the good that has been done, but not without a break with all limitations of this experience. "

The new director

The new director Pierangelo Sequeri comes from the clergy of the Archdiocese of Milan. 

Ordained in 1968, Sequeri is older than the detached from him Melina. The fundamental theologian Sequeri was primarily known as a musician, including through its cooperation with the music group Gen Verde the Focolare Movement. Since 2010, he is part of Benedict XVI's international Medjugorje inquiry commission and was the rector since 2012 of the Theological Faculty of Northern Italy. 

The expectation of this new director, is evident in the anthology "Family and Church" (Famiglia e Chiesa, LEV, 2015). The new Grand Chancellor, Archbishop Curia Vincenzo Paglia had, in his capacity as Chairman of the spring 2015 Pontifical Family Council conducted three seminars on the Synod of Bishops. The speakers were in the narrow and broad sense invariably Kasperianer. Your presentations should underpin the "holes" in view of the crucial Synod of Bishops in October 2015 and were published as a collection by the Vatican publishing. The defenders of the Church's moral teaching, whether or Cardinals Synod had to seek publishers for their publications themselves.

Sequeris contribution includes "a small, large program, at least for the next 20 years of the Institute," said Grillo pleased. "It changed course, leaving the harbor, sailing on the open sea. The captain knows the route and is not afraid. It will not only attract the ecclesiastical but also the secular family culture benefit from having him perhaps as necessary. Even to this culture to speak, has suddenly re possible. "With these words Grillo celebrates the papal engagement with the Francis a" fortress of the marriage sacrament and moral teaching "(Cardinal Caffarra), which had withstood 35 years old, with a stroke of the pen dragged.

Il Timone says that Pope Francis the Pontifical John Paul II Institute. For Studies on Marriage and Family"stormed and humiliated" had to enforce "the sexual revolution in the Vatican." The real "revolution" of Pope Francis takes place through appointments .

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image: MiL


KatieSilverSpring said...

This was extremely difficult to understand, maybe rough translation?

Peter Lamb said...

Well, nothing new. We know what's going on, who's doing it and why. Bergoglio is just accelerating the pace, casting caution to the winds and going for it. I wonder if next year October 13, might be the day Our Lord intervenes - 100th anniversary of Fatima?
Things are so bad and the wall of ignorance encircling so many good, ordinary Catholics, seems impenetrable.
In 10 days time, a sede Bishop is coming from America, to confirm my son and those of the sede family in Durban. I can't find a male sponsor for my son. All my Catholic pals dropped me like a hot potato when I became a sede. I scratched my brains and remembered an acquaintance who I knew was Catholic. His wife is a wonderful, staunch old NWO Catholic woman, old enough to remember the old days. I asked the husband to be the proxy for the sponsor, who would be the sede father in Durban. I had to inform them about the sede aspect. What's sedevacantism? They asked. When I started explaining, I could literally see the shutters dropping. The look of horror on their faces. They were thinking "he's become a lunatic fringe nutter who has left the Church". When I mentioned masonry, I had turned into a freak conspiracy nut. I told them that pope Francis was going to Lund next month to celebrate 500 years of protestantism with the Lutherans. The old lady smiled, "oh yes", she said, "pope Francis is very with it". Wonderful, good, Catholic people absolutely clueless as to what's going on and trying to explain to them is, as we used to say in the Air Force, like farting against thunder! How many millions of good people are these judeo-masonic demons leading astray! Well, I haven't got a proxy for the sponsor and I'll just have to see what his Excellency says about that.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

It is good to have it stated, but of course, we all knew it. No one should be surprised by having the goal of Bergoglio's staffing decisions officially confirmed.

He reveals them every day.
We know him by the fruit. For example, we know the content of sex-ed in catholic schools, and the impossibility for parents to withdraw their children from participation. I should say - seeming impossibility. One should withdraw them, and wait what happens next. Our Lord did not promise us an easy life. The world hates Him and it hates us.

If the leader of the Church and his puppet masters (or minions) tell us to become like the world, when they tell us that doctrines belong in the garbage bin of useless and divisive (!) academic discourse, and when they - according to their satanic principle of gradualism (which is taking up speed) - begin to bless sodomitic unions in their churches, we should not be surprised with anything any more.

We know appeals to the pope for help would be useless, as it is he who drives this "foreward" to hell.

Jesus told us that the world would hate us, Yet sodomites celebrate Bergoglio. He likes it. His strategy works. What else do we need to know? He represents the world that hates us.

It all fits, it is clear, The bishop in Australia who recently promoted sodomy in his post-modernist indoctrination exercise, told us clearly that we ought not to look at the world as our enemy, but we ought to join it instead.

It sounds nice, but those of us with some remnants of brain know - this is not compatible with what our Lord told us. Bergoglio is not compatible with the Catholic Church.

Vox Cantoris said...

Not being German, I did my best to clean up the online translation ...

Maudie N Mandeville said...

and many Catholics want the SSPX to accede to Francis? Wouldn't take long for his gay caballeros to be in place, stealing the assets and admitting only the most vulnerable, lonely and confused boys into their SSPX harem.

Johnno said...

As everyone with a working brain and a Catholic sense can see, Amoris Laetitia contains black and white heresy when it tells us that people knowingly living in sin still possess supernatural grace without and against sacramental marriage. As well as completely contradicts Familiaris Consortio on the teaching of conscience.

Any bishop or cardinal saying otherwise is either a lying modernist, a lying 'conservative' engaging in PR damage control, or never read the damned document or simply doesn't know what he is talking about and is unfit for his office.

So too does this criteria also apply to a certain someone who'll be showing up any minute to quote for us examples of all of the above while himself a coward who has yet to respond to all the clear evidence that Amoris Laetitia contains heresy and contradictions, while also quoting the Pope whose signature is affixed to this heresy whose actions and appointments are the opposite of his deceptive words.

Anonymous said...

Peter Lamb,
Twice I have used male proxies for Baptisms and didn't have to provide letters that they were Catholics in good standing, only for the actual godparents. I found "nominal Catholics" willing to be warm bodies at the ceremony, because that was all we could come up with.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Anonymous @ 11:34am, Father?, This is for Confirmation, not Baptism. The problem is the sedevacantism. As soon as any NO Catholic around here hears that word, or when it is explained to them, they freak out thinking it is some sort of weird anti-Catholic sect and want nothing to do with a "sede" ceremony. (And I know some of you Readers will agree with them! :) )

Dan said...

"The real "revolution" of Pope Francis takes place through appointments."

How true. It will continue until Catholic Church is unrecognizable.

Is the church being led by a spirit? Yes, but not the holy one.

Anonymous said...

Johnno you just had me laughing out loud with that comment. You're also dead on as usual.

Sandpiper said...

KatieSilverSpring: That was a rough translation. Most lay people get the gist.

I think you're barking up the wrong tree if you think this blog is some kind of perfect Italian translation pit stop.