Wednesday, 21 September 2016

St. Michael's Church in Athy, Ireland - Remember that "Lesbian" Mass in Ireland? It was clearly an agenda driven takeover and a priest clarifies that fact!

Readers may recall the story about a church in Ireland where two so-called "married" women committing the grotesquely affront to Christ the lifestyle and sin of lesbianism, were praised and given an ovation at a Holy Mass. The abomination took place at St. Michael's 

ChurchMilitant reported on it here:

That's right, "death threats" to one, Mr. Anthony Murphy who has protested the goings on at St. Michael's parish in Athy, in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

What has happened to you Irish?  You once evanglised the world. Now, you are but a pathetic and disgusting example of your pagan past. The snakes, by the way, were sodomites! You've invited the snakes right back in. 

What is wrong with the priests in this parish? What is wrong with you people? You disgust me. You're not Catholics, you're filthy, posturing pagans! Narcissists entrapped in your own egoism. You have forgotten Christ!

If you want to have you stomach turn, listen to a few minutes of the opening of this disgraceful display. Still think it is not a "nervous disorder?"

One of the concelbrating priests has spoken out on Catholic Voice

Father Brendan Kealy writes:

I was not present to promote or condone same-sex ‘marriage’ or what appeared to be the apparent triumphant and victorious return of our musical directors which seemed to become the focus of the evening. In my opinion, the Mass was hijacked to support the cause of same-sex ‘marriage’ which is clearly in breach of Catholic Church teachings.
How does this make sense within the Catholic Church?
This breach was displayed openly and in a very public manner from the holy sanctuary. I felt very uncomfortable about this as I had not given my blessing to such a union. I am not been harsh but simply following the teachings of the Church, that we all serve.
The ladies in question have a very important leadership role in the Church but decided to enter into a civil same-sex marriage which blatantly contradicts and challenges the teachings of their Catholic Church, and the instruction of Pope Francis. To me, this defies belief ? Is it not a contradiction to our faith? How does this make sense within the Catholic Church?

What about the others?


Vox Cantoris said...

Unknown. Sorry, you're not getting away with this twist of logic.

The sin of sodomy is great indeed. People suffer with an inclination through some psychological issue. These are deep-seated and people need spiritual and psychological help to overcome it. Many today, take on the behaviour as just another orgasm, just another hole. Who cares who or what one has an orgasm with, none of your business.

No friend, not on thig blog.

Homosexual behaviour is not a CURSE, as if from God, you blaspheme.

The foreskin had two purposes for the Israelites, neither were to masturbate which I imagine you enjoy doing along with the pornography that to you is just art. I've heard that putrid theory about Jonathan and David, what utter bovine excrement.

The bottom line is that these two women in a public role in the parish "married." Not acceptable to go against the Church in that kind of public role. The behaviour of the people was an invasion of the liturgy, which is true worship to God.

I have friends who were "gay" and have come out of it through prayer and the sacraments and love and support and friendship from people such as me.

This blogger wishes no one to Hell, Get over yourself and begone!

Ana Milan said...

It's a pity Fr. Kealy didn't ask these women to leave &, if they refused, address the congregation in the manner he wrote the letter & then leave himself, hopefully followed by the other clergy. If none of the priests were knowledgeable about this hijacking taking place, the Mass should have been suspended. I suspect, however, this was not the case & some participating celebrant(s) did know what was about to occur.

To make a political protest of any kind in a church where Holy Mass is being celebrated is blasphemy. There have been many such IRA demonstrations allowed by sympathetic priests in the past with armed men in balaclavas attending & giving military salutes both at the church & cemetery afterwards. The excuse given was that they had a 'right' to a Catholic burial because of their baptism, despite their obvious rejection of God's Law & Sacraments & their dying in grave sin. They always cited the right of their family to have a church-led burial of their deceased member.

People are persuaded by the Marxist/Masonic/Modernist media of to-day (courtesy Soros & Co.) into thinking their civil rights come before God's rights & unfortunately there are a lot of sympathisers within the CC leadership who support that notion. PF saying there is no Catholic God & everyone can get to Heaven, there is no Hell etc. To an un-catechised (ignorant) mind this is clearly giving the go-ahead for such behaviour. He has made no attempt to abolish the LGBT activists within the Church whose ideology has supplanted the Laws of Christ & imposed those of Satan in every crevice & have been aided & abetted by high church dignitaries in their endeavour. We are about to witness the commemoration of Luther's Revolt in Lund at which the Pope of the CC is going to attend & most probably lift the excommunication of the worst Satanic ordained priest-imposter ever, which a former Pope imposed & which successive Popes have left intact on this monstrous individual who is quoted as saying that the vilest sins are not to be compared with the abomination of the Popish Mass. This is a road we have been on since VII & which will culminate very soon in disaster.

It has been very clear that for a great many years the Hierarchy of the Irish Church (Maynooth is a example of their mismanagement) is in the doldrums from the top down - just as the CC as a whole is totally bereft of sanctity at the highest level. The whole structure needs to been taken apart, scoured & exorcised before any restoration can been undertaken & nothing but Divine intervention is capable of such a task. The Consecration of Russia must be our main priority at this given moment.

Dan said...

Ann I agree with you, and it's really depressing....

Anonymous said...

This is wicked, all of them who stayed and applaud this abomination will surely pay the price at our lords judgment if they do not repent. O my i can feel the lords pain over the state of his most Holy bride. :(

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

The priest says he felt very uncomfortable about this.

We got so accustomed to all manner of perversion (including that of Holy Liturgy) that when faced with blatant rape of the most sacred, all we can do is feel - feel uncomfortable. The level of discomfort - high ("very uncomfortable"). It is a bonus.

This mellow, well-meaning priest is part of the problem. Anyone who shows any sign of anger, however intelligent and righteous, has become an outcast, a barbarian, a brute unable to tolerate via celebration and to dialogue toward abolition of all rationality and wisdom.

What kind of man says: At the sight of my mother being raped I felt very uncomfortable. I do not condone rape. In fact, I am so uncomfortable, I feel I need my blankie (also known as safe space).

I see it everywhere - rather than presenting a rational observation, a rational analysis of the problem and possible responses/solutions, people everywhere say: I feel... Standing passively with high discomfort levels in face of evil is evil.

Anonymous said...

The song isn't a hymn. There is NO Catholicism going on at that Church. It's just a bunch of people who want to live in their sins and be given accolades for them. Prayers for all.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I case some sodomite should read this, I will add to my previous comment:

Some of us have been indoctrinated with post-modernist "thought", became very person-centred, meaning more receptive to subjective feelings and opinions than to objective truth, and then woke up in Sodom.

We don't care about your enjoyment of genital games and activities, rather we despise them, as we despise all sin, including our own, of course.

When a child presents a creation of theirs (let's say a painting) to a parent, and a parent expresses excited approval, the child wants to know truth, and asks: Are you saying this because you love me, or do you really mean it? Is it really (they mean: objectively) good?

Now, lesbians calling themselves Catholic know that God condemns sodomy. They know objective truth and they know that we know.

They bring sodomy before the altar and say to us: You are going to like it, or else we are going to sue you, we will destroy you, your livelihood, your family, your life.

How long will we indulge these terrorists? How long will be passive, as they choose hell and drag us and our children with them?

Sodomites, listen carefully - some of us are on to you. We will not be intimidated into silence (rather obligatory celebration of filth) by your threats and by the pockets of so called academia which promote and impose on the youth your sin/deviance as progress of humanity.

Kathleen1031 said...

How utterly awful to see children there in what I like to call a Pagan Put-on.
All that was written here, I agree with all of it. Especially that Divine Intervention is all that will correct this. We seem too far gone for any human endeavor of any kind, not that I wouldn't love to see a real one.

Eirene said...

And unfortunately there is no-one left to excommunicate the whole lot of them, close down that Church and leave them to their own devices.

Anonymous said...

HLI Ireland's astonishing "Holy Face" project.

Andrea MacIntyre said...

If only one of those five priests stepped out and said very loudly to the lesbian women who started that horrible song in Honor of themselves, "No, This is Jesus Christ's Sacred celebration", there would have been a very different outcome. Instead they even got to take a bow on the alter. It is time for those with the courage of the Maccabees to rise up. Catholics who truly believe that the Catholic Church is The one true and Holy Apostolic Church, given to us by Christ must begin to defend our beautiful Church from the pagans within. The Pagans outside the Church have always been visible. Our fight is to take on the rot from within.