A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Sunday 18 September 2016

Bergoglio expects you to accept refugee terror and murder in your neighbourhood and in your house!

A pipe bomb in New Jersey.

A bomb explodes in a downtown Manhattan garbage dumpster.

A bomb is found in a pressure cooker in New York.

Muslim in Minnesota, a State whose leftist governments welcomed a massive number of Somali refugees a generation ago is now being repaid for its generosity and stupidity. 

Stabbing numerous people, nine apparently, in a mall asking them before if they were also Mohammedans and then shouted the famous phrase, "Our god is greatest," the perpetrator is now dead. Their "god" is the devil and this malefactor follower of Mahomet has found that out and that there were no virgins there awaiting him. Mahound's Paradise is reporting that credit for the rampage in Minnesota has been taken by ISIS.

People are maimed. Terrorised. 

Image result for bergoglio refugees

Pope Francis speaks again demanding that Europe and the rest of the world accept tens or hundreds of thousands of migrants, mostly Muslims from Africa and the Middle East. The problem needs to be fixed, in their countries, not imported into ours. Immigration is not the issue. An immigration policy approved by a parliament or legislature that involves a points system is perfectly acceptable. That is not the issue.

Bergoglio expects that you and I should be murdered in our beds, our malls, our street celebrations or wherever as the price for a borderless world. Then, he would condemn us as Catholics if we tried to preach to them that they worship a false god and must come to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church for salvation. It is as if he is embarassed by Christ and embarassed by our nation states. It's easy when you live in a walled city and have security protection to be so brave as this Bergoglio. Europeans should open their homes and spare beds according to him. Has he not read the news about the numbers of rapes? 

No, not all Muslims are terrorists but nearly all terrorists, are Muslims and as the event in St. Cloud, Minnesota shows, it lasts for generations and they have no gratefulness for the protection offered their parents and no desire to assimilate.

Our culture is at serious risk because we have failed as Catholics and Christians to maintain it. Now, it will be taken away by those who call us "infidels" or by a globalist regime that will stamp down on them and on the rest of us to maintain "order."

The first duty of the father of the house is to protect his family. The first duty of a government is to protect its people from external invasion and internal threats.

The globalists have created this upheaval in order to bring "order out of chaos" and you know well friends, from whence that phrase comes.

At the same time, we have a Pope who aids and abets them. either unwittingly because he is just too good hearted for our own good or intentionally because he is an ideologue.

I will give the Pope credit when he speaks of the international arms trade and the trading of humans as slaves and unethical people transporting people across dangerous waters. All of this is true. The answer is not to bring  them all to our shores. Our response should be to support Lebanon and Jordan, in particular, to manage the refugee problem there.

Immigration is one thing. An invasion is something quite different. My right to a safe and secure home and nation has priority over his ideology. It is not Christian to accept the annihilation of our nations. Our duty is to protect the vulnerable and that means creating safe zones for these migrants in their countries. It is not skin colour. It is culture; and religion and culture are intertwined.

I chose that word "annihilation" intentionally. Our Church leaders failed Our Blessed Mother and they have failed us.


Kathleen1031 said...

I can't imagine what it will take for political leaders and many Democrats to "get it". There are far too many still wedded to the idea that anything less than allowing every Muslim into our nations is bigotry. Obama has already put many in our nation and he is going to try to get even with his detractors by making this a main focus in his waning months. Hillary Clinton has already promised to continue it. This is madness! Sheer madness. There is no reason to do this except that George Soros has so much money he is lining the pockets of people who can say yes or no and how many. This evil man is running things, he and his billionaire friends have purchased the Vatican, the US government, and surely European governments as well.
And there are Americans who do not yet understand the threat, but when their loved ones are victims, they will. Just like the hypocrite BLM activist who was robbed and then called for "more police", some people are so dense it must happen to them before they comprehend the reality. Americans really are dumber than we used to be, and it's going to cost us.
As far as our pope. I not only don't listen to him, I see anything he does or says as coming from the evil one. He has squandered his authority. He obviously cares not at all for Catholics in particular, Christians in general, or Christian culture. His words and actions are in opposition to our well-being and safety.
Lord, have mercy on us and help us. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Anonymous said...

Fine. Let radicals stay at the hotel where the pope has a floor.

JayBee said...

Vox, we should not get too political here, but so much of your statement resonates with Trump's foreign policy vision, let me just give one snippet from his speech:

"Let us resist the false song of globalism; the nation state remains the true basis of happiness, security and prosperity for a thriving society."

Justina said...

"Has he not read the news about the number of rapes?" Bergoglio is raping the Bride of Christ, the Church. What are tens of thousands of literal rapes, to a man like that?

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Vox for reminding us of another way Pope Francis fails in his job. This plain common sense escapes him. He misses the point that personal security is the #1 priority, i.e., a dead person can't be charitable.

Vox Cantoris said...

JayBee, Trump got it from me; and he's still too soft.

Anonymous said...

this post is spot on. Thank you for your clarity of speech is this muddled & confusing world.

Skay said...

Exactly Kathleen1031.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Bergoglio is an ideologue, he "eradicates" injustice and poverty in a top-down fashion, with catchy phrases (yes, I know about the 12 Muslim families he brought to Italy from Lesbos) and photo-ops with celebrities.
He doesn't ask, why these people (mostly young men, I think about 80%) do not stay in lands closer to them geographically and culturally. He doesn't address the issue of their inflamed men's parts that they complain about. They have needs, therefore they rape. This is their thinking. The little boy raped in a swimming pool bathroom area months ago was the victim of such a man, who went back to swimming, as though unaware of the crime committed. His claim was that he was overcome by need.

Betgoglio doesn't ask these basic questions, because, like Soros, he wants a great global transformation. No nation states, diversity of appearance coupled with unity of ideology, one god, one monetary system, one global government - one dispensing justice.

I am a Pole. John Paul II is worshipped in my land of birth. Only after coming to Canada, years later, thanks to the Internet, I learned that JPII was of similar school of thought. This has been long in the making, and we have arrived.

We should remember that (as I often stress) they got hold of the children globally. People who reason like us are of a certain age, and we are not many. The indoctrination with globalism, the shaming of national pride, the attack on "Western cultural colonialism" which means Christianity (Bergoglio denounced the Church missionary goals, and equated them with the goals and methods of ISIS) is now a flood we can not stop. Our children and grandchildren can no longer be protected.

Anonymous said...

But of course our best defense against terrorism is to make people who are illiterate, never learned math, and have been assured that western women are insatiable whores feel welcome! Surely, we can resettle them, find them jobs, surely, they will integrate and we'll all gather 'round the campfire, holding hands and singing Kumbaya! Our Lord and saviour Big broth-I mean-Jorge Bergoglio would *NEVER* do anything to damage the well-being of Catholics, would he? And likewise, up is down, black is white, freedom is slavery, war is peace.

Who are you going to believe? Your lying eyes, Big broth- I mean, Jorge Bergoglio?

Okay, so I'm getting REALLY snarky with his nonsense. I'm thinking Cardinal Burke's rosary crusade should have been directed to shortening the reign of this gaslighting jerk. But what do I know? Domine Deus Iesus Christe, miserere nobis.

Michael Dowd said...

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas:

To effect the Soros, Bergoglio, Vatican II plan will require murder on a massive scale to make the masses conform to this monstrous abnormality of forcing a common culture and religion. While most Catholics would probably go along with it, I doubt you would find such subservience among the Muslims. For that we can give them credit.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...


Leaders hate you, you annoying racists.

The politicians are electing a new people and the politicians want you to shut up and then die.

But, many of you refuse to shut-up and die and so the coming racial wars - there will be war - in the west will be blamed on you bad whites not the good whites who created the conditions for war with massive immigration of unassimiables

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Michael Dowd

I fear that the orchestrated flood of Muslims over the West, and the stress politicians (including Bergoglio) put on the idea of Islam being a religion of respect for women and peace (some progressives, rape victims feel guilty for contributing or causing the rape) are aimed at branding all people of clear doctrines terrorists and dangerous extremists.

Bergoglio attacks doctrines, while US army trains that the most dangerous terrorism is that of fundamentalist Christians, patriots, pro-lifers, libertarians, gun owners. The expression "Muslim terrorism" is now forbidden in training manuals.

It could be that doctrinally pure Muslims are used to overthrow nation states and Christianity. On one hand Muslim fundamentalism is fed, on the other - Christian doctrine is deemed divisive and harmful, attacked and branded as extremism by the pope himself.

The populace is dumbed down beyond belief. Feminist lesbians of the kind that participates in slut walks and shouts their abortions, ally with Muslims who clad their women in tents, forbid them to drive, and toss sodomites off building roofs.

In the end they always kill - first open enemies, then - useful idiots. I am certain they itch to do it (just look at the millions or billions Soros spends on rioting, while Bergoglio calls for mess-making). They want the population down by billions.

Catholic doesn't mean rabbit. On the other hand, Muslims are needed to improve demographics in Europe. On the other hand, even the Dalia Lama says that Europe should not be Arabia. Mess we got. Bergoglio is really clever.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I should be more concise. I should have said, in the spirit of Bergoglio's NWO video:

I believe in love.

This is what these globalists want our children to repeat like a mantra. Couple it with obligatory sex-ed (where fornication is presented as human right) - here is your much awaited new world order.

Intellectual pursuit, the building up of virtue, intelligence and wisdom, all give way to an undefined luuuuuuve.

Those who are in the way, must be removed to the darkest corners of the universe, as the spiritual inspiration behind the UN, A. Bailey from Lucifer Trust had announced under the inspiration of demons known by New Age (including Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Bergolio's inspiration) as ascended masters.

Johnno said...

It's not about reality anymore.

It's about perception, optics and feelings.

This is why politicians behave the way they do.

A fine result of that secular system known as Democracy.

It's not about truth, it's about protecting your image and reputation in the eyes of the deluded dysfunctional masses.

Nothing new... St. Agustine was blasting the Roman Senators in his day because he knew they knew better but they still caved to the stupidity of the people.

Only this time it's a little different now. The Masses who see the Islamic aggression and experience it first hand know what's up and it's the politicians and senators who, stuck in their lavish lifestyles are completely out of touch with the people.

This is why mainstream media is dying alongside trust in government altogether. This is why Brexit happens, and why Donald Trump is popular despite the entire mechanism of statecraft working against him. This is why Russia and Vladimir Putin are also held in higher regard than those wannabe-women Obama and Trudeau.

Pope Francis, likewise claiming to know all about the sheep and their smell, is also grossly out of touch with the common Catholic sensibilities. He can't tell a goat from a sheep, and thus he caters to the wrong crowd. When the world is finally fed up and violent revolution occurs against government, the Pope and the Church will also be in the cross-hairs, because Pope Francis has associated himself and the Church with their programs and with their representatives.

With the Church's reputation in tatters, it really will be up to God alone to miraculously fix things.

Dan said...

I am sure my feelings have been hurt somewhere. Can I get reparations? I need "justice" in the form of a hand out!

Dan said...

I need my "safe space" and my blankey.

TLM said...

Vox- Hop over to 'The Remnant' and read the newest article by Elizabeth Yore. There is now CONCRETE CONFIRMATION that Francis is lap dog for George Soros, thus the reason for all the 'Muslim Love' Francis is shoving down our throats. It's all coming from Soros. UNBELIEVABLE! You have to read the article. Of course, it's all designed to rid the world of Christianity. That's the ultimate goal of these Diabolical globalist scum lords.

TLM said...

Here you go: www.remnantnewspaper.com

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bergoglio is a false Christian and an enemy of Christ and His bride, the Church. He also is an enemy of mankind and a masonic demon worshiper. How anyone will listen to this obviously malicious and evil man is a mystery to me. Indeed, it would seem to be the "Mystery of Iniquity" spoken of by Paul in 2 Thessalonians.

TLM said...

Anonymous......Or 'The False Prophet' of the Bible. I used to think people that speculated on that theory were a tad overreacting. With each passing day and each passing antic of his..........not so much anymore.