Sunday, 4 September 2016

Toronto Anglican Ordinariate parish moving today to Oratory Parish of St. Vincent de Paul - Divine Worship at 12:30 PM

It begins today at 12:30 P.M. - the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter Parish of St.Thomas More begins at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Toronto. 

Since the inception of the Ordinariate, St.Thomas More parish has been worshipping at Sacre Coeur parish in Toronto, a French-language, Dominican run affair, where they were relegated from a ridiculous 2:00PM to an intolerable 4:00PM Mass time. 

St. Vincent de Paul Parish is one of two under the administration of the Toronto Oratory of St. Philip Neri. Masses at St.Vincent de Paul on Sunday include the Traditional Latin Mass (Read) at 9:30AM (Solemn Mass is at Holy Family Parish at 11:00AM). The parish Sung Novus Ordo liturgy will move to 11:00 to facilitate the Ordinariate Mass.

While the Ordinariate Missal includes the new Lectionary, it also features the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, the Tridentine Missals Offertory and the Roman Canon for Sunday use. If there is any hope for the "Reform of the Reform," which this writer highly doubts, this Missal is the way forward. It marks time in the Sarum tradition, "After Trinity," and restores the Gesima Sundays. Mass is celebrated "ad orientem." 

Congratulations to all of those associated with St. Thomas More and the Oratory. This agreement provides an opportunity for the Ordinariate to flourish and ensures the longevity of St. Vincent de Paul parish.


Santa said...

"...Holy Communion is the Body and Blood of the Lord, by intinction." - No it's not, they use a common cup for the precious blood.

Vox Cantoris said...

Not anymore.

Anonymous said...

It is not related to this subject, but I want to put your attention to the protestant TV program "Jack Van Impe Presents", who is warning his brothers CATHOLICS, that we have long prophesied an evil pope who is destroying slowly our CHURCH... It is worthy to listen, because he uses Catholic sources to document that fact.

Jack Van Impe -- Pope Francis The False Prophet?

Vox Cantoris said...

Dr. Van Impe respected Pope John Paul II and loved Pope Benedict XVI. He spoke about them often. If he did, and believes Catholic prophecy, then why has he not become a Catholic?

If he accepts these prophecies enough to promote them, and therefore believes them, would that not lead him to conclude that the Catholic Church is truly, founded by Our Lord?

Ana Milan said...

It depends on location. In Spain it is not generally on offer under both species either by intinction or offering the cup separately. One chapel does offer the cup separately while most churches follow the usual pattern of Sacred Host only. The larger the attendance the less likely for it to be offered on account of the possibility of spillages. I have never received by intinction here but have done so out of Spain. Why can't the CC be Universal as its name implies?

Jim J. McCrea said...

The last time I attended a TLM was 18 years ago at that very Church. I will have the opportunity again where I am moving (John Henry Westen and Michael O'Brien's parish). At the TLM I could sense the supernatural in a way that I cannot at the NO.