Friday, 30 September 2016

The Bergoglian Mafiosi is taking vengeance

A few weeks ago, we were told by about the blowback to the 45 theologian and academics who wrote to the Cardinals of the Church seeking intervention on Amoris Laetitia. At that time, I proffered that Bergoglio's minions were settling the score. Here is more proof of what is happening. It turns out that Dr. Joseph Shaw, the original spokesman of the group, has become one of the Bergoglio mafia's victims.
Image result for joseph shaw latin mass"LifeSiteNews has gathered information – confirmed by several of the signatories, including the spokesperson, Dr. Joseph Shaw – that one signatory, who is well known internationally,  has lost his position as a director of academic affairs at a Pontifical university.
Another was threatened by his bishop that his academic sabbatical would be canceled, but he found another bishop willing to allow him to begin the process of incardination in his diocese.
Yet another has been forbidden to speak publicly about Amoris Laetitia, and another has been told to rescind his signature.
And a Cardinal put pressure on one of the signatories to withdraw his name.
Two clear conclusions can be drawn: first, many of the suffering parties are under pressure not by remote institutions but by high-ranking individuals in the hierarchy. Second, the scholars’ document has opened the discussion on a wide public field and given rise to similar demands by individuals and groups."

A price is to be paid by all of us who stand up for Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church and the Truth against these pathetic prelates and hangers on. When I meet him, I would rather say that I am sorry I was too harsh on this blog and beg His forgiveness. I would say that I did it out of love for Him and His Church. I shudder to have to explain to Him that I did nothing with the gifts he gave me, other than to bury them in the ground.

I have no doubt the 45 feel the same about not burying their talents.


Ana Milan said...

I feel it is time to name & shame the persecutors. What can be achieved by not elaborating on what has been happening? The Catholic public have a right to know. These signatories must NOT be punished for requesting clarification of AL. If this Papacy is making heretical statements which go against the Magisterium & Deposit of Faith (as most of us deem it to be doing) then we must be told about it from the top. One Cardinal saying AL is of no consequence & we can ignore it while another says the opposite is not giving clear & unequivocal teaching which the CC is bound to give & has done up to this time.

On no account should anyone lose their livelihoods because they have the good-heartedness to question this new pastoral document which seeks to change Catholic Doctrine by the back door. Do these NWO Cardinals & Bishops take us all for idiots? No one is obliged to sin in order to keep their jobs & if that is what is now being demanded those making such demands will have to be publicly denounced by name & rank.

I hope the signatories will wear this persecution like the badge of honour it is and not be cowed by it. They must collectively speak up - the public are listening.

Luciano said...

Blogger Ana Milan said..." Do these NWO Cardinals & Bishops take us all for idiots?" MY ANSWER IS YES!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

The people who have said nothing until now, will not suddenly change their mind. They will not start speaking up.

When younger, I was always shocked and devastated, when I saw virtue punished and cowardice rewarded. Now I expect it. This is the meaning of the Cross. It is what Jesus told us would happen to those who follow Him.

Love for truth and love for popularity can never be united. They are always at war, as truth and lie are.

Dan said...

Perhaps those around the p*pe keep quiet because they don't wish their positions endangered. Cowards.

John said...

We only need a single bishop or cardinal to stand up and demand a retraction. A single one.

Kathleen1031 said...

Ana Milan, I am with you. I hope the people who are receiving any kind of persecution worth mentioning speak up and let us know who is threatening them and how. Not many things make me actually angry, but I admit, that would. We are out here swinging in the wind, virtually alone, while they have all the power and control, and they are going to harass someone who finally stands up and represents US, by benignly asking for clarification? That would be, in my humble opinion, a bridge too far. It would provide some real incentive for a movement.
Careful, little men, how far you go.

Anonymous said...

Jorge Bergoglio: Filthy Pig and Lustful Spawn of Satan


Anonymous said...

The liberals are not very fond of" Dialogue"when it does does not suit their agenda.

Dan said...

"The liberals are not very fond of" Dialogue"when it does does not suit their agenda."

Correct! However they will "accompany" you to the door.

Anonymous said...

John Paul II and Benedict XVI also silenced dissenting voices. As it was in the beginning, is now and will be forever...

Vox Cantoris said...

Voices dissenting from the Faith.

Francis is not the Faith.

That IS the difference.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I join the call for the signers to advise who is threatening them. They accrue no virtue by remaining silent on the matter; rather, they embolden the unscrupulous to target others (us?).
Vox, recall your own situation with Fr Rosica. Only when "the light was shown on cockroaches" did they flee.