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A corporal work of mercy.
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Thursday 8 September 2016

Are Bergoglio's minions settling the score with the 45?

Father Ray Blake thinks something's up too!

"Intimidation can work on several levels from the Mafia boss who sends messages saying, "I know where you live", to someone threatening to deprive someone of their living or home, all too easy in the Church. It is especially worrying when the downright heretical are give free range and those who defend what has always, and everywhere and at all times been held as being the Catholic faith are treated with violence."

Father Hunwicke writes:

"Not long ago, as is well known, a group of 45 scholars, teachers, and pastors, wrote a Letter. (I emphasise that these people came from a wide variety of countries throughout the world: I emphasise this because I do not want what I am about to say to be narrowly construed as a criticism of any members of the English Church.) The Letter was addressed to each member of the Sacred College of Cardinals respectfully asking them to beg the Holy Father graciously to consider the clarification of certain parts of Amoris laetitia which have proved to be dangerously ambiguous. Cardinals, I think, count as Sacred Shepherds. This was a private letter (although its contents have unfortunately become public). Even if it had been a public letter, I do not see how it could have failed to enjoy the protection of Canon 212.
 Dr Javier Hervada, sometime Professor of Canon Law at Navarra, comments on Canon 212: "The right of free speech and public opinion within the Church is acknowledged. Science, skill, and prestige are required to exercise the right justly or to give the corresponding moral obligation greater or less force. The basis of this right does not reside in these prerequisites but in the condition of being one of the faithful".
 In the fourth year of this current pontificate, it is appropriate also to mention the insistently repeated calls of the Holy Father Pope Francis himself for Parrhesia [bold and free speaking] in the Church.
 With regard to the paragraph which now follows below, I would like to make it very clear that I am not talking about myself or in any way describing or alluding to my own situation or any experience I have had.
 Intimidation and cruel pressures have, it appears, been applied to persuade some of the signatories to the Letter to rescind their signatures."

Go ahead boys. Take your best shot at these 45.

It will be your downfall.


TLM said...

Yes, I read this on Fr.'s site. According to Bishop Fellay, the number of Cardinals and Bishops against this modernism is growing. In hopes that the ongoing courage of these 45 will bolster the courage of many others. Our Lady of Fatima pray for us!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this from Father Hunwicke's site. I have also put a comment about what Fr. Hunwicke wrote on a number of blogs.

Is there anyway, other than prayer that faithful pewsitter Catholics can help?

Ana Milan said...

Amazing that such learned academics could be persuaded to rescind their signatures from such a forthright & necessary petition which only asked for clarification on a most confusing & obscure Binding Document. If there was blackmail attached via losing their livelihoods then this should be made public straightaway. Intimidation of any kind coming from the Pope or Hierarchy will certainly be ruinous for them.

There is great dissatisfaction among both the clergy & laity with AL & its footnotes, together with the novel teaching of PF that contradicts the Gospels & Ten Commandments - there is no Catholic God, everyone can get to Heaven even Atheists & Infidels, Hell doesn't exist as that would be contrary to the Gospels etc. etc. This gobbledegook must stop. The Islamisation of Europe must be reversed & those healthy young migrant men sent back to their original countries. The detestable crimes they have carried out must be severely condemned by the Pope & punished by the civl authorities of the countries whose people suffered from them. PF must stop preaching that they worship the same God as Christians while their Chief Imam upholds jihad & the beheading of anyone who refuses to convert to Islam. His silence on Fr. Hamel's beheading while saying Holy Mass & taking Muslims back to Rome leaving Christians behind in Lesbos is NOT acceptable to the world's Catholic/Christian community.

The only way the laity can support these academics & the many other petitions we have all signed is to follow-up by personal letters covering all our concerns with the way Christ's Church has been defiled by these unworthy & un-Catholic Bishops, Cardinals & Popes we have had to endure since Vatican II. Do they honestly not think we know they are all Marxist/Masonic/Modernists who have been bought by George Soros (Schwartz) & his climate change empire? Also, Catholic media need to start listing the blasphemies & heresies attached to each of the Pontificates since VII & hand deliver the full comm. boxes of replies to the offices of the relevant Apostolic Nuncios getting the appropriate signature of receipt.

I have myself written to PF nineteen months ago with much back-up correspondence about the state of the CC in Malaga but have still to receive a reply (LOL). I have recently written to Cardinal Burke in response to his recent interview but I don't expect to hear back for another couple of weeks. I have also written to Cardinal Cañizares & the Vicar General of Getafe District of Madrid supporting them in their out-spokeness against the LGBT Agenda & school curriculum which is directly against the family. I believe we must make our voices & our concerns heard in the places where they need to be, i.e. our Nuncios, Dioceses & Rome. I must have been red-boxed by quite a number of these recipients but I don't care. It is our duty to speak for the sake of our families & their families.

Anonymous said...

God strengthen and protect those *45* against the enemies of Christ within his mystical body on earth. The signatories represent *45* times thousands and thousands of lay Catholics that have had enough of C Jorge and his gang of deceivers.

Kathleen1031 said...

It seems the natural culmination of their own bloated, tyrannical egos, that sooner or later, despots reach a point of diminishing returns. Despots downfall is they are lack subtlety. This is a good thing for the rest of us.
Our Lady of Fatima, please help this effort bear great fruit.

TLM said...

geneticallycatholic: I was wondering the same. Would be nice if there were a way to sign a letter of encouragement and support and get it to these courageous soldiers of Christ. Somehow we need to let them know we are behind them 100%.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Vox and/or TLM, I'm not familiar with Father's writings. What is the original link? Thanks.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

Jorge Bergoglio, the Barack Obama of the Catholic Church.

Vox Cantoris said...

RestoreDC, click on "writes," for the link.

Mark Thomas said...

I appreciate very much the following from Father Hunwicke in regard to the letter from the 45:

"In the fourth year of this current pontificate, it is appropriate also to mention the insistently repeated calls of the Holy Father Pope Francis himself for Parrhesia [bold and free speaking] in the Church.

"I have not always agreed with everything this Holy Father has said and done. But I very much doubt whether he is complicit in this."

Great comments by Father Hunwicke about His Holiness Pope Francis. Our holy Pope has been known to praise fierce critics of his as with true humility, he has accepted their critical comments.

-- Pope Francis thanks two conservative Catholics for their criticisms:


Bishop Fellay expressed his concers with Amoris Laetitia. He labeled Pope Francis "a genuine modernist."

In turn, the Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis, has praised Bishop Fellay and recognizes him (as well as the SSPX) as a genuine Catholic.

Pope Francis said of his critic, Bishop Fellay: "Bishop Fellay is a man with whom one can dialogue." Pope Francis labeled the SSPX as "Catholic" and added that they "love the Church."

Pope Francis is a peacemaker. Blessed are the peacemakers. He has displayed great humility and willingness to accept criticisms that have been leveled against him. He has called for and supported open and of frank discussion within the Church.

Therefore, attacks against some of the "45" are contrary to the manner in which Pope Francis gas governed the Church. Such attacks defy the openness within the Church that Pope Francis has established.

A Catholic has the right to express in respectful our concerns to Pope Francis in respectful fashion.

Conversely, Pope Francis is the Supreme Teacher of the Faith. During each Divine Liturgy that we offer, the People of God testify, via our commemoration of him, that Pope Francis is orthodox.

Therefore, Pope Francis has the right, should he choose, to inform the "45" that Amoris Laetitia is orthodox. Again, during the celebration of the Sacred Mysteries, God's holy priests and children testify that Pope Francis is the orthodox guardian of the True Faith.

Father Hunwicke is one such holy priest who testifies regularly to Pope Francis' orthodoxy.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

If there were a very serious petition seeking the ouster of this malcontent, which had traction and gravitas, I would be honored to sign it.


Bergoglio, a peacemaker? Jesus came to divide.....hmmm, guess you are correct.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

We don't even know, what they were threatened with.
When targeted by a totalitarian regime, as in "Gulag Archipelago", one must prepare for death or worse.
I pray their families will be left alone.

What we are dealing with here is pure evil. I am sure the readers know the latest from Jerusalem, where false unity of Christ deniers with Christians is about to be celebrated. A high priest was elected first time in two thousand years, and parts of the third temple are ready for animal sacrifices.

Bergoglio is pushing "forward" very hard, and resistance will not be tolerated.
I listened to a Polish priest yesterday, who said: Our Lord Jesus Christ was handed over by the priests to the reluctant Romans. Now The Mystical Body of Christ is being handed over by the highest priest to the paganised world, all in the name of mercy.

Bergoglio wants us devoured. I know this, because I listen to what he is saying about true believers in Christ.

I mentioned "Gulag Archipelago". Anyone foolish enough or dishonest enough would find a wealth of evidence in all the noble writings of Marxists and communists that they were holy people with the purest intentions.

TLM said...

Restore DC Catholicism: There is a link very close to the bottom of the post by Vox. It will take you directly to Fr.'s blog about the situation.

M. Prodigal said...

The time of the modernists has not been short enough.

Johnno said...

So I take it Mark Thomas now admits that Amoris Laetitia is heresy laced with errors worthy of correction? After all he's now saying that Pope Francis happily accepts criticism, for a Soros-written document whose footnotes he claims not to remember anything about.

But proof's in the pudding. Francis can talk a good humble talk, but uses the teeth of a wolf in his actions. And his actions, while Mark Thomas is distracted by the pretty light of the Angler Fish, is to eliminate all opposition to his intentional heresy and abuse of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Francis' 'peacemaking' like the peace-making of the USA State Department, is not the sort of deal you want to sign on to! More War and Persecution and Division will be the result of Francis' dealmaking. And Mark Thomas might as well tell us how much peacemaking and togetherness Obama has brought to America for all it's worth.

Ana Milan said...

As it is almost two months since this letter was delivered to every member of the Sacred College of Cardinals, I am sure the signees would have expected to have received a response by now. If this doesn't happen very soon, a stronger letter with even more signatures should wend its way in the same direction but this time the full contents made public at the outset. A copy also should be published in every Italian & Argentinian newspaper so that those closest to PF will be made fully aware of its importance.

'Those who should speak will fall silent' - Our lady of Quito. How can men who have attained such high office within the CC fail to understand they are being complicit with Satan by their silence. It has nothing whatsoever to do with obedience to the Pontiff when that person is, at best, questionably elected to the Seat of Peter.

Failure to speak out against evil is a failure to obey God. Many people know who the main culprits are here but because of personal threats do nothing to protect the sheep who mainly are unaware of the full situation & are not being cared for by their Bishops & priests. If they won't speak they should act by transferring over to the SSPX now, straightaway, no longer putting that decision on the long finger. God & Our Lady are awaiting their response, as are we the laity.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

We Do have very clear answers to our questions, and they come from the most trustworthy source.

From Galatians:

But even if we ourselves or an angel from heaven preaches to you a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let God's curse be on him.

From 2 Timothy:

1 Before God and before Christ Jesus who is to be judge of the living and the dead, I charge you, in the name of his appearing and of his kingdom:

2 proclaim the message and, welcome or unwelcome, insist on it. Refute falsehood, correct error, give encouragement -- but do all with patience and with care to instruct.

3 The time is sure to come when people will not accept sound teaching, but their ears will be itching for anything new and they will collect themselves a whole series of teachers according to their own tastes;

4 and then they will shut their ears to the truth and will turn to myths.

5 But you must keep steady all the time; put up with suffering; do the work of preaching the gospel; fulfil the service asked of you.

My comment: Let God's curse be on him? - This sounds so harsh to an ear tickled by modernists with unending pleasantries, flatteries (god made you this way, you special innocent little snowflake) and encouragements! Does it fit into the religion of modernism, of accompaniment in sin (when a sinner commits offences against God while playing Satan's tune, the modernist church assist with piano accompaniment)? - No, it does not. The liars push on us their (distorted and nauseating) mercy, that curses not. Bergoglio leads the way.

We should never trust unrepentant liars. We all know Bergoglio knows the Word of God, and we all know he doesn't care to obey it, when it interferes with his opinions and agendas (like creating peace and justice via compromises with the enemies of Jesus Christ and worshippers of false gods), when his precious infallible "internal forum" rejects it.

Peter Lamb said...

I'm just being frank. I read both Fr. Hunwicke and Fr. Blake. I was forcefully struck by how petrified these men are to voice too much criticism for fear of retribution from their NWO superiors.
Fr. Hunwicke:
i. Emphasises canon 212 permitting clergy and laity to speak as his introduction.
ii. "I emphasise that these people came from a wide variety of countries throughout the world: I emphasise this because I do not want what I am about to say to be narrowly construed as a criticism of any members of the English Church."
iii. He emphasises canon 212 AGAIN and also the Holy Father's love of parrhesis. Now his back is covered and he may dare to speak.
iv. "With regard to the paragraph which now follows below, I would like to make it very clear that I am not talking about myself or in any way describing or alluding to my own situation or any experience I have had." He's istancing himself again from any personal involvement. Belt and braces! Now he says what he wants to say about pressure and intimidation, but quickly adds "But I very much doubt whether he [HH] is complicit in this." Other bad guys, but definitely not HH!
v. "I shall not entertain any comments or queries on this distressing subject, now or at any later time." Then why write about it? The poor man is petrified!

Fr. Blake:
i. Introduction: canon 212 again.
ii. "... asking for clarification of certain aspects of the OTHERWISE BEAUTIFUL Amoris Laetitia."
iii. "It is especially worrying when THE DOWNRIGHT HERETICAL are give free range and those who defend what has always, and everywhere and at all times been held as being the Catholic faith are treated with violence. This is not mercy, this is violence in action, SO VERY MUCH AT ODDS WITH THE DOCTRINE OF OUR HOLY FATHER."
It's other bad guys - not our Holy Father! Trouble is, our "Holy Father" is the leader of the gang!!!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Peter Lamb

People are terrified to become like protestants, or like You - a person who registers and opposes manipulations, inconsistencies and lies.

There is a reason Bergoglio and his pack have suddenly discovered the genius of Luther. Many reasons. The first one is that Luther made some valid points.

The pack is using Luther's valid points and some questionable chapters of Church history to deny the Word of God, to de-construct it and manipulate it according to their desires (some of deviant sexual nature) and conceptions of progress. If Luther (I stress the IF) desired to be more faithful to the Word of God, at the expense of calling on the Church to be more pure and faithful, these anti-Christ minded servants of Satan consider it simply a narrative calling for modernisation through more impurity and unfaithfulness.

As Tony Palmer, Bergoglio's Anglican/emergent church/Celtic-pagan friend/"bishop"/ambassador proclaimed, "the protest is over". The universal church is so inclusive now, anything will do, as long as you pay homage to Bergoglio and his world peace project. If you are an atheist, not even this is a requirement.

The only thing forbidden is to be a thinking person, to whom the evil plan veiled in mercy and justice talk is all too transparent.

All of us who love God should abandon the fear of not being united with these people.

Anonymous said...

@Paul Morphy here :

In the absence of any formal petition, I urge lay catholics to kick up a stink with their local bishop to let him know that they (the laity) support the call made by the *45*.
I urge the laity to right to the cardinal of their territory, and write to the Vatican also.

It is up to the Laity to come out forcefully in support of those clergy who remain faithful.
It is up to the Laity to come out forcefully against those clergy - priest, bishops, cardinals and popes - who are heretics.

This is our time as members of the laity to stand up and to be really counted. Bring the fight to them. Let them know that you know. Literally, give 'em hell.

Eirene said...

I happen to know one of the signatories to this "private" letter. A more devout and saintly Roman Catholic would be hard to find. As well as an academic. He would never have signed anything unless it was genuinely orthodox and according to his conscience. So put that in your pipe and smoke it Mark Thomas. Your consistent refusal to see past the nose on your face has become incredibly boring and causes others (like myself) to stumble in charity as we scroll up and up through your comments which all say the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Just how far are they prepared to go to accomplish their goals.Fr Luigi Villa was given a mandate to unmask freemasonry in the Church ,he survived seven assassination attempts. http://www.catholictradition.org/Papacy/papacy-expose.htm

Ana Milan said...

As one who has survived much persecution from the Russian Mafia including an attempt on my life, (they have left, I'm still in situ) I have to say that we must be prepared to go the whole hog when taking on such malice from whatever quarter it comes from. God was on my side and that is why I won & they didn't. It is as simple as that. If God supports you there is nothing to be afraid of only fear itself. If we don't act for Christ we act against Him, there is nothing in-between. He Himself said we must be either for Him or against Him. Those members of the Hierarchy whom Bishop Fellay said are sympathetic towards the SSPX must now come out fro behind their screens & support the 45 signees. They will be held accountable not only by the laity but by God Himself if they don't. Satan MUST be exposed. We've all had enough & they can't take us all prisoners.