Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Member of Parliament as "theologian." - This is the fault of her priests and bishops who failed to teach the faith!

The saga of Catholics in politics voting for abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage (so-called) and other issues against the Faith is very familiar to my readers in Canada, the United States of America and in Europe and really, throughout the broader "Christian" world. 

One of the saddest examples is in the United States with Nancy Pelosi, particularly when she opines on theology from Doctors such as Saints Augustine or Thomas Aquinas. Alas, we now have the same example here in Canada of a politician using warped theology and failed catechesis.

The post, one below, shows our good friend at Contra-Diction outside Holy Family Church in Whitby, Ontario, just east of Toronto in the same Archdiocese. He was protesting the fact that Celine Chavannes, a Liberal Member of Parliament, who aggressively supporting sodomitical "marriage," abortion and euthanasia receives Holy Communion there.  Now the banning of free speech and expression through the use of graphic imagery showing abortion, is on her agenda.

The Pastor, Father Nagy, went so far as to call the Durham Regional Police who harassed our good friend, notwithstanding his Charter Rights and the fact that he fully intended to stop before Holy Mass at 12:30.

Member of Parliament Celine, Cesare Chavannes has tweeted out her response:

Two months ago, I had a brief email exchange with Chavannes, explaining to her the facts of how her activist voting is in conflict with her Catholic faith and that by receiving Holy Communion, she is bringing "condemnation" upon herself. The goal then was to help her understand that her Catholic faith must come before her Parliamentary career. She is my Catholic sister and she is your Catholic sister.

But she is no, theologian!

Celina, you are wrong. On "judgement day" it will be you who will be asked by Our Lord Jesus Christ why you did not listen to the warning that you were given. You were given free will. Contra-Diction did not drive you out of the parish, you chose to leave because you could not stand to hear the truth. You did exactly what those did as recorded in John 6. Do you remember? They could not stand the teaching of Our Lord on the truth of eating His Body and drinking His Blood and they walked away. Just as you have done.

Celina, do not put Justin Trudeau, another badly-behaving Catholic, before Jesus Christ. 

That is what you have done.


Everyday For Life Canada said...

ContraDiction blogger has pointed out so well by example why the post-modern Church is in deep trouble: Fr. Nagy and the majority of the "faithful" are not at all interested in defending the faith (the Catechism) without compromise. They are mostly worried about the dismembered and intentionally murdered unborn babies as to the effect on children of the harmless image of the crime. This has become our faith today when it comes to life issues: it's mostly image management with little or no substance of truth and reason. Thank you ContraDiction for your powerful witness.

Dorota said...

The woman truly believes that she was wronged. I wonder if any parish priest there explained to her that she risked her eternal salvation through receiving holy communion while unrepentant for sin.

Of course, many today believe that the concept of sin is simply a remnant of an oppressive system. What is bad for you, is not necessary bad for me! Learn to perceive shades of grey, brainwashed simpletons!

How does she think children should be raised? At what age, if any, do we teach children that they have done something wrong? Who are we to judge? Do we correct them for mistakes on assignments in schools? Would that not constitute a brutal imposition of own convictions and values?