Friday, 8 January 2016

Where is the Crucifix George?

Why no crucifix?

In the holy rage that most of us felt with Jorge Bergoglio's scandalous, blasphemous and openly heretical action on the "Pope Video," there is something missing in the "Catholic" hand that we comment on yesterday. It is a Crucifix. 

The Baby Jesus is a benign image to these pagans and unbelievers. The Moslem's believe Jesus was born a baby, the Jews believe he was born a baby. This is sentimentalism and inoffensive. to them. The Muslims deny Jesus was crucified. The Jews were outraged when Pilate said, "Shall I crucify your King" responding, "we have no king but Cesare!"

The men that did this and called it Catholic; the bishops and other prelate and the Pope himself who participated in this, if they do not repent of this blasphemy, objectively speaking, they will go to Hell. They will be judged by Our Lord Jesus Christ, they have been tested and found wanting. They are vile, despicable, modernists and heretics. They have mocked Our Lord and His Church. They have betrayed the faithful. They have left Buddhists, Jews, Muslims and others in their darkness and they too will end up in Hell, unless they come into the Catholic Church. Those who left them in this, will suffer even more. 

Yes, Jews Muslims, Buddhists, Protestants, atheists, animists, Hindus and other assorted pagans will die and go to Hell because they are not baptised Catholics. If some of these are saved, it will be through the Church and by God's own will. We cannot know this to be certain and we cannot presume. What we know is what Our Lord said and what the Apostles taught.

The Catholic Church taught this too until a short time ago.

Jorge Bergoglio, recant this blasphemy and repent of the sin of scandal!

For the Jew, Muslim, Buddhist and others. This is who will save you!

Viva Christo Rey!


Brian said...


How much more sulphuric acid can Georgie-Boy (or is it Girl?) throw in our faces. Only the deafening silence of our bishops upsets me more. Imagine that, lay blogs such as this one have become the militia front line in defending our faith. Don't look to Rome. To paraphrase 1 Maccabbees: "And the Catholic world fell silent before the Modernist Spell of Vatican II.

Anonymous said...

But hey, they all believe in love. :)

Unknown said...

Indeed. Viva Cristo Rey! My Saviour. My Redeemer.

Anonymous said...

True love involves sacrifice The Crucifix represents Christ's sublime love for humanity .Greater love then this no man had .

Ana Milan said...

They believe in the love of secular satanism having cast aside the Holy Ghost at Vatican II and every papal election since. Our Pope & Hierarchy no longer display belief in the Triune Godhead but rather have embraced unity with pagans whom they have vowed not to evangelise in the erroneous belief that it is not necessary to do so. For what purpose, therefore, do they continue to occupy the high church positions they hold onto? If belief in God is to be categorised on a par with Atheism/Paganism etc. what is the point in supporting these prelates who are doing their best to destroy the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church?

Jim J. McCrea said...

When I complain to the Lord about the Pope, I get one simple message back: "pray for him!"

Osusanna said...

Love is on the cross.

Barona said...

They can still tolerate Baby Jesus - but the Crucified Lord of Glory - NO!

"And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all unto myself" St. John 12:32

Anonymous said...

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Perhaps in this instance God permits only so much sacrilege. 'Whore-gay' is an instrument of belial, less subtle than his VII comrades. If one is seeking the Bride of Christ, first of all acknowledge that we currently have no Pope, then look for Apostolic Succession that holds the True Faith and conforms to the True Magisterium and her Rites.

Keep the faith.

Peter Lamb said...

Well said Vox! You have spoken only Catholic truth.
"The men that did this and called it Catholic; the bishops and other prelate and the Pope himself who participated in this ... They are vile, despicable, modernists and heretics."
Saint Pius X told us that modernism is the synthesis of all heresies. Father Faber told us that there is no holiness where there is no hatred of heretics, so when you call them vile and despicable, you speak holy truth.
We know that heresy is a sin against Faith and that such a sin, unlike sins against Morals, severs one's membership of the Mystical Body of Christ, i.e. the Catholic Church.
This raises a question in my mind. Can a heretic be Pope formaliter?

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your kind words.

To answer your question on the matter of heresy severing them from their roles as bishops or even Pope, Rev. Anthony Cekada and the whole idea of Sedevacantism would state that it does and they base it on previous papal declarations and theological teaching. I would fall in their "Resist" or "Bad Dad analogy" department as I cannot subscribe to Sedevacantism.

It makes my head hurt to even try to sort out that one.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Vox,
Thank you for such a frank reply. Hope you have a great New Year. Often think of you when we are braaiing pap and wors. :)

Anonymous said...

Can you fix this posting? That is NOT a rosary. They are Muslim prayer beads, which, obviously, do not have a crucifix. I have spent a good deal of time in the Middle East. I only wish I saw Catholics publicly using their rosaries as often as I see Muslim's fingering their prayer beads.

Vox Cantoris said...

It is not a rosary, there is nothing to fix.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar thought about the menorah. That is not the symbol of Judaism, the Star of David is. Why a menorah (lying on its side!)? Could that be as "distasteful" as the crucifix?

The Star of David graces the flag of Israel, the birthplace of God's son, the Holy Land. The Star represents the noble Jewish lineage of Mary, Joseph and Christ our Lord. Sprung from God's chosen people. Hmm, too nationalistic and zionist and racist or something like that, eh?

Also, Israel is the staunchest and smartest opponent on the planet of islamic terrorism, which has now been hijacked from desert illiterates and used as a tool to destabilize society to enable socialism, gun grabs, police states, etc. Hence the Star of David is despised by lefties, solidarists, universalists, globalists, pacifists, co-existers, or whatever we are calling them today.

I mean the anti-Christian folks (including the Jesuits) who are systematically destroying the Faith and the advanced Civilization which sprung from that Faith, in favor of a world order that merges all nations and all religions.

Peter Lamb said...

Those anti - Christian folks who seek the New World Order and the Church of Man are called Judeo-Masons.

FLOR solitaria said...

@ Anonymous at 6:37

Yours is the most devious comment I have ever seen on this blog.

Anonymous said...