Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Ravasi's Tweet on Bowie

Gianfranco Ravasi is a curial Cardinal. Many of you know he has tweeted out about the death of a bisex addicted, drug-addicted, androgenous, anti-Christian rocker. I could care less for any of his music; even growing up in the 70's I couldn't stand his work. I thought he was grotesque and untalented. We should pray that the Lord has mercy on that poor afflicted soul who knew of Him, but did not know Him, unless it was in the last hours.

For a Catholic Cardinal, and one in the Vatican, to send out such a message, sends the wrong message. What kind of fools and idiots are these Roman prelates to lionise such a man?

Barona has an excellent take on this, "Santo Subito," according to the world.

However, I urge you to visit the page of Joseph Sciambra for a perspective that is profound, personal and must-reading by moral theologians and prelates such as the incompetent, Ravasi.

Given Sciambra or Ravasi, my bets are on Joseph for the one with more of a Catholic heart and mind.

Ravasi is quite the Tweeter; funny, I would have thought the world's greatest evil might be eucharistic sacrilege, abortion, genocide, infanticide, doctor-assisted-death, pornography, illegal drug trafficking, sodomy, murder, depriving just wages, rampant greed. Who knew that it was sadness?

What a hireling.


Barona said...

Another religious indifferentist, a man of the "world".... a pathetic man who reflects the decadence of Rome.

Anonymous said...

Does the Cardinal really want people to like David Bowie and watch his satanic videos, such as "Black Star"? If so, then the Cardinal is satanic.

Anonymous said...

Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the antichrist.
OL of La Salette It's here.

aged parent said...

It would be nice if the Church would start elevating to the Cardinalate people who have at least completed Kindergarten.

Anonymous said...

Ravasi is sort of the Wuerl of Italy, but a hundred times more. He is smooth, cultured, savvy, educated, connected, and shares the "new church" futuristic mindset of the Pope.

Ravasi has long been a shrewd and respected insider of the innermost circle of the Curia. (BTW, there is no "reform" of the curia, that is fodder for the media to distract people.)

Ravasi has been a serious contender for the papacy, supported by the strong contingent (but gradually dwindling) of Italian cardinals who wish to reinistate the Italian dominance. He may yet be pope, who knows?