Thursday, 7 January 2016

"The Pope's agonising dilemma" - all of his own making

This joyful Christmastide now breaks into Epiphanytide until a few short weeks to Purification coming just after the Gesimas begin, - or you can just call it, Ordinary Time.

Without setting all the beauty of this season aside, we cannot forget the horrendous attack on the Catholic Faith from her own hirelings in fine robes last October and the one before, a horror story that began in March of 2013 and ramped up in February of 2014 with the heretical propositions put forward by a heresiarch from Germany named Kasper.

We await the action of Pope Francis and the Apostolic Exhortation arising out of the Synod on the Family. We well remember the manipulations and machinations of Forte, Baldisseri and the gang under the watchful glare of the Bishop of Rome; the inane verbosity of Thomas Rosica, CSB, and the insulting, degrading and puerile stamping of the papal feet at its close.

As we have said before and will say it again, these men are out to change the doctrine of the Catholic Church on marriage, homosexuality and the discipline of the Faith and the Holy Eucharist is the tool they will use. We have only had a short retreat over Advent and Christmas from their insanity except for their heretical statement on the salvation of Jews and Jorge Bergoglio's idea that Jesus was a bad boy and needed scolding and to make reparation.

The Catholic Herald has an important article by Father Mark Drew, a priest in charge of the parish of Hornsea in Middelsborough Diocedse in Engliand, at least for now. Fr. Drew lists the four options that Francis has, as observed by John Allen of Crux. They are worth pondering.  
First, he can postpone the decision, saying that there needs to be more reflection and study on the matter.
 Second, he can give a clear yes. All the signs are that this would be the option he personally favours. Yet this course is fraught with difficulties, being potentially the last straw for conservative critics whose resentment is already simmering dangerously and whose open rebellion he must want to avoid. It would, moreover, be an unprecedented break with former teaching which would essentially redefine the nature of the papal Magisterium by making it clear that what has in the past been presented as binding and irreformable teaching is in reality no more than a potentially shifting policy choice.
 A clear no, the third possibility, would disappoint and perhaps alienate many, such as Cardinal Walter Kasper, whom Francis has encouraged and whose support in return is important to him.
 The fourth and final option is to leave the ambiguity unresolved and, in effect, leave it to local bishops to choose the interpretation which suits them. The huge implications of such regional variation for the unity of the Church hardly need underlining.
Francis has created a disaster for himself and for all of us. If he comes down on the side of the Magisterium then there will be a falling away of many, perhaps even a formal schism. If he goes with the radicals such as Kasper, there won't be a schism because we know better, but there will be all out war on him and those others who undertook such a calamity.If he devolves the power to decide, he will have set in motion a congregationalist church which is not Catholic. 

Praying for the Pope to do the right thing goes without saying. Confronting him directly by Bishops and Cardinals who are prepared to be Shepherds, not hirelings, is paramount as are the voices of the faithful on forums such as blogs.

This is a disaster of his own doing. Jorge Bergoglio is proving to be the "authoritarian" of his Jesuit Superior past. He has really not changed. He is a Peronist, something he learnt in the perpetually failed-state of Argentina - a land blessed by God with Faith and resources and climate and which has been a land of corruption in Church and State.

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Barona said...

Sadly, all the signs are that he is going to go for Option 4. It will be downloaded to the local Ordinary, just as Spadaro S.J., and Cottier discussed a few months ago in La Civilta Cattolica. They felt confident that they would be able to convince Catholics that doctrine has not changed. I think this is the linchpin. They will push as far as they can. The only pushback, breaking action is coming from independent Catholic sources: blogs, and start up news agencies (which are completely divested of financial apron strings). That is why they fear and hate the Catholic blogosphere. Diocesan newspapers are out, blogs are in. Blogs such as, Vox Cantoris, has done an end run around the Modernists and they are in disarray and confusion, not knowing how to react.

As such, for the Modernists this is also the best "political" option. It keeps the door of sin open, while muddying the issues by trying to shift it away (deceitfully) from Rome and into the local diocese. Cardinal Muller calls it a "great Christological heresy".

However, we must pray and sacrifice that the Pope make the correct decision and back off from heresy. But, if he commits to this heresy, he must be charitably, but firmly denounced.

Murray said...

The Herald article is excellent, as is your commentary. Faithful Catholics need to keep in mind that none of this--none of it--needed to happen. There was no grassroots movement agitating for the admission of adulterers to the sacraments. No-one had the issue on their radar, except for a few malcontents in the hierarchy, and had they been informed at the outset that their question had already been asked and answered by the Magisterium in no uncertain terms, we would have heard no more about it. Instead, the Holy Father himself raised the question in 2013, and ever since then has pushed it forward at every opportunity, using all the means available to his office. This war in the Church is entirely of Francis's choosing, and he alone bears responsibility for the consequences, however dire.

Barbara Jensen said...

I have this to say. In former disturbances in the Catholic Church the center from Rome held firm on orthodox doctrine. We have something different now. The present pontiff is not just stubbornly holding numerous heterodox positions, he is working within a well-formed network of errant ecclesiastics to destroy the Church. Deitrich von Hildebrand states that the 'Church' is wherever. even two people, hold to the fullness of the Faith. Rome is now so corrupted that Cardinal Sarah recently stated 'One can no longer trust what one hears coming out of Rome.' It is quite possible that the Catholic Church will go underground with its eternal structure co-opted by evil.. Our obedience is to the fullness of the Faith. Bergoglio is just getting started. it is quite possible-even probable- that he will tamper with doctrine around the Holy Eucharist. These horrors are to come. If it comes to that, one must follow our God to where His true Church is--underground.

raphaelheals said...

Just as the Muslim world will take the world by stealth, I believe option number 4 will be taken so that the modernists can take the church by stealth. Oh no we are not changing doctrine we are simply changing pastoral practice! This will allow unfaithful priests to promote all the 'changes and sacrileges within the 'internal forum.' (Confession)
What a hot mess this will be!!! Can you imagine the position this will put faithful priests in?

John the Mad said...

This is an unfolding disaster for the Catholic Church. I agree with the commentators above that Pope Francis will devolve decision making to national bishops conference, thereby fragmenting the Catholic Church into national doctrinal fiefdoms - as has happened in the Anglican communion. As I recall, the first of the "notes" of the true church was that it be "one."