Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The last work of the pathetic and spiritually dead and now literally dead cultural icon praised by priest and prelate and L'Osservatore Romano and Father Rutler's take on it

Catholics must revolt against Ravasi, O'sservatore Romano and the twittering clerics for their praise of this man and the sick culture so personified by this poor soul. How dare they disgrace the Holy Church of Christ in a sycophantic, satanic and disgusting pandering for the world to think it relevant. These men are malefactors and we cannot hammer them enough for their outright idiocy.

Look at the last few days of this pathetic creature. Oh, how he could have made peace with God and become a tool for evangelization to his fans who built a false messiah of this sexual deviant and drug-poisoned mind that walked around in that ugly body. 

Father George W. Rutler's take on this is at Crisis Magazine. It's worth a read.

This, is the kind of mockery of Our Lord Jesus Christ that the clericalist Tweeters such as Ravasi, Rosica, Martin and the rest of their ilk, laud when they applaud the artistry of this deviant.

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13 January 2016 | by Gianfranco Ravasi

Iconic music legend was on a never ending quest to define his own spirituality

David Bowie: how the man who sold the world never stopped searching for God
Tributes to David Bowie who died on Sunday have highlighted the power of his songs, his originality and his creativity. Here a leading Roman cardinal, Gianfranco Ravasi, finds evidence also of a struggle with faith. 
My memory of David Bowie arises from an effort I made long ago to uncover his secret and implicit spirituality. This was always in the background, always a preoccupation for him. Yet few realised this when he was recording Station to Station, released in 1977. In an album that reflected his darkest years Bowie, who five years previously in one of his lyrics had entrusted salvation to aliens, dedicated himself to the Stations of the Cross.
Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi is president of the Pontifical Council for Culture.


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Ana Milan said...

Bravo Fr. Rutler. At last someone with clarity of mind prepared to tell the truth about demonic celebrities and the effect they have on young minds in particular. There are so many of them you could fill a book. The recent Paris attacks are symptomatic of satanic lyrics which pervade the pop music industry that wilfully targets the young.

Perhaps he could also express our disgust about the acceptance of homosexual culture within the CC by the Vatican and their failure to denounce it. Cardinal Müller should be censuring these prelates. His silence is viewed as giving credence to such behaviour which adds to the detrimental effect it has on the public. It is a scandal the way the CDF treats traditional orders who are trying to uphold Tradition, while letting such deviant Cardinals, Bishops, Monsignors, etc. off the hook. We need to be told his reasons for doing so.

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Barona said...

Damage control by Ravasi. Even an idiot can see that Bowie's album mixes a perverted concept of Christianity with gnosticism and Occultism. But these disgusting churchmen, rather than admit they are wrong, persist in lying and spreading poison. These men are apostates. Have they read the Scriptures? Have they read St. John? Time and again the saint excoriates those who deny Jesus Christ came in the Flesh!

By their fruits ye shall know them. Bowie's "fruits" were very dark and sinister indeed. The world shows him "gratitude" (yes, Thomas Rosica, you are actually right), but this world is caught up in the flesh and the devil. It is because the "world" is of the "flesh and the devil" that it shows such gratitude. This, Rosica failed to mention.
To the end, Bowie remained in the occult. His final album is evidence of this. His death is a great tragedy. These churchmen, if they should anything in public, should be praying for him. Yet, they praise him. How the devil must be laughing.