Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Thomas Rosica is grateful for regularity

Sometimes, I don't need to write a thing, it just writes itself.

As for the Holy Family, well; 


Anonymous said...

Notice how he says "the world" followed by "us".
In his demented mind, the world and the Church are one.
He should be defrocked.

Ana Milan said...

Should be defrocked, as indeed practically the whole of the Hierarchy, but won't be. Besides, the CC shouldn't need David Bowie (or any other rock star) to remind them of those on the peripheries of life. What a clown!

Barona said...

What peripheries is Thomas Rosica referring to? What peripheral communities was David Bowie involved with? The only peripheral groups that Pope Francis has spoken of are the poor and the down trodden. From what I have read, Bowie did not associate with the type of people that Mother Teresa did.

Anonymous said...

Rosica = nausea.

Anonymous said...

Father Timothy Radcliffe Featured Speaker at 51st International Eucharist Congress http://www.cfnews.org/page88/files/cb9a8fda138a50b14fdbe14db9062791-522.html