Tuesday, 26 January 2016

What's up in West Palm Beach? Catholic priests defending priestly morality persecuted and threatened? Do we have enough millstones?

What is going on in West Palm Beach, Florida?



Lest anyone think this is new...




The Bishop is Gerald M. Barbarito.

So what's up in West Palm Beach?

Maybe Michael Voris is right, eh? 

Half of them, are sodomites!


Maudie N Mandeville said...

"Pope Francis speaks of ridding our church of the crimes of sexual abuse and being open and honest about doing it. I haven't seen that in Pope Francis's Church yet."----Pretty much sums it up.

Anonymous said...

How long before Michael V shines a Spotlight on sunny Florida?

Anonymous said...

Get these wretched limp wristed sodomites out of God's church. These filthy beasts should be lashed within an inch of their lives. Please God, cleanse Your church of these demons.

Fr. Tim Moyle said...

I had the opportunity to concelebrate a Sunday mass in this Diocese. The experience left me chilled. The homilest offered a message that lifted up those afflicted with HIV-AIDS as deserving of the richest bounty in face of the 'discrimination' and 'prejudice' they faced from people unwilling to accept the legitimacy of their lifestyle. His compatriot clergy greeted people as they left mass with a puppet monkey offering them 'hugs and kisses'. Suffice it to say there wasn't enough testosterone between the two of them to light a match! I never returned to that parish again on any subsequent visits to the area, choosing instead to celebrate a private mass instead. I am not surprised that this poor brethren has been frozen out. Saddened... But not surprised.

Barona said...

This must surely be another case of a malefactor Judas-sodomite bishop, Thank-you Vox for alerting us to this abominable evil.

Notice also how this demonic bishop paid off the boy's family! NO doubt they were being terrorized by the bishops' lawyers to settle (the bishop's pockets deep with the money stolen from the 1000s of widows he de facto has defrauded as a Judas bishop).

Dorota said...

Every case like this involves child victims. It involves priest without the fear of God (therefore, it seems clear, without faith) who spread their filth, unbelief and heresies around every day. It involves family members of victims, who are often intimidated by church officials. It involves good priests punished for doing what is right.
The rot in the Church is unbearable even just to a reader of your reports.

Thank you for making my life hard and almost unbearable at times. Good work.

May God bless you.

Anonymous said...

And the priests down here in Florida like everywhere have to beg for money for the Bishops appeal or whatever it's called. I don't give, nope, and exactly for stuff like this. I give a small amount to keep the lights and ac on and put some in the building fund but not giving to these bishops. Love most of the priests, they're great it's just the guys they have to work for pull stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

The Florida media have now turned on the whistleblower priest. While it's obvious that the priest is a bit of a jerk, the real story is homosexuality in the diocese, which the media will censor. The real story is all-pervasive modernism in the diocese.