Thursday, 7 January 2016

Jorge Bergoglio the Video Star - the Pope's pure, unadulterated, blasphemous syncretism, for all to see!

Who will stand up to Jorge Bergoglio for what he has written and said in the video below. One can sit down with those of other religions but one cannot do it without preaching that there is only one, true religion. Only one Faith that is ultimate truth, only one path to salvation. 

Who would dare equate Our Lord Jesus Christ come to Earth as a baby, the WORD MADE FLESH with a pagan such as the Buddha or the false religion of Mahomet. The Menorah, we can accept as an ancient symbol of our Faith, as Catholicism is Judaism fulfilled. The rest is a mockery, a blasphemy to equate them as equivalent to an image of the baby Jesus. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ commanded His Church to convert the world and preach the "good news" of salvation to all people. Through baptism by water and the Holy Spirit and by believing in Our Lord Jesus Christ  and following the teachings of the Church and a sacramental life. 

There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Period. Can those not baptised and living a life with the Sacraments be saved? That is up to God. not us. We cannot know of any who have been. It is simply not possible. Baptism of Desire or Blood are concepts, not scriptural and not doctrinal. If someone is saved by Desire or Blood or Ignorance, it is not because of their false religion or no religion, it is up to God. He is not bound by His Sacraments, we are. But, we cannot know of anyone being saved outside of the Catholic Church. To proffer this, is heresy. It is to call Our Blessed Lord a liar. It is to call the Jewish Apostles liars and fools.

Jorge Bergoglio, with this video, has crossed a line. To say more would be to call him a material heretic, objectively speaking. If he believes that all religions and a way of life such as Buddhism are all equal with Christ, then that is heresy. The words of Jorge Bergoglio, Bishop of Rome are unadulterated syncretism and religious indifferentism.

Bergoglio is simply wrong and is frankly, dangerous to the Faith. He must be denounced for this scandalous action. 

Which Prelate will stand up to this abomination and blasphemy?

Watch the video below and comment at will.

The above is not funny.

What Louie Verrecchio has done with it, is.

The Pope Video: UPDATED with translation provided by from Louie Verrecchio on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

It is alarming how wrong this Pope is. The Buddhists don't even believe in god. As Trump would say: this is so STUPID.

Sandpiper said...

Ghastly. Stupidly sentimental. So selectively sanitized. What does Bergoglio hope to achieve with this? It is the antithesis of evangelisation, the Great Commission.

I see they were not bold enough to feature the Elephant god Ganesh, ubiquitous around India.

Why no Muslim woman in burqa, genitally mutilated, saying she believes in love?

Why no Wiccans?

Only Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Light and brings true human prospering.

Anonymous said...

Well, Bergoglio is just following the path of his saint John Paul II who had embraced voodoo, like Benedict, who was anointed by an animist shaman.

At least, Bergoglio prefers religions which are more developed.

Oh, Benedict is already pre-canonized by Bergoglio, apropos.

I really don't understand why you don't follow their lofty examples of sanctity. I always thought that a Pope isn't a decorative monarch to a true Catholic. Maybe I've missed something.

Aqua said...

My normal response to everything Jorge Bergoglio says is anger, disgust. Here, it was just fear. This is really, really bad.

Catholic Mission said...

The theological basis for this syncretism were there in the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 when the baptism of desire and blood etc were considered explicit and without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church. Then this was inferred to be an exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
Based on this irrational exception we have the new theology.
The following report has been sent to Salza and Siscoe and I do not expect them to comment on the two points.
Bishop Fellay and the SSPX too will not answer them.
You Vox, have commented upon it. It is common sense. You have said every one needs to enter the Catholic Church for salvation and there are no known exceptions, in the present times.There cannot be any known exception for us human beings.
There is no known salvation outside the Catholic Church, there cannot be any known salvation. So the new theology since the time of Pope Pius XII to Pope Francis on salvation is irrational and heretical.
It is time for the traditionalists to point out that Vatican Council II (AG 7, LG 14) supports the rigorist interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
Also, they need to admit that the dogma EENS can be interpreted with Feeneyism and not with irrational Cushingism ( there are known exceptions) as is being done by Pope Francis and sadly, also the traditionalists.

If Salza-Siscoe admit something obvious like the baptism of desire case is not visible in 2016 then it would mean Abp.Lefebvre and Bp.Fellay made a factual error

Anonymous said...

If this isn't heretical, what is? This is the promotion of heresy. The other Popes may have gotten caught up in the mad ecumenical fervour in a strange circumstantial way. I'm not defending their actions, of course they were scandalous. This, however, is different. This is deliberate promotion of the ecumenism that puts every religion on the same footing. Truly diabolical. It is horrifying for any decent Catholic to behold a Pope do such a thing. What else can a man who promotes such evil be but a heretic, an apsotate? He is totally untrustworthy in the high office he holds, in fact the highest in the world.. What a continuous nightmare this papacy is for faithful Catholics... this offends me deeply, in the the same way as the Pentecost 2014 did...that was the turning point for me in not trusting this Pope..having an iman and a rabbi praying in the Vatican ON PENTECOST! I wonder how much more destruction God will permit this man to inflict on the Church. Why won't the good conservative bishops and cardinals denounce him? Why? Why? Practically every blessed day he practices destruction...there is more than enough evidence to denounce him.. why won't they speak up? Why? Can someone tell me why?


Dorota said...

@ Anonymous

You are right, we are finding ourselves in an impossible situation. We have always believed that popes are guided by the Holy Spirit, yet at least since Vaticanum II we experience an obvious departure and a radical change from what we have been taught can never change, as the eternal God can not change. God is not constricted by time as we are. God created time, God is beyond and above it. God does not evolve, and we are not co-creators of the universe, as the New Agers claim. Teilhard de Chardin was a falsifier of evidence, a liar and a fraud, as is well known, and should never have been embraced by Catholic theologians.

You are right to ask these questions, but are you virtuous by taking aim at us at this time, when we are already the mockery of the world, led by Jorge Bergoglio? We have become an easy target. We need help from our Lord, and the Lord promises that those who ask for it, will receive it.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

Where's Rosica and his rainbow sash?? How exclusionary!! Neo-palegianist.

Ana Milan said...

Modernism has inculcated the entire Vatican and the Cardinals who elected PF did so for the purpose of spreading this heresy. PF is doing exactly what they elected hm to do so there is little possibility of them denouncing him. Even when he does resign (or die) there will be more of the same to follow, unless and until God Himself has had enough and puts a stop to it. We, the laity, have no power or function in the matter. We must stay where the Seat of St. Peter resides, in Rome. The prophesies of the great apostasy are being carried out with harmful consequences for all faithful Catholics, but this is the result of disobedience at the top and going back in history. We must put our trust in God and believe when Jesus said He would be with His Church until the end of time. He has not abandoned us despite our genuine feelings of helplessness. We also must trust in Our Lady's assurance that she would be triumphant when all seemed lost. Other faiths do not have this divine assurance as they are merely man-made. Man in his pompous self-belief pushed aside the Holy Spirit at the time of Vatican II and this is the consequence.

Our faith is being tested but we must bear in mind at all times that the prize is incalculable. The incumbents of the Vatican have truly lost their personal faith in the Triune God believing that all faiths are the same & all can get to Heaven. Satanic Modernism can only be overcome by prayer, fasting and adherence to the sacraments (where available). This year and next will see many dire events taking place but we go forward with hope that the 100th anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions in Fatima will bring about a huge and sustained turnaround as she will not have her Son mocked and neither will we.

Murray said...


Well said. The Assisi conferences may have been disastrous prudential errors--and in hindsight, you could certainly make a case that they laid the groundwork for this video--but this? This is another order entirely--a qualitative difference rather than a quantitative one. There's no precedent for this level of insanity, just as there's no precedent for "a little bread and wine do no harm" or accusing Our Blessed Mother of railing at God, or, or, or x1000.

Jim J. McCrea said...

What in the world are we supposed to do now about praying for the Pope's intentions which is always the requirement of a plenary indulgence?

Anonymous said...

Since when has a baby doll be the symbol of the Catholic Faith ,their aversion to the Crucifix is sinister to say the least ,Baby Jesus is acceptable ,Christ Crucified is obviously not.

Anonymous said...

I dare hope that all men are saved... BUT... I would never dare presume it.

Do we perhaps actually endanger the salvation of those of "diverse feelings and beliefs" when we encourage them to presume on the mercy of God?

Slick said...

Jim McCrea, regarding the prayer for the pope's intentions for attempting to gain a plenary indulgence, I always add "for the pope's intentions, according to God's will."

Anonymous said...

Now we know why the Pope and some of his pals met with Hollywood big whigs and movie industry artists last year. Seems they succeeded. If it were not for glimpses of the pope, we would have absolutely nothing to give us the idea this production is "Catholic."

Peter Lamb said...

Louie Verrechio and I don't see eye to eye on all things, but this video is brilliant and says it all in a nutshell. Well done Louie! :)
There are no orthodox Catholic prelates in the novus ordo church. If there were one, he would have stood up long ago.
One important point: Material heresy is not sinful. The heresy is stated in ignorance, without evil intent. What we see in Bergoglio's video is manifest, formal, pertinacious heresy, which is most sinful.
There are no prelates to admonish Bergoglio, but all is not lost because the Law itself does so:
On the general topic of admonition,the Catholic Encyclopedia states:
“Since contumacy implies obstinate persistence in crime, in order to become liable to these punishments a person must not only be guilty of crime, but must also persist in his criminal course after having been duly warned and admonished. This warning (monitio canonica), which must precede the punishment, can emanate either from the law itself or from the ecclesiastical superior or judge. Contumacy can therefore occur in one of two ways: first, when the delinquent does not heed the warning of his ecclesiastical superior or judge, addressed to him personally and individually; second, when he violates a law of the Church with full knowledge of the law, and of the censure attached, in the latter case the law itself being a standing warning to all (Lex interpellat pro homine).”
The Pope has no “ecclesiastical superior or judge”. So, it resolves to the question of “full knowledge” of the law. Now if there is one person who should know the Catholic Faith; who is the protector of that Faith; whose job it is to pass that Faith on to his successor entire, intact and without novelty; who is the supreme legislator of Canon Law, it is the Pope. One can conclude that a Pope would become a public heretic “were he publicly and officially to teach some doctrine clearly opposed to what has been defined as de fide catholicâ“. I submit that all the conciliar Popes have done so. (Thanks to Dumb_ox, a fellow commentator for this quote.)
Canon 2200.2 (1917):
“When an external violation of the Law has been committed, malice is presumed in the external forum until the contrary is proven.”

Peter Lamb said...

Canon 192 (1917.):
“A person may be unwillingly deprived of, or removed from, an office, either by operation of law or an act of the lawful superior.”
Canon 1884.4 (1917.):
“All offices whatsoever fall vacant and without any declaration if the cleric … publicly defects from the Catholic faith.” (The footnote to C1884 refers us to Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio.)
Canon 2314 (1917.):
“All apostates from the Christian faith and each and every heretic or schismatic incurs ipso facto automatic excommunication.”
Pope Pius VI, Auctorem fidei, 1794:
“Likewise the proposition which teaches that it is necessary, according to the natural and divine laws, for either excommunication or for suspension, that a personal examination should precede, and that, therefore, sentences called ‘ipso facto’ have no other force than that of a serious threat without any actual effect.”
False, rash, pernicious, injurious to the power of the Church, erroneous.
( The notion that we need a council to judge is condemned by Pope Pius VI.)
1. Pope Pius IV teaches that Canons are for the use of all the faithful to reliably recognize Catholic truth from all errors that may arise.
2. No declaration means no trials. All persons who recede from Catholic teaching in the least degree remove themselves from the Church. He who is not a member of the Mystical Body cannot bear office therein, let alone be its temporal Head!
3. St. Paul says that should even an Angel teach a Gospel deviant by an iota from what he taught, we should let him be anathema. Has pope Francis taught any novelties?
4. Heresy is a sin against God and a crime against canon law. The heretical pope deposes himself automatically, ipso facto, the very instant he commits the sin and instantaneously forfeits all his authority – he is no longer Pope formaliter. However, he remains the legally elected and designated pope materialiter – without authority – until he is legally deposed by the proper Church authorities.
5. Can one reasonably contend that the conciliar popes are valid Popes; that they have not taught heresies, or novelties; that Traditional Catholics eg. SSPX, should continue to pray in union with them and seek canonical recognition from them?
6. Can any informed Catholic seriously consider Bergoglio to be the Vicar (Representative) of Our Lord, Jesus Christ?

Anonymous said...

Hat's Off to he makes a much better Pope than this fake we have now.

franon said...

But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God. Jn.1.12 RSV

I guess I should have remained a Bahai???

Anonymous said...

Could this be the Pope who is the false prophet of the end times?

M. Prodigal said...

Lord, what are we to do? We are the sheep of your flock! Where is this primary Shepherd leading us? We are confused. And we want to come to You. We want to love you. We are sheep we need guidance.

As far as praying for the Popes intentions, I always preface it by praying for his HOLY intentions. But I cannot even call him the holy father, I call him the pope because that is what he is. I suppose we deserve the vicar we have been given but we appeal to the mercy of our Lord to help us in this time when so many are lost. And how can there be mercy if there is no repentance? We must pray for souls: for them to come to conversion, to repentance and thus receive the mercy our precious Lord wishes to give us.

Catholic Mission said...

This is needed for perspective.

Video 8 minutes in Hell. (creepy)

Anonymous said...

The time for excuses is long gone, it is crystal clear that Pope Francis does not believe the Catholic faith.

Fr. Mark Morris.

Unknown said...

He doesn't believe in entire sections of the New Testament. That is the only explanation possible. To believe that everyone is a child of a God irrespective of Christ and Baptism is to directly contradict St.John, St.Paul etc.

Unknown said...

That's right. He would be considered a heretic even by the standards of most Protestants because this his view is totally opposed to sacred scripture.

FLOR solitaria said...

I'm sorry, Vox, I do not think that Catholicism is Judaism fulfilled. And neither do the Jews:

Anonymous said...

Now Bergoglio can fulfill his dream and pursue his butcher career because if everybody are all children of God and the pagan or atheist doesn't need conversion; definitely we don not need Bergoglio office for anything inside the Church!!!!!

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Vox. With al due respect, ABS thinks you erred in adopting Feeneyism.

Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire is Catholic Doctrine and both are well situated and repeatedly professed in Tradition.

One even finds it specifically referenced in Trent, for instance....

Vox Cantoris said...

No, I have not erred and I have not adopted that Feenyism (he was reconciled, by the way). I said that that there is no salvation outside the Church. God may choose to grant salvation to others through the Church at His will because He is not bound by His Sacraments, we are. Take for example the "Coptic Martyrs" so heinously murdered by the Mohammedans on the beaches of Libya. Are they Martyrs in Heaven for dying with the Holy Name on their lips? Perhaps indeed they are. Given the situation, they most likely are because they were baptised, even though their Orthodox Church (unless they were Coptic Catholic) is not in union with Rome. But we cannot know this. A Muslim in darkest Arabia who lives a live of goodness based on natural law who "may" have been in ignorance and never heard the Word of God truly proclaimed, "may" be saved. My point is that we cannot know this as a specific case. That is my point.

Therefore, we must never assume that others are saved and we must always proclaim what we known as the Truth.

George Brenner said...

Father Faber eloquently in words of wisdom with grace from God taught all the meaning of No Salvation Outside the Catholic in light of God's possible mercies.

From the book, 'The Precious Blood' by Father Frederick Faber:
" If the precious Blood had been shed, and yet we had no priesthood, no sacraments, no sacramentals, no jurisdiction, no mystical life of the visible unity of the Church----life so it seems, would be almost intolerable. This is the condition of those outside the Church; and certainly as we grow older, as our experience widens, as our knowledge of ourselves deepens, as our acquaintance with mankind increases, the less hopeful do our ideas become regarding the salvation of those outside the Roman Church. We make the most we can of the uncovenanted mercies of God, of the invisible soul of the Church, of the teaching of invincible ignorance, of the easiness of making acts of contrition, and of the visible moral goodness among men; and YET what are these but straws in our own estimation; if our own chances of salvation had to lean their weight upon them? They wear out or they break down. They are fearfully counterweighted by other considerations. We have to draw on our imaginations in order to fill up the picture. They are but theories at best, theories unhelpful except to console those who are forward to be deceived for the sake of those they love,-- theories often very fatal by keeping our charity in check and interfering with that restlessness of converting love in season and out of seasons, and that impetuous agony of prayer, upon which God may have made the salvation of our friends depend. Alas ! the more familiar we ourselves become with the operations of grace, the further we advance into the spiritual life, the more we meditate on the character of God, and taste in contemplation the savor of his holiness, the more to our eyes does grace magnify itself inside the Church, and the more dense and forlorn becomes the darkness which is spread over those outside...... Would not the divine assurance of our salvation be a very heaven begun on earth? Yet the sacraments are the nearest approach to such a sweet assurance as the love of our heavenly Father saw to be expedient for the multitude of his children..... In truth, no created intelligence of angel or of man could have imagined it. "

My wife and I spent two days with Father Feeney as guests in 1971. I consider him a Saint. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen said that if he was sick and could not do his TV show that he wanted Father Feeney to pinch hit for him. Father Feeney was at the epicenter of what was to become the crisis of faith that we have endured now for over many decades. He was a staunch defender of EENS as was, is and always will be Church teaching throughout all time after Jesus instituted our Church. His motto was that all must be taught in charity that there is No Salvation outside the Catholic Church and leave the unknown mercies to God. Father Feeney did NOT recant his stance before he was reinstated. Many saints throughout Church history were persecuted in similar manner. As a monsignor recently said to me that if we were to come upon someone that was invincibly ignorant it is our right and duty to catechize them. Pope Pius IX and countless Popes and Saints echoed the similar words on the catechesis of non Catholics throughout the ages.
We dare not as a Church or peoples presume or project that anyone might be saved by belonging to the soul of the Church. It is Church teaching that no one can belong to the soul of the Church who refuses to join her body. This matter IS the reason for our loss of faith.

Anonymous said...

The six objective intentions of the Holy Father, traditionally understood, are:

the exaltation of the Church,
the propagation of the Faith,
the extirpation of heresy,
the conversion of sinners,
concord between Christian princes,
and the further welfare of the Christian people.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Vox. ABS apologies for aiming an unwarranted assumption for are a Feeneyite

anonymous said...

I just saw made me physically ill. I converted to Catholicism in 1999. I am sometimes in fear of what is happening. I did though recently read about Our Lady of Good Success. There is hope there.

anonymous said...

Also why all the ecumenism? Catholics are not even catechised as they should be any more. I had to go to the Latin Mass to get a proper Catholic education. There's a lot of Catholics I know who will love this video...they won't understand why it is repugnant. And I am a convert...I know it's full of heresy.