Friday, 22 January 2016

Oh dear, I've been blocked on Twitter by Jason Welle, EssJay

What am I ever to do. 
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I've been blocked on Twitter by Jason Welle, EssJay. I guess he didn't like my blog post exposing his homosexualist sympthathies and rather queer posts.

I guess the truth got to him.

Well, let's see:

Blocked by Tom Rosica.

Blocked by Anthony Spadaro.

He's in pretty good company!


Oh, and just in case you missed these...

I ask you, is this man fit for ordination?

This is holy war baby!


philipjohnson said...

Vox ,you sound like me!I am sick and tired of nu-church or Francis church.Take note i am 63 yrs of age and have lived through the worst excesses of vat 11 and ,to date,have had enough.Thank God ,though ,that the Tridentine Mass is back big time and that the Traditional orders are growing.Latin Mass for me whether its the sspx,the institute of Christ The King or any other Traditional order.The novus ordo is dying--long live the True Mystical Body of Christ as evident in the Latin Mass.God Bless.

Vox Cantoris said...

Philip, I'm just behind you, born in 1956. I have faint memories of Mass in the Traditional Rite, but I can remember the Sunday the plywood table was set up in the sanctuary. I also recall, "Congratulations boys, you're the first class of Altar Boys that does not have to learn Latin!" I've had enough!

Unknown said...

The Novus Ordo is not dying. It is where 99 percent of Church attending Catholics still go. We ignore the Novus Ordo at our own peril. And that is not sarcasm or a joke.

Dorota said...

No, this man is not fit for ordination. Why? - Because he openly mocks and spits on the faith he allegedly has a calling to protect and spread. He does not uphold (still official) Church teachings. He is convinced that he is faithful and that he is taking the faith to a whole new level, while we are backward and close-hearted, no sense of humour, either. [Lack of sodomitic pleasures obviously does it to you.]

He does it openly, and does not get thrown out of his seminary, which tells us something we can not ignore, as Karl Rahner Jr. points out.

There are many like him already ordained, some who had their hands kissed by the main boss. Some call a sodomitic act a Eucharistic event, and for that act of creativity become a Church celebrity, an advisor to the main boss.

OK, I understand that we do not want to appear weak, so we beat our chests with war calls on our lips. But the sodomites and their supporters ban us from their shared spaces they call Catholic, more and more every day. Catholics in Alberta go after their bishops who dared to uphold Catholic teaching.

The same bishops who let this sodomy thrive and spread, are now faintly speaking truth about it, but it seems to be too late. Will they retreat? If the minister of indoctrination doesn't dissolve the ("dysfunctional" he calls it) board of Catholic education, we will see.

Vox, the more you get banned, the less your message spreads among those idiots. On the other hand, there is no way we can reach them any more. They are too far gone, and with a boss like the one we have, who can blame them?

Anonymous said...

He's a fraud. The Vail of darkness has blinded him. He refuses the absolute Truths of the Holy Catholic Church. The Truths given to Her by Her spouse the Holy Spirit. He which we see from his Twitter account is calling the Holy Spirit a Liar. This is a Sin against the Holy Spirit. This is what has happened to him and his comrades who fraudulently enter the Ordinated Priesthood to turn the Holy Church into a New Age Catholic Church to worship the darkness which so blinds them and they will die in that darkness and will also those who follow them.

Unknown said...

The heretics and apostates are always louder, shriller and more manic than their counterparts because (as St. Paul tells us in Romans 1:18-32) even though they knew God they chose to worship the creature instead of the Creator and as a result of their implacability God chose to leave them to the further degradation of their minds by their disordered living.

In other words, like so many of the "liberal elite", they become mentally ill -- obsessed, compulsed and addicted to those things that are vile. They spread this evil to the sycophants who, through lack of commitment to the truth, beauty and goodness (which God made available to those who pursue Him) lap it up because they want to indulge their baser instincts with permission.

Thanks be to God for Vox Cantoris and traditional Catholics.

Anonymous said...

Let's not blame this guy alone, queer though he may be. The fault lies with bishops and superiors who allow (if not outright encourage) unsuitable men to become priests.

Not only homosexuals, but men with problems such as divorce, job instability, psychological issues, promiscuous backgrounds, drug use, lack of education, etc.

We've seen the results in our parishes for 40 years as, instead of priests with a "calling," we have weirdos and losers seeking a cushy place to hide from life.

I became aware of Mr. Ess-Jay some months ago when I received a slick brochure from the Oregon Province with a fundraising letter (drivel by Fr. Santarosa about poor, marginalized, peace, justice, joy, excitement... nice but unrecognizable as Catholic). The brochure had photos of the novices, about 8 fellows if I recall. Mr. Ess-Jay was one of them.

The whole bunch looked unsavory just in a photo with small descriptions. Normally these guys shave and shine their shoes (so to speak) for the public. But the Jesuits have become so wayward and bizarre (a community activist union rather than a religious order), that they are out of touch with how to even FAKE being Catholic.

A few looked like nice clean-cut fellows with quiet, modest demeanor (interestingly from outside the USA).

The rest displayed a smattering of earrings, statement necklaces, tattoos, strange clothing, messy hair - and not messy as in "hair out of place," deliberately teenage-type messy, and broad smiles. Reading the bios, Mr. Ess-Jay has some common bond with his confused and histrionic brothers.

The picture alone might not put anyone off, but it's a reflection of serious trouble at the deeper level. One "artsy" or "iconoclastic" seminarian might be no problem, but guys with "attitude"? Is that what the priesthood is about?

Modesty, humility, respect could be seen on only a few faces. As Mr. Ess-Jay demonstrates, deviants inside the Church seem to have the confidence and arrogance to go their own way with impunity. They must have great internal support and organization to be so dismissive toward we "rigid" lay people.

We are the old-fashioned pew sitters to be placated with a few remaining tokens, such as the mass, while they continue building the new age church, led by the #1 Jesuit. Only the incredibly young or naive suggest letters and petitions to resolve this mess. No one takes those seriously anymore. Don't talk about reform. Just as with the Curia, they cannot be reformed. This has been very long in the making.

Anonymous said...

In response to the first comment here. In reality, as frightening as it is, it appears that in fact, attendance at and support of, TLM has capped out, due in large part, I am sad to say, our quasi, NWO pontiff, who does everything in his power to dilute and diminish authentic Catholic tradition on a daily basis. His words and actions are to blame for quelling the momentum we had established prior to his "selection".

DJR said...

Anonymous said... Let's not blame this guy alone, queer though he may be. The fault lies with bishops and superiors who allow (if not outright encourage) unsuitable men to become priests.

You can say that again.

A short time ago I was reading something online which linked to some material by a young man who was homeschooled and who openly acknowledged online that he has had an addiction to pornography (along with another sin) since at least the age of 13.

Then further in his material, I saw this:

"I am turning 18 on October 6, and I am soon thereafter spending one week with the Franciscan Brothers Minor in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to discern a possible vocation with them. I have been discerning for four years now, and if I don't feel a call towards that particular community, I will likely look towards the diocesan priesthood or FSSP instead."

We are nowhere near out of the present crisis. On the contrary, it is deepening.