Monday, 11 January 2016

The Francis Effect is not necessarily a good thing

The Francis Effect is coined phrase used much by my good friend, Tommy Rosica. His Salt + Light corporate contributors invested thousands of dollars into a production and roll-out of a video of the same name. I wonder what Tom and friends think of this little "Francis Effect."
Two examples stand for all. One middle-aged gentleman whom I asked, with discretion and delicacy, if he had repented of a repeated series of grave sins against the seventh commandment “do not steal,” of which he had accused himself with a certain frivolity and almost joking about the circumstances, certainly not attenuating, that had accompanied them, responded to me with the words of Pope Francis: “Mercy knows no limits” and by showing surprise that I would remind him of the need for repentance and for the resolution to avoid falling back into the same sin in the future: “I did what I did. What I will do I will decide when I go from here. What I think about what I have done is a question between me and God. I am here only to have what everyone deserves at least at Christmas: to be able to receive communion at midnight!” And he concluded by paraphrasing the now archfamous expression of Pope Francis: “Who are you to judge me?”
One young lady, to whom I had proposed as an act of penance connected to the sacramental absolution of a grave sin against the fifth commandment “do not kill” that she kneel in prayer before the Most Holy Sacrament exposed on the altar of a church and perform an act of material charity toward a poor person to the extent of her means, responded to me with annoyance that “no one must ask for anything in exchange for God’s mercy, because it is free,” and that she had neither the time to stop at a church to pray (she had to “run around doing Christmas shopping downtown”), nor money to give to the poor (“who don’t even need it that much, because they have more than we do”).

The above two paragraphs are from a letter written to Sandro Magister by a priest. It is a must read for all, especially priests - do them a favour, send this to them.

I can tell you that I have had similar comments from priests here in Toronto, not about what is said in the Confessional but that nothing is said because nobody is going. 
The Francis Effect is not a good thing.


Ana Milan said...

The One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church is now at Hell's gates with PF & coterie trying to push us through them into Satan's domain. They all have completely lost the faith having ditched the Holy Trinity long ago, even before Vatican II. The CC is no longer the beacon of light and hope in a secular world - the only light it now emits is a climate change light show to promote an environmental message, nothing Catholic or religious about it.
Still complicit silence from Cardinals who once showed some determination to speak out in favour of Our Saviour. Fear of losing their positions (as Archbishop Schneider informed us) is the reason why. Don't know who they think they are obeying but it certainly isn't God. Sign the petition asking PF to resign. It could make all the difference!

Osusanna said...

At our mercy door cathedral I was surprised to see most people lined up outside the "reconciliation room." You don't hide yourself in a dark confessional anymore hoping the priest won't know you. That was when you were ashamed of your sins.

Year of Mercy, Divine Mercy University, Mercy Street new PBS show, mercy killing...the world insists you get mercy! Don't be a mercyphobe!

Dorota said...

Is there personal confession in protestantism?

From their (those who have plotted to destroy the Church and are now pushing the gas pedal really hard) perspective a good Francis effect is zero confessions. We must learn to think like the enemy, to judge the progress of his plan.
In my estimate things are going really well for him close to the finish line, though we know whose is the final victory.
Our Lord told us what the world would do to us - the same thing they did to Him. They hate, humiliate and persecute us. They accuse us of the worst crimes.

We - allegedly - stand not for love, tolerance, mercy and unity. We oppose the idea that we are all ONE. We respect doctrine and rationality, which are unity-destroying. We do not celebrate error and evil, therefore we are intolerant. Don’t we all know that there is no tolerance for intolerance?

We have not condemned the word "sin", and we condemn sin. Therefore we have a need for confession. Those who do not commit sins, but instead have and then learn (or not) from experiences in the "school of life" have to be protected from thinking of sin and repentance. The program is to have no regrets. (They must not doubt the necessity to remove us into the corners of the universe, as A. Bailey revealed in her episodes of channelling the ascended masters. They must believe that killing us is good and necessary part of progress.)

We sinners DO have regrets and remorse (as though we could have done any better than we have in a deterministic world), we are prideful, close-minded, cold-hearted Pharisees, stupid and backward too, who think that we are better than others.
By insisting on doctrine and virtue, by insisting that Jesus is the Lord, we create discord and destroy all possibility of peace,

No confession takes us toward unity with those who do not confess (the majority of humans) and toward celebration of humanity, including sin.

They do not say: "I am a sinner in need of salvation". They say: "I am a unique, beautiful co-creator of the universe in the process of becoming god in unity with the rest of unique co-creators." UNITY is the key. We are against unity, peace, love and the emergence of the New Age.

The Humble one has already said something to the effect that this new age is already here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, unity is such a passe term, dear, you mean solidarity!

All this goop comes from the Jesuits. Way, way back, it's mostly the Jebs and still is. Now, please, I'm not saying all Jesuits are bad - but, well, let's say generally they do have their own way of thinking.

Voris just stated some figures about how many priests he thinks are homosexuals. The problem is it's not parsed out, and we need to realize something to really get to the reality. That is: 15-30% of diocesan priests are gay. 35-75% of Jesuits are gay.

Also, gay secular priests are declining in number ever so slowly (due to seminary changes and other factors, but gradually).

However, gays in the Jesuits are increasing. They (and a few other religious orders) fully welcome homosexuals.

Therefore, as priests ordained after 1975 die or are put out to pasture, the percentage of the order that is gay continues to grow.

This is a concern because the Jesuits are very influential in the Church, beyond your wildest imagination. They are corrupt, beyond what you may realize. No, you will not find this on the internet, you cannot find it. That is the insidious nature of their continued power.

Anonymous said...

I have recently come to the conclusion that the Vatican II church is the great end times deception to lead Catholics into hell.

It's not possible to call Francis a heretic for his various heresies withou claiming the same about his five predecessors. They are all following the spirit of Vatican II. When you realise that it's the documents, and not just a liberal misinterpretation, that is the problem you are confronted with the fact that Vatican II is part of the ordinary, universal magisterium. The only way to repudiate it is to repudiate the authority of those pushing the revolution. The truth is horrifying but it doesn't go away just because we close our eyes.