Friday, 22 January 2016

Listen to a real "Catholic" Bishop!


Unknown said...

His serenity and clear thinking is always refreshing. I gather Pope Francis would call him a rebel and an idolater.

Vox Cantoris said...

Serenity. Indeed, Karl, indeed!

And he always comes back to Our Lord Jesus Christ. +Fellay is a man who is still in love with God. I was invited to assist in the Schola at the funeral of Father Nicholas Gruner and Bishop Fellay celebrated the Requiem and delivered the homily. His faith and his passion was obvious to all.

Maybe he one day he will wear the red of a Cardinal.

Barona said...

Let us compare this to the CCCB's cowardly betrayal of the unborn, when they could not even mention the word "abortion" in their "Election Guide". Nor, could they raise the stakes against the euthanasia juggernaut that has arrived.

Andrew Nelson said...

He comes across as a humble man, who has true faith in Jesus Christ and his Church. He speaks the one truth with clarity, and is not afraid to confront sin. He displays true Catholic charity by his care for the soul and how our lack of repentance will keep us away from Jesus Christ, and ultimately Heaven. How refreshing this would be for the Church and souls, if we heard this type of talk on a regular basis from all leaders within the Church.

Mark Thomas said...

His Holiness Pope Francis would not refer to Bishop Fellay as a "rebel and an idolater". To the contrary, Pope Francis has treated Bishop Fellay and the SSPX in warm and cordial fashion.

Last September, for example, Pope Francis noted the "good faith and sacramental practice" of the SSPX when he assured Catholics that throughout the Holy Year, they may receive the Holy Sacrament of Penance from the SSPX.

Pope Francis' excellent treatment of the SSPX dates to his days in Argentina, when Bishop Fellay noted that then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio insisted that the SSPX was Catholic. Cardinal Bergoglio was always helpful to the SSPX, according to Bishop Fellay.

Bishop Fellay also noted that then-Cardinal Bergoglio "had promised to help the Society obtain the Argentinian State's recognition of our society as Catholic and that he kept his promise. So we have no choice but to think that he does consider us Catholic".


Mark Thomas

bvs said...

Thank you do much for putting this on your blog.

A bishop who is truely a sheppherd.