Thursday, 14 January 2016

Verrecchio's "Pope" video removed - Rome is running scared, scared of John and Mary Catholic

They have every right to demand protection of their copyright. That is fine, Not that I blame Louie, mind you; I thought his take was brilliant.
What is more important in this, is that Louie Verrecchio and the rest of us have these rats running scared. They know that we have the wherewithal to out and expose them for their dastardly deeds. They will not win and we will confront them everywhere and through whatever means are necessary.
Let this be a lesson to all of them, particularly those religious orders hiding sodomites in their midst.  
They will be outed and brought down low.
BREAKING: “The Pope Video” removed

Screenshot_1Apparently, after more than 8,000 views, the masterminds of “The Pope Video” have decided that my rendition offering a more proper translation of the apostasy therein must be suppressed.
I just received the following notice from Vimeo:
“We removed your video because a third party claims that it infringes a copyright that the third party owns or has the right to enforce.”
It’s not clear whether this action was instigated by the Pope World Prayer Network – Apostleship of Prayer, (the Jesuit group that produced the wretched thing) or someone at the Holy See, but it would seem that these are the only possible claimants.
What is it about my version that unsettles them so?
I think we all know the answer. In any case, watch, share and download the video (now uploaded at before it meets the same fate.


Anonymous said...

Satire is a special case regarding copyright. The video, by law, should not have been removed.

Sandpiper said...

I can only hope they are running scared, Vox. Louie's video was viewed by 8000. I wish 100x that many Catholics viewed it. What will it take to get people out of their stupor? We must pray that TRUTH in the person of Jesus Christ, true God and True Man, inflame souls.

Dorota said...

I doubt they are scared.
Had they not decided that the people were ready to accept one world religion they were planning for centuries, they would not be promoting it openly now.

This is more likely another part of the plan - an inevitable, dignified, logical and MERCIFUL reaction by an ancient hierarchical institution to critique by one's own who is backward, unsophisticated in his understanding, uneducated, opposed to world peace and unity of all humanity - hateful and narrow-minded. Like a loving and patient father, instead of humiliating the naughty and stupid child, Vatican lets him walk away with a face. For now.

I predict that this patience will be used as a tactic only for a while. They know that the child will prove himself incorrigible (a dangerous extremist), and they know they will have to reach for more effective methods against the threat he presents. I am sure they already know what methods they will use.

The dumbed populace is observing the father's generosity and mercy now, so that it will understand support more severe (and inevitable) steps later. After all, we all need to be safe. We all need to submit and eliminate obstacles, if peace and unity are to become reality.

Let us never forget that these psychopaths know God's commandments, including - you will have no other gods before me.

Their insulting video is only such to a small remnant. Their god is humanity, peace and unity. Are you, any of you reading AGAINST humanity, equality, justice, peace, unity?

WE KNOW there will never be any peace without Jesus Christ. They bury His Cross to proclaim joy and pleasure. For goodness sake, they promote sodomy as a form of the Eucharist! I repeat: it is not that they believe in God's mercy for repentant sodomites. They promote sodomy as a Eucharistic event.

This is beyond tragic and sad.
One of them recently said in some tweet that sadness is the gravest of sins.

Dorota said...

I will add something shocking, and at the same time something that all see and most are too far gone in cognitive dissonance to see and be alarmed by:

The same man who makes the annulment of marriage, where there obviously is one, as quick and easy as possible, on grounds of misunderstandings and lack of unity in understanding, that same man expects the entire world to live in unity, and sets the stage up for persecution of those who do not want unity where there can never be one by God's command, who do not want a marriage, not to mention annulment.

On one side there is ungodly, unchristian separation of that which by God's will is one body, and on the other - a forced marriage of all world's souls, obviously AGAINST God's plan and will, for He Himself says so in His Word - many many times.

This is evil, this is satanic. This is diabolic disorientation.

Peter Lamb said...

Hats off to you Vox for having the guts to stand up to these judeo-masonic heretics and fight them. As Fr. Faber says, where there is no hatred of heretics, there is no holiness. Vat hom Fiffie!

Anonymous said...

At one moment they will have to choose ... and they will choose SCHISM, this is prophesied, like it was prophecies that this pope is false and black-soul pope, basically anti-pope.

and... Garabandal, Holy Love (USA), Pedro Regis as well as Maria Divine Mercy...

This will be very painful... but this anti-pope will bring SCHISM on us...

Sandpiper said...

Dorota, I love your comments.

tuleesh said...

Wow. And the Christian "rep" couldn't even be bothered to demonstrate a Cross. The baby Jesus is so much easier on the eyes. /sarc

Wolverine said...

Dorota, Please contribute your thoughts more often. So much hidden Truth in what you say!

Vox Cantoris said...

I agree Darota!

Dorota said...

@ Kind people at Vox Cantoris

Even a 3 year old I know and love, when asked, whether she would kindly like anything I say and do, usually starts her sentence with: Eeeee.... Hm......... (OK, she does it to reveryone).
I am not even going to start with family members. It gets really hard, but our Lord is generous with me despite all my previous and current treacheries.

I am touched by your kindness. Very much. I think I might have needed encouragement.