Thursday, 28 January 2016

What are we are left to conclude about Timothy Radcliffe, O.P.?

Just another day in the Dominican universe, or so it seems.

There is a Eucharistic Congress going on in the Philippines. I've intentionally not blogged about it to give no publicity to the speakers there including this Dominican.  

Timothy Radcliffe, come out, ... and bring your friends with you.

His pictures tell much including the fact that he is desperate need of a hairbrush and some personal grooming.

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The Homosexual Dominicans and their attack on the Catholic Church.

Timothy Radcliffe's heresy and vulgarity on his "eucharistic sodomy" is not new, was Pope Francis aware of it or not?

Pope Francis appoints "gay sex" advocate Timothy Radcliffe, O.P. to Pontifical Council

by Christine Niles  •  •  January 27, 2016    97 Comments

CEBU, Philippines ( - Father Timothy Radcliffe, O.P., former head of the worldwide Dominican order, is saying Catholics "must be open to gay people."
Kicking off the 51st Eucharistic Congress in Cebu, The Philippines, Sunday, Radcliffe was the first speaker and discussed "The Christian Virtue of Hope." At an interview given at the event, Fr. Radcliffe offered his thoughts on the Church and homosexuals.


Anonymous said...

Dominican tumble. From Summa Theologica to Brokeback Mountain.

Guardian said...

Judging from recent history of the priesthood over the past 60 years, it seems like the Church has already been far too welcoming to active homosexuals. Maybe Radcliffe hasn't noticed (though I'm guessing he's noticed.)

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Anonymous said...

Be more open to gays!?! Aren't the homos and their promoters pretty much ruling the world? The Church included?

Sodom's marriage is sweeping thru every formerly civilized nation. Gay adoption is now a "human right" regardless of medical, psychological and sociological damage to children.

The Roman Curia is gay, the religious orders are gay, the diocesan priesthood is largely gay, the chanceries have LBGTQ offices, Catholic schools are full of gay teachers, coaches and "guidance counselors," and parishes display rainbow stoles and flags, and have gay men and women appointed to key liturgical roles.

Other than inviting your local friendly homosexual or lesbian into your home to sleep with you, how much more open can we be?!?!?!

Leah said...

I don't know if they still teach catechism nowadays, and if so, what kind of sins do they include in the 6th commandment. In my day you couldn't touch yourself unchastely, let alone somebody else. This whole homosexual thing has me baffled. How can acceptance be even possible? What kind of sins do people confess to nowadays under the 6th commandment? Sure, I admit, you can have same sex attraction, the same as we have opposite sex attraction. If it isn't towards your wife/husband, it has to be resisted. Did I miss something.

Anonymous said...

He needs to be encouraged along with the others who are doing my father's work, like Rosica, Forte, etc. Convincing Christ's Church to embrace depravity in the name of compassion is one if my father's brilliant strategies. -Screwtape

Dorota said...

@ Anonymous

Fr. Radcliffe says that we shouldn't discuss or think about what homosexuals do in their bedrooms.
I guess he read their plan called "The Overhauling of the Straight America". The plan was: Let us not let them talk about the disgusting things we do, let us talk about love instead.

Then they spill out onto our streets, practically naked, lewd and disgusting, and our children have to see and celebrate it as part of social studies class.

Would the Father not want us to talk about what prostitutes (or paedophiles) do, either, only about the eucharistic events between them and their clients, whatever it is?

Since he is so open-minded, so humanity-embracing, in all its most deviant expressions, he should not mind us talking about that which is at the very core of this homosexual activism - normalization of deviant, often extremely dehumanizing activity in bedrooms, public washrooms, parks and other places.

How stupid does he think we all are? How clever does he think he is, the fool?

Anonymous said...

EWTN televised the Cebu event. In 2013, they refused to televise a conference on Divine Mercy where he was going to speak. My question now is, does anyone know if EWTN covered his actual talk there, or did they cover all other talks, and omit his? I am praying they left his out, but I have not been able to find any info on this issue. Does anyone know? Did anyone watch their coverage of the Cebu event on Sunday, when Radcliffe was slated to speak?

Vox Cantoris, if the Spirit leads you, please blog about this issue. I am praying EWTN did the right thing, and did not give him a televised platform! I complained to them about this, and asked friends online to do so as well, and I hope it had the desired effect.


Anonymous said...

Yep Cardinal Jorge's man, or should i say woman!

Anonymous said...

Timothy Radcliffe is just a wolf in sheep' clothing! He should have never been ordained!

Anonymous said...

Their smoothing the path for themselves not the laity.