Sunday, 2 October 2016

Peaceful man whose mother was a Quaker and father was Amish vandalises Rome churches!

An African immigrant/migrant from Ghana vandalised Churches in Rome, yesterday. 

More to come to a parish near you soon.

Photo published for Roma, vandalo devasta San Vitale


Kathleen1031 said...

I can't watch it. The pictures are enough. These people are a plague on humanity, they bring nothing but ugliness, hated, and violence. May God bring about their conversion or their destruction.

susan said...

D.E.M.O.N. possessed.
these animals have to be way or another.

Ana Milan said...

It won't be long before the usual excuses for this man's repugnant behaviour are rolled out by our so pc clergy - mental issues springing from poverty & isolation by a capitalist society which ignored climate change & other environmental issues leading directly to the deprivation of the masses. Only the Marxist/Masonic/Modernist ideology can rescue them.

“Today you do not destroy with weapons, you destroy with ideas,” the Pope said. “It is ideological colonisation that destroys.” Spoken by PF on his visit to Tbilsi. He is making very good progress on this front, what with wanting open borders in Europe so we can be taken over by Jihadists (they worship the same God) & everyones the same (there is no Catholic God). Marriage, which he now says he upholds but in AL annihilates it by putting cohabitation on an equal basis & seeing value in homosexual unions. He profanes Holy Communion by allowing unrepentant sinners avail of it & shows no veneration towards God by not genuflecting at the Act of Consecration & placing a football in front of the Tabernacle.

Karl Rahner Jr. said...

Open your doors! We all worship the SAME God!

Felix M said...

Why are you upset? The local bishop wants more people like this to settle in Rome. And thinks that any problems can be sorted out by talking together.

Anna Sze said...

He was not alone - someone was videotaping him - notice the camera follows him precisely - why was this church completely empty? Was there no one there or in the close vicinity? I don't speak Italien so cannot read the article - but do not be surprised that this sort of demonic manifestation is coming to a church near you. The devil knows his time is short and he will unleash his fury. Pray the rosary daily. Stay in a state of grace - and do everything you can to support good & holy priests and defend holy Mother Church - the one and only Church