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Monday, 24 October 2016

My American friends, "make no mistake"

Some of you have seen this powerful and pointed homily by Father John T. Lankeit, the Rector of the Cathedral of Sts. Simon and Jude in Phoenix. If you have not seen it yet, then take the twenty minutes and listen to it.

In the time of that homily, over thirty children were aborted in the United States and it was a Sunday!

Just over one year ago, I wrote on this blog to my fellow Canadians, particularly Catholics on the matter of voting for Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party. Whilst the Conservatives, under Stephen Harper, did nearly nothing (except remove funding for foreign abortions) to advance the cause of Life, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals were and are actually hostile to it. To run as a candidate one must have signed in writing to support the pro-abortion position of the Prime Minister and Party. Those Members of Parliament already elected had to agree not to ever raise the matter. The Conservatives, at least, had no policy which was at least neutral. In Canada, there is absolutely no law restricting abortion and the child does not become a "person" in law until it is detached from the mother. A baby can be murdered in Canada in the womb up to the moment of birth. Now we have euthanasia. America, it will come to you.

My American friends, Catholics in particular. This is what Hillary Clinton advocates for your land.

Donald J. Trump is far from a perfect candidate. He is a man with flaws and some serious ones. Who does not have flaws. Some of what he is accused of doing in his past is repugnant. Some of his statements are condemnable. Some of what has come out are lies. The fact is, we do not know the truth.

What we do know, what you know, is that he has stated that he will appoint judges to the Supreme Court that will be Pro-Life. From there, the SCOTUS can deal with it. You must take him at his word, that is all you have.

Americans, you have a "choice."

Make the right one or bear responsibility for what you do.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure everyone reading your blog is voting Trump. It's the Novus Ordo cafeteria catholics that (they say) are voting Hillary. Polls are being manipulated too. If this election were to be run on the up and up, Trump would win in a landslide!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Vox, there might be no election. Arrest warrants for war crimes have been issued for the arrests of Obama, G W Bush and Cheney. Clinton is not yet on the list. However, a former CEO of The Clinton Foundation is asking Russia for immediate asylum.

Those Wiki Leaks get increasingly more incriminatory. We now know (though as we have been informed by the CNN that it is illegal for us to read them) that Hillary personally ordered SJWs to incite violence at Trump rallies.

Maybe it is time to get some cash from the bank. Call me alarmist, but I am going shopping tonight anyway.

Anonymous said...


I saw the video and that priest is absolutely right. If ALL the Catholic clergy in the US actually preached as he did, Trump would win in a landslide.

I'd bet you $20 USD that if Pope Benedict XVI was still reigning, more Catholic priests would preach on the life issues.

As an old Ukrainian saying goes: "Like pastor, like flock."


Anonymous said...

“Beneath rigidity there is something else, there is often wickedness” http://www.lastampa.it/2016/10/24/vaticaninsider/eng/the-vatican/beneath-rigidity-there-is-something-else-there-is-often-wickedness-rBftfZf89uXhk6Wmc0Gf5O/pagina.html

Peter Lamb said...

It's a bit late in the day for October, but better late than never. I was not aware of these beautiful devotions in my novus ordo days. For other dummies like me:

Prayer to St. Joseph after the Rosary prescribed by Pope Leo XIII to be said after the Rosary during October:
O thee, O Blessed Joseph, do we have recourse in our tribulation, and having implored the help of thy thrice-holy spouse, we confidently invoke thy patronage also. By that charity wherewith thou wast united to the immaculate Virgin Mother of God, and by that fatherly affection with which thou didst embrace the Child Jesus, we beseech
thee and we humbly pray, that thou wouldst look graciously upon the inheritance which Jesus Christ hath purchased by His Blood, and assist us in our needs by thy power and strength. Most watchful
guardian of the Holy Family, protect the chosen people of Jesus Christ; keep far from us, most loving father, all blight of error and corruption: mercifully assist us from heaven, most mighty defender, in this our conflict with the powers of darkness; and, even as of old thou didst rescue the Child Jesus from the supreme peril of His life, so now defend God’s Holy Church from the snares of the enemy and from all adversity; keep us one and all under thy continual protection, that we may be supported by thine example and thine assistance, may be enabled to lead a holy life, die a happy death, and come at last to the possession of everlasting blessedness in heaven. Amen.

An indulgence of three years each time. Seven years indulgence during the month of October, when said after the recitation of the Rosary and on any Wednesday throughout the year. A plenary indulgence once a month, on the usual conditions, for the daily recitation of this prayer (Leo XIII, Encyclical Aug 15, 1889; S.C. Ind., Sept. 21, 1889; S.P. Ap., May 17, 1927; Dec. 13, 1935 and March 10, 1941.

All Souls’ Day and the Toties Quoties Indulgence—
From noon on November 1st until midnight on November 2nd, the Catholic faithful who visit a church or cemetery to pray for the faithful departed and who during each visit, recite the Our
Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be each six times, may gain a plenary indulgence applicable to the souls in purgatory. This indulgence may be obtained under the usual conditions of Confession (within a week before or after) and Holy Communion (within the day before or up to a week after). This plenary indulgence may also be gained from noon on the following Saturday to midnight on the following Sunday, but only by those who did not gain it on the preceding November 1st and 2nd.

Other Indulgences for the Month of November—
Those who, within the octave of All Souls’ Day, visit the cemetery in a spirit of piety and devotion and pray, even only mentally, for the departed, may gain a plenary indulgence applicable to the Holy Souls in purgatory under the usual conditions (Confession, Communion, and an Our Father and Hail Mary for the intentions of the Church) on each day of the octave. Those who recite prayers or perform other devout exercises for the departed daily during this month may gain an indulgence of 3 years each day of the month, and a plenary indulgence under the usual conditions. Those who, during November, take part in public services held in a church in intercession for the faithful departed may gain an indulgence of 7 years on each day of the month, and a plenary indulgence under the usual conditions if they do so on at least 15 days.

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Vox for posting Father John T. Lankeit homily on how abortion should impact our political voting preferences. We should all send this around to our friends and priests. Father Lankeit is a wonderful and courageous example of what a priest can and should be doing when it comes elections and Catholic moral issues. Here is the You Tube web address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdwT5tXvGUw

Michael Dowd said...

I just sent note on Father Lankeit's homily to all the priests at my Cathedral parish plus several Catholic activists.

TLM said...

Haven't watched the video yet, when time allows I will absolutely! But......I heard a sermon from a Priest online that compared Trump to David......many FLAWS INDEED, but with heart in the right place. Seems to me that the Lord God is working on him. He is a 'work in progress' as are all of us. Besides that, we are not voting for the 'man' we are voting for his platform. There is no comparison between his and Hillary Clinton's platform. Hers is a platform of DEATH, his is of LIFE, couldn't be more opposed to one another. Simple as that!