Wednesday, 12 October 2016


As if we did not know.

Name Bella Dodd, for one, at least she repented.

This is right out of the playbook of Saul Alinsky.

Any Catholic who votes for Hillary Rodham Clinton is committing a grievous act and may potentially a grievous mortal sin. And you're afraid of a potty mouth?

Podesta is, allegedly, a catholic.


c matt said...

Ha ha ha ha . . . they are about 100 years behind the times! Infiltration occurred a loooooooong time ago. We are seeing its fruits now. And yet, the Church survives, even if it doesn't necessarily thrive at the moment. But then , we were never promised a thriving Church; only a surviving one.

Funny, this whole wikileaks is not producing anything we didn't already know or at least strongly suspect.

TLM said...

At least this is PROOF that the Clinton cabal is inspired by Satan himself. Satan's minions these people are, no doubt about it! I read headlines (didn't have time to read the whole article) on how one Bishop in the East told his Catholics their souls would be in grave danger to vote such people in. At least we have some speaking out against such evil.

LOL......the Clinton campaign is trying to blame the Russians, not only for the 'Wikileaks' email exposure, but for 'doctoring' the messages in the emails.............Nice try Demorats!! 'Lying Hillary' rides again! Someone give this witch a broom!!!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Catholic Alliance for the Common Good was created for a time like this? I visited their website, which could be renamed Bergogglio gospel, and wonder, who exactly created it.

Ana Milan said...

"Podesta is, allegedly, a catholic." Just as Judas was allegedly an Apostle. A list should be comprised of all "allegedly Catholics" who hold high positions both in the CC & the various governments & world institutions, e.g. EU, UN & their offshoots financed by Soros & Co. so that we can be fully alerted & refrain from giving them kudos of any kind. They should be mercilessly targeted & exposed by the Catholic media & fully supported by their readership if Court cases result.

TLM said...


Catholic Alliance for the Common Good was inspired and is directed by none other than..............wait for it............GEORGE SOROS.
Surprised? Shouldn't be. He's had his hand in the Catholic Church for some time now directing the 'revolution.'

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...


Some people I know choose to believe despite what they know as fact, that these are "organic", grass-roots movements, the fruit of an evolving universe, an expansion of our collective consciousness.

I show them facts, but these beings are so "evolved", they won't let facts interfere with their delusion.

Our overlords from the Bohemian Grove have a reason to celebrate this state of affairs, as they run around naked, engage in sexual rituals and the cremation of care. The following is a quote from a recent "Remnant" article: "The theoretical end game of the retreat is “to escape the ‘frontier culture,’ or uncivilized interests, of common men.”

Lorenzo Caperchione said...

A similar thing happened here in Italy in the 70s, when many priests became Communists/Marxists, either openly or covertly. Apart from a few bishops and priests- card. Siri, card. Biffi, card. Florit, fr. Giussani- no real opposition was waged against them. They are still around, trying to finish the last vestiges of the once glorious Italian Catholic people. They are known as "cattocomunisti".

mazara said...

Pope rips ‘hypocrisy’ of Christians who reject refugees, says proselytism is ‘venom’

Anonymous said...

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