Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Archbishop Anthony Apuron of Guam - A pervert in priests' clothing?

What kind of man, what kind of bishop, poses like this? 

(Good golly, one of Vox's great readers left a comment, it's called the "blue steel" pose!)

Image result for Archbishop Anthony Apuron

A bishop who may suffer delusions as at his own self worth?

A diabolical narcissist?

What has been going on in Guam? How long have these children endured rape and abuse at the hands of these filthy sodomites? 

Is Anthony Apuron guilty? 

Clearly, the investigator from Rome thinks so. If Francis does not act and act now, he will have no credibility.

Now, listen to the cries of a mother over the loss of her boy. 

May Joseph A. Quinata rest in the peace of Christ.

Joseph A. Quinata

You filthy homosexual priests and bishops. You will be outed. Get out!






Dan said...

But you must admit that the vestment color highlight's his eye color and makes him look FABULOUS!

theresa said...

Our Lady told us it would look like all is lost......I have a sick feeling the worst is yet to come.

Dane said...

Looks like priestesses are already here.

George Brenner said...


The time to act is now! There are far greater minds than mine who can e mail you. This repetition serves no purpose than building the case in the grave disappointment to Jesus Christ. The time to act is now.

The Catholic Church is and has been in a downward spiral since the onset of Vatican II. The dismissal and throwing away of the library of great books from our Catholic universities is a dismal failure since VCII. The Improper language has led to rampant errors and misunderstandings of our beloved faith. The restoration of our altars and the taking away of universal Latin Mass has led to a complete undertaking of eliminating the call to safeguard our beloved faith. The homilies have become a series of nothingness. The opinions are now all over the place. The Latin society of St. Pius X which remains the true safeguard of what we all must believe in. The call must be for the Latin Mass to be restored and undue Vatican II. As difficult and impossible this might sound this is the only option we have left !!!

I am afraid that everything and anything else WILL be a dead end street. We have finally reached a Pope of no return. Time is finally of the essence.

George Brenner

Anonymous said...

I think they call that pose 'blue steel'

susan said...

Anon 1:13....YES YES YES!!! I was trying to figure out what it reminded me of and that is it exactly!

Kathleen1031 said...

I can't watch the video, but I get the gist.
Thank you for calling for the ouster of these evil men. We live in an age where adjectives fail, they can no longer describe the utter disgust one has to feel, the revulsion, at the idea a young boy or young man would be sexually molested by a homosexual priest or bishop. What kind of diabolical demon would, as a member of the clergy, put his hands on a child so as to corrupt them, and not only corrupt them, but in the persona of a priest. It is almost as if a parent were to commit the unthinkable act, the one that demonstrates beyond all others a truly perverted and sick, sick mind and soul.
Yes, get out you sodomites. Get out and leave our children alone. Hell yawns before those who would harm a child, or enabled someone to harm a child.

Randy Engel said...

The Principal Co-Consecrator of Archbishop Anthony Apruon was none other than the late homosexual/pederast Bishop Joseph Anthony Ferrario, Bishop of Honolulu, Hawaii. This is an example of how intergenerational-homosexuality/pederasty works in the Catholic Hierarchy. Randy Engel, author, The Rite of Sodomy

Nicholas Landholdt said...

You probably won't publish this b/c it's too controversial. But Christian men need to grow a pair of backbones and stop letting femi-nazis run government and business. As a pro-life, pro-family, anti-tax congressional candidate in Texas (on the Libertarian Party ballot), I support the restoration of the law making Rape and Sodomy capital crimes. See my Landholt for Congress page on FB. Viva Cristo Rey!

Vox Cantoris said...

No argument from me.

Tim said...

I am the author/administrator of JungleWatch.info. It is exponentially worse here in Guam than can ever be shared on a blog. The filth leads through the neocatechumenal way and directly to the Vatican Curia. Even now they are searching for ways to save this filthy beast.