Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Today, Valery Vienneau unleashes spiritual persecution on the Catholics of New Brunswick!


A tip to Barona for the photo of this hireling. 

TORONTO CATHOLIC WITNESS: Bishop of Moncton has BANNED Catholics from receiving the SACRAMENTS! Those who are unvaccinated or refuse to reveal their private medical history are now placed under an interdict

Originally published last Saturday, I am reposting this to the top on today's date as this is the day when Catholics in the Archdiocese of Moncton are:

Banned from Mass.

Banned from Holy Communion.

Banned from the Confession.

Banned from Baptism.

Banned from Matrimony

Probably banned from having a priest come and administer Exterme Unction.

Banned from the social life of the parish.

Valery Vienneau is a demon in the line of Jorge Bergoglio.

"May his days be shortened and another his bishopric take."

Bishop - prick. Rude maybe, but the truth about Valery.

The gates of Hell are open wide and waiting for Valery Vienneau, the Bishop of the Moncton in New Brunswick Canada who has bowed down to the diktat of a provincial health minster and banned the faithful from Mass, as bad as the faith is already in Moncton, if they have not had the jab.  

This pathetic excuse for an Apostle of Jesus Christ, this cretin, this monstrously evil blight and curse upon the long suffering Catholics of Moncton has the temerity to address the faithful as "Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus" and conclude with, "May the Lord bless us and continue to watch over us!"  Valery needs to repent for this sin, this crime against God and the faithful and the few that still bother to attend Mass in Moncton. The devastation of Canada's Maritime provinces continues - the area of Canada with the lowest amount of CCP Virus. 

He is no brother to any Catholic in Moncton or elsewhere and there will be no blessing from the LORD for him.

The un-jabbed Catholics of Moncton are the new lepers!

A complete and utter abandonment of the sheep. A violation of church teaching. Coercion. Totally demonic.

Read it for yourselves and try to keep from vomiting. If you do, put it in a bag and send it to this clericalist prig who will be judged for all to see on that dreaded day lest he repent. May the Lord show mercy to this episcopal swine, I surely would not.

COVID-19: GREEN phase: September 17th 2021 Update

Published : 2021-09-17 a 19h00 | Category : Diocese

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus,

The provincial Minister of Health, Ms. Shephard, met with religious leaders in the province following the announcement of new measures regarding the pandemic. While explaining new guidelines, she indicated that they had only one goal: to increase the rate of people fully vaccinated in the province (two doses).

Vaccination remains the best way to counter the spread of the Delta virus and protect the population (especially the unvaccinated). The government is looking for a vaccination rate of around 90%. The minister made it clear to us that she does not require masks, sanitizing, or social distancing at our gatherings. These measures remain at the discretion of individuals.

Instead, she wishes to have gatherings of fully vaccinated people to keep people safe and to act as an incentive for the unvaccinated.  That is why going back to past health measures (mask, sanitizing, and social distancing) as a way to include unvaccinated people at our gatherings is not the measure promoted by the government.

Therefore, beginning Wednesday Sep 22nd,  at any gathering inside our churches, rectories or community centres under our supervision, those present must be doubly vaccinated.

  1. By gatherings we mean: religious celebrations (Sunday and weekly masses, prayer meetings, baptisms, weddings and funerals, Confirmation, First Reconciliation, First Communion), parish and pastoral meetings, catechesis meetings, management meetings, conferences, workshops, fraternal and social meetings, bingos, card games, etc.
  1. By those present we mean: priests, lay ministers, members of choirs, volunteers, the faithful and other participants. This also applies to family members or close friends at baptisms, weddings, or funerals. Young people under the age of 12 are naturally exempted by this measure, as they cannot currently be vaccinated.

How can these measures be put in place?

1. At Masses next week, several volunteers are expected to be at the doors of each church to ask worshippers for full proof of vaccination and collect their names on a list of fully vaccinated people. This list will be used again on subsequent Sundays so our volunteers will avoid asking our parishioners for proof of vaccination each time. The request for proof of vaccination would then be required only for new people. This list may eventually be requested by the government.

2. Inform the funeral home staff that family members and loved ones who come to church are to be doubly vaccinated. For baptisms and weddings, this task will fall to the parish office staff or to the person meeting the family to prepare for the celebration.  As with other masses and celebrations, it will be necessary to keep a list of participants in funerals, weddings and baptisms after ensuring that they are doubly vaccinated.

3. For catechesis with children, we follow the rules in force in schools. For the safety of young people, catechists should be fully vaccinated. When parents (or another adult) attend the meetings, they will of course have to be doubly vaccinated. For a celebration in church, you will follow the rule in force now in our churches.

4.  As for parish employees, it is highly desirable that they be fully vaccinated. However, if this is not the case, they will have to wear a mask at all times and undergo a COVID test periodically according to government policy.

5.  We will accept anyone who comes to the parish offices for information or service. If this person is not vaccinated, they may be asked to wear a mask.

Questions:  Can we still accept a person who is not vaccinated or has a single dose inside our facilities for a celebration or a meeting?  Even with a mask and social distancing?
Answer:  The minister said "no" unless she had proof of exemption, which is rare.

We ask you to implement these new measures in each of your Christian communities not only to respect the government's request but above all to help stop the spread of the virus among our population. We would not want one of our places of worship to be the location of a COVID exposure due to our negligence. The Minister of Health is counting on our cooperation.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you implement these new measures. I thank you in advance for all the efforts it requires to put in place this new protocol.

May the Lord bless us and continue to watch over us.

Mgr Valery Vienneau


Anonymous said...

We were cautioned last week to avoid language that might be less than charitable. Does this feel like gaslighting to anyone else? Rome burns while Nero fiddles. I can't speak for anyone else, but generally speaking, unless and until these men feel some heat, they clearly won't do even the minimally decent thing. They use gaslighting and admonitions to charity, meekness, and so on, to convince us to not only do nothing, but do nothing with a smile on our joyous faces!
This needs to end. I have always tried to conduct myself as a lady, and I dislike discord, but he's everything you just said Vox, and more. Time to tell him.
We see where silence and charity have gotten us. Here.

Vox Cantoris said...


They want us to stay quiet.


Anonymous said...

Instead of being furious at these evil clowns, why not just call them what they are?They are the ape of the Church, and that is all. I have stopped attending their liturgy altogether. When you attend, you encourage them and quite frankly, it is evil to encourage evil. By the grace of God I attend an SSPX chapel. If I didn’t have that or didn’t have a diocesan Mass that thoroughly ignores TC, I would just keep Holy the Lord’s Day by reading the Sunday prayers and finding a good source to study the readings. It is my responsibility to protect my faith, and I will not risk it by opening myself up to the teachings, such as they are, of the ape of the Church. God does not expect the impossible. If there is no acceptable TLM, then there is no acceptable Mass. I’m not playing the games these men fooled me into playing for 56 years. They are making themselves obvious, and I’m not going along. The SSPX will probably be excommunicated again but if I’m excommunicated along with them, so what? I never wanted to be in communion with the ape of the Church.

Phineas said...

All dioceses in Canada (and elsewhere) have gotten used to Caesar's largess over the last 18 months. It was in some sense a test, to see whether they could endure hard times without succumbing to Caesar's thirty pieces of silver. They failed spectacularly.

Many dioceses have now pivoted to doing the bidding of Caesar in exchange for a comfortable stipend. I think Vienneau could care less about parishioner donations going forward, let alone their showing up for Mass. Whether he believes in them or not, the Four Last Things exist. May God have mercy on his soul.

Brian said...

I wonder if our "monkey see monkey do" bishops in Ontario are waiting to see what their metropolitan does.

Tom A. said...

Vax or no vax, stay away from the Novs Ordo!

Johnno said...

I want to know what all the local priests are doing about this.

Are they going to "just follow orders"?

philipjohnson said...

I agree with the above comments.The Ape of the Church is what we have got and the Novus Ordo is a no go for me.Stay with Tradition despite Antipope Bergoglio the Heretic.

M. Prodigal said...

If I were one to judge I might think this bishop was committing a grave sin to deny sacraments to those faithful who are disposed to receive them. He is no shepherd but a shill of the globalists and of the enemy of souls.

Unknown said...

It appears Vienneau requires dropping a few tons of comorbidity instead of insisting everyone else jab-up to make console his sense of personal safety.