Friday, 24 September 2021

Dear fellow Catholics in the Archdiocese of Toronto ...

Coercion is a wicked thing. 

Especially when done by a Prince of the Church.

More to follow....

So, let us begin.

The parish secretary, a kind and faithful and loyal woman has been employed by the Parish of Pick-A-Saint for twenty years. She is trusted with much information and much of it confidential. She is trusted with money ensuring that the four-fingered Cardinal Cocktail gets his cathedraticum.

Suddenly, she is a liar not to be trusted. You see this woman who earns maybe $500 a week now needs to go to conglomerate named Shoppers Drug Mart to pay $40 twice per week out of her pocket for rapid testing and send the proof to the Cardinal's minions to ensure she is not a leper. Notwithstanding that she has been healthy and working without a jab all this time. 

Cardinal Cocktail knows what I know. The Government of Canada provides for free the Abbot rapid test to Shoppers Drug Mart which charges $14 for a box of 25 to eligible small and medium sized businesses. The $14 is a handling charge and not unreasonable. What is unreasonable is that Cardinal Cocktail does not trust the parish secretary to have the box and test herself and attest to the results. He wants a receipt and proof. Oh, he knows something about "Proof!"

Failure to comply with the demonic coercion demanded as of October 8, could result in unemployment.

What's next?

Unvaccinated priests in the Archdiocese of Toronto are so limited in their ministry that they really won't have one.

Yes. You read this correctly.

Now, read this and weep.


Anonymous said...

Just today I told my administrators at my public education place of employment, that I will not be tested like a lab rat, so no, I will not only not be jabbed, but not tested weekly either. My income is key. It provides 70% of our income and benefits. But if enough people start to say NO and stick to it, we can push back on this. In the future we will not be able to, but now we must. I leave my future up to God, I have entirely put it in His hands.
The reason I gave is, I am a child of God as we all are. It is beneath the dignity of the human person to be tested each week as if we are vectors of disease. It makes no sense in light of the fact I had Covid and survived it. I have antibodies. It is reportedly Ethylene Oxide on the tip of those likely Chinese-made swabs. According to the FDA that is a carcinogen. What does it to do our bodies to be tested weekly with Ethylene Oxide. In addition, people who had the jab get Covid and transmit it. So these people do not rely on facts, but their own fantasies, that many once normal people seem ready to accept. They are like the walking dead, unwilling to see where we are headed, unable to come out of their stupor. It seems a worldwide diabolical disorientation. Are people who got the jab no longer able to think critically or think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Your religious Belief for a religious exemption is not dictated by any one individual. It is what is in you heart and your soul. Watch this and after the Doctors the lawyers speak and explain what a religious exemption really means.