Thursday, 23 September 2021

Ontario Führer Herr Douglas Ford



Anonymous said...

We see what's happening in Australia, where petty tyrants, the Public "Health" administrators, actual union bosses, and the police, are shooting the now-unarmed Australians in the BACK, with rubber bullets and beating them. This is where all tyranny ends up. Unless it's stopped as it rears it's ugly head. See Canon-212 or Bitchute, Rumbl, for videos.
God speed to all Aussies. We're all Aussies now!
Push back, people. I've got to go in to work most likely and tell them I won't accept having a Chinese-made swab shoved up my nostril every week, with God-knows what on it. I can't afford not to work, and I'll potentially lose benefits. But if we do not sacrifice for the greater cause, we're lost. I'm a grandmother in my 60's. If I can do it, you can do it. Tyranny. Never!

Johnno said...

Thankfully Furher Ford's daughter isn't goosestepping to his tune.