Friday, 24 September 2021

Hamilton Bishop Douglas Crosby reveals where his true faith resides. It's not where you think.

The experimental genetic manipulation tested or containing serum derived from fetal stem cells have injured and killed, caused the spike protein to generate SARS-CoV-2, failed to stop one from getting it, will not prevent one passing it on to "coworkers" parishioners or anyone else. More and more, we hear and see the evidence presented to us by courageous scientists, doctors and nurses and others. We also see draconian and authoritarian actions of government to violate our religious and conscientious and civil rights. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has stated that these injections are and always must be, voluntary. Yet, this Crosby, along with the hireling in Moncton are using manipulation, threats and coercion against the faithful. It is utterly demonic and if these men do not repent and give reparation, they will go to the lowest pit of Hell.

Douglas Crosby is either ill-informed, duped, stupid or a wicked, damnable and manipulative liar.

Frankly, he is all of that.

What he is not is a Shepherd or Apostle of Jesus Christ. He follows a different master.  

"But the hireling, and he that is not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and flieth: and the wolf catcheth, and scattereth the sheep: And the hireling flieth, because he is a hireling: and he hath no care for the sheep." 


Ana Milan said...

These prelates are of the Ape Church & members of the USCCB which has been taken over by the liberal Democrat Party & the NWO which gives them huge financial rewards for their support in everything they wish to accomplish which is demonic & against the teaching of the OHCA Church that they want eradicated forever. This will not end until the present usurper in the PO is removed either physically, denounced, resigned or dies. There has never been anything so bad in church history & demonstrates the power God has given to Satan to test His Church. There are very few prelates who are visibly on God's side. Most of them remain silent due to threats, abuse of power, violent tantrums etc. from a wicked & cruel invader of the PO, idolater, blasphemer, apostate, heretic, antipope whom no-one wants to take on for fear of repercussions. They are not soldiers of Christ but are driven to do the bidding of Satan rather than preaching against his dastardly plan to make himself God. The entire church is crashing & will probably have to reach rock-bottom before God shows us any mercy. We can only pray for light at the end of the tunnel when one (or both) are called by God from this earth to be replaced by that chosen prelate Our Lady spoke about in Quito. He will not allow His Bride to be annihilated although we are very close to the edge.

Anonymous said...

Yes. This vaccine is just another bridge we cross to soften us up to live in the spirit of the AntiChrist.
Just as God allowed his people to get ready for Jesus Christ we are witness to the events working up to eventual arrival
of AntiChrist. Read in the Apocalypse what God has said to the Churches.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

The real problem with these bishops is not that they support the experimental vaccines, but sadly, that they no longer believe in God. They have forgotten their vocation and the mission of the Church to preach the Word and save souls. We also saw this with this diocese as they were quick to raise the rainbow flag and celebrate pride month in Catholic schools. They have put their loyalty to Caesar first. Without God, every sin is possible. It’s all relative, even the best of pastoral plans.

susan said...

That poster is a joke....everything in it is a damnable lie and EASILY proven to be blatant lies. This 'man' is of his father, who was a liar and murderer from the beginning.
....a REAL chip off the old block.

Johnno said...

"Views expressed about the Covid-19 vaccines are their own."

Thanks for the disclaimer PIECE.

Anonymous said...

What gives these men the right to give medical advice? If one person gets that jab based on the medical advice of these men, they are morally responsible for the outcome for that individual, every, single time. These men fear no God. They fear no moral responsibility, because if they truly believed in a righteous God to which they must give account they would never do such a thing! That is too much moral responsibility! We know there are often adverse events, but this man fears his superiors far more than he does his own culpability in such a crime. He speaks truthfully, he says he has faith in the vaccine, he says nothing about God because he has no God he believes in. Material man. That is all these materialistic men believe in. Power. Belonging to the club. Comfortable living. Fine dining. Travel. Opportunities of various kinds. This is their religion.
Note the directive at the end: Get your vaccine. Where's the pretty please? How dare these hirelings order people about. Who do they think they are.

Anonymous said...

As a member of the diocese of Hamilton I was absolutely sickened when I saw this posted on the diocesan website, on Election Day no less.

One particular reference particularly disgusts me, “my parishioners”. Crosby WE ARE NOT YOUR parishioners but God’s faithful. You are supposed to be our shepherd not a hireling of a corrupt, immoral government whose medical authorities also tell us it’s perfectly fine to rip children apart while in the womb.

Like them or not at least in other dioceses they published their positions while in Hamilton everything is done by stealth with their new policy only being sent from Crosby’s henchman “rev” msgr. Kroetch to parish staff. Just like the way they barred all priests from celebrating the TLM except for TWO whole priests in a geographically huge diocese. Any other priest wishing to celebrate the TLM has to apply to the dictatorship office in Hamilton and if allowed can only celebrate privately WITHOUT even a server.

As for my part this diocese GETS ZERO $ from me while this person is its “shepherd”.

St. Joseph patron of the universal church and terror of demons pray for us and rid us of all duplicitous false shepherds!

Father John Matthew Duffy said...

Last June, Bishop Crosby instructed his Vicar General to order Hamilton priests to tell parishioners not to complain against the triumphant raising of the "rainbow" ( sodophile ) flag
over Halton Catholic schools. Bishop Crosby also supports teaching sodomy to Catholic school children through his Vicar for Education who gives seminars on "rainbow" sodomy as an expression of "love".

In this time in which priests and bishops are going to prison for corrupting children, I find it bizarre that Bishop Crosby is allowed to continue in Hamilton.