Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Barry Knestout's Diocesan paper rejoices in suffering of CCP virus victim!

The publication of the Diocese of Richmond under a once Washington priest, now Bishop Barry Knestout has published a derogatory cartoon "enjoying" the suffering of a patient suffering from the CCP Virus. Knestout was consecrated by Donald Wuerl. If this man employs such people that would do such a thing as this, one asks, what else do they do? What about Knestout, what's going on with this hireling?

LifeSiteNews reports that they have "apologised." That should include a spot in place of this cartoon which is still present and those responsible, fired!

What wicked and shameful louts.

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You know what to do. 


Phineas said...

All messaging is top down. Bergoglio is a vax pusher, so this cartoon is the natural result.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Phineas. These people are so ignorant they are ignorant of the fact of how ignorant they are. They fail, as human beings, on three fronts, moral, political, and intellectual.
1. It is Christianity 101 to be horrified at the idea of someone enjoying the suffering of another.
2. Have these people no understanding at all that they are helping usher in Marxism and the ideologies that have killed more human beings than all other ideologies combined? Marxism is a godless ideology, that pits one class against another. How can people not see how we are being pitted one against the other? Male vs female. Old vs young. Rich vs poor. Vaccinated vs unvaccinated.
They play right into their hands by being so foolish.
3. The latest data is demonstrating, no, proving, that the vaccinations are causing the vaccinated to become very ill upon exposure to Covid, OR, the people filling hospitals and getting so sick are demonstrating the severe adverse effects of the vaccines themselves.

If this proves out, and we hope it does not, will they think it so amusing to find that they are in that hospital bed, not the unvaccinated?
No bishop, ever, should allow or condone such a vile statement. This is pure Marxist political division strategy, and it shows an inhuman mindset. It should be condemned immediately, and all further demonization of people needs to stop against those who have had Covid and are 10-20X more immune to Covid, or those who morally disagree with the injections, or those who fear adverse effects as those that are well documented, or those who just don't want vaccines, or those who understand a recovery rate of 99% is not akin to smallpox or ebola and therefore do not want an experimental injection, or those who are allergic to medications, or those who fear myocarditis or their own medical reasons, or those who for whatever personal reason they hold have a RIGHT before God to not inject themselves with ANYTHING they don't want. YOU, do not have any right whatsoever, none, zero, nada, zilch, to tell someone else what drug they must put into their body. MY BODY, MY CHOICE, remember that?? Hypocrites. And if you can laugh and enjoy telling someone who got Covid, "I told you so", then you are a cretin, a sub-person, and you add ugliness to this world. You are a poor Christian.