Tuesday, 7 September 2021

No jab in Ontario? No funeral visits for you! What will Thomas Cardinal Collins do?

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario has announced that, as of September 22, no person will be permitted to attend an indoor funeral service in a funeral parlour, mausoleum, cemetery or crematorium. 

Registrar’s Directive: Funeral homes and transfer services must implement a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy - Bereavement Authority of Ontario (thebao.ca)




Absolutely without compassion. Completely wicked. 

Now, what will Thomas Cardinal Collins do about our Catholic cemeteries and mausoleums? Under corporation sole, he owns them. Will he allow BAO to dictate who can attend Catholic funerals and visitation? 

Are churches next? In a written statement to CTV News London, The Roman Catholic Diocese of London wrote:

"The Diocese of London is currently considering whether proof of vaccination could be required to enter a church, as well as how we would accommodate those with a medical exemption. Our priority is balancing the safety of our parishioners and ensuring access to the sacraments for the faithful."

Be strong friends, God wins. We need to remain prayerful and faithful. This won't last long, they are all being exposed. 


Phineas said...

My mother hasn't many years left and in fact could leave this world for her eternal reward at any time. My siblings and their families are all vaxxed and can't understand why, ahem, "I will not disclose my personal medical information".

Does the BAO policy extend to the deceased as well? (sarc). You are right, Vox, the EVIL is being exposed.

Anonymous said...

Just read that Australia will require vax pass to enter church for worship effective mid October.

Vox Cantoris said...

The Australians have lost their minds. Last week the Ontario government announced the implementation of a vaccine passport and when asked by the media why it didn’t include churches the chief medical officer of health said their research shows that the vaccine is not being spread in church and that they targeted the mandate for where the vaccine is being spread. Therefore it’s being spread in restaurants bars gymnasiums and large sporting events and other large gatherings but it’s not being spread in churches. So far in Ontario this is a good thing but I don’t know who I trust less - The cardinal or the chief medical officer of health?

Phineas said...

They don't have the vax numbers to move to the booster phase so they're panicking. Keep your eye on Australia though - one third of the over-16 population has not been vaxxed. Can you put 7 million people in "quarantine facilities"? I dunno, but it will be interesting.

peasant said...

Quote from the The Diocese of London
" Our priority is balancing the safety of our parishioners"
It is quite apparent that the church today is no longer aware of its own history, even within the span of just my lifetime. There have been saints who took care of the sick, putting themselves at risk of infection and even acquiring and dying from the same that infected those they cared for. Priests brought the sacraments to the sick knowing that they placed themselves at risk, but they continued to do so. Martyrs took no account of what their bodies may be made to suffer as they stood their ground for the faith. In this new church, of Bergoglian doctrine there will be no such martyrs, saints, blesseds, or holy souls, at least not officially recognized. In the faith with no hereafter saving your body is all there is. This is what you get when you dispose of the Divine dogma and rebuild with bricks.

jaydayrock said...

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario is not a law making body. The Government of Ontario would have to make a law. The Bereavement Authority, according to the site I went to, a legal site, said this group was a group that regulates the Bereavement industry, to assure that the bereaved have access to appropriate information and they handle complaints. Looks to me like anyone and every one is hopping on the bandwagon to enforce some notions they have of how to tighten the screws.
We need to hold the Government responsible. Ask questions, write letters, go to functions where these people who are running for office are appearing. Some parents have made great headway demanding rights for their children.
I've heard there is a 250% increase in deaths, so we're all going to be effected, I imagine, soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Implicit in EVERY official Catholic statement I've seen is acceptance of the narrative that lockdowns, distancing, face diapers, and the deathvaxx all mitigate transmission of the "virus," and that ALL age groups are at risk--even children, whose risk is zero.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

If this madness keeps up, I will surely be banned from attending my own funeral. God help us!

Anonymous said...

I do not want to be at my own funeral anyway. I want to be immersed in the Beatific Vision!
This is all temporary , keep your eyes focused on the Everlasting.

Anonymous said...

Oh for Pete's sake, friends, it's way past time to stop complying with these Nazis. I don't care anymore that the Nazi argument shouldn't be used, it applies. These people are insane. It's time for the people to rise up and push back, now, today. Don't wait. They can't arrest everybody, and everybody has to be in. Once this movement starts gaining traction, it's so on. We want our children and grandchildren to live in a free world don't we? Well the only way that's going to happen is to stop going along with these penny-ante fascists and say NO and mean it. Be like that lady who ran into the shopping center yelling "Liberte!".
Australia, we wish we could help you, but every nation has to decide for themselves. Someone needs to have a conversation with your little pencil-neck Napoleanic four-eyed Mussolini wannabe. Who the H do these people think they are. There is only one way out, STOP COMPLYING.
And you, the vaccinated? Time for you to start defending your countrymen who are being persecuted for a different choice! They are using the vaccine to divide citizens. Don't let them. Unite! Freedom loving people of the world, unite.

Vox Cantoris said...


Anna said...

Bastards ! All of them - not sorry at all - all these stupid people complying and our ‘bisheeps’ just going along - they’re all fascists - masons - this is their ultimate plan being unfolded - I was a child in a communist country under marshall law - they have no clue what’s coming - no clue - my foot will never step into another church so long as these bastards keep complying with this fascist government- their stupid tape in every sanctuary and stupid hand sanitizer instead of holy water - they’ll see very soon what’s coming - I have not one iota of compassion for them - they’ve left us abandoned- starved - how dare they ?? Is this a job or vocation? My vocation is a wife and mother - I don’t get a day off padre’s - bishops- I can’t say to a newborn crying in the middle of the night - mommy’s tired you just cry your hungry little tummy to sleep - abandoned that’s what we are - let’s not kid ourselves - how do you tell us who’ve been starved of the sacraments for almost two years that you’re tired - that you’re scared ? You tell us to believe 100% - you tell us to put in our all - and what do you do? You either believe or you don’t - is it a different Jesus at NO mass thsn it is at Latin Mass ? It’s not ok to manhandle Jesus at Latin mass but it’s ok at NO - I’m sorry I must be a simpleton but it doesn’t make sense to me - He either is or He isn’t there ? We’re asked to believe 100% - how about you ? I’m not saying there are not good priests -they’re being persecuted - but the rest ? I can’t do this anymore - I can’t put my family thru this - I can’t be a halfway Catholic - you either are or you aren’t and Collins - God help you , but then again it appears you don’t want or need His help, you’ve made your choice for all the world to see !!

Evangeline said...

What Anna said, and stop and take this thought in, that monster in Rome saw the world suffering with division and fear and angst, and his answer to it, punish the traditional Catholics by taking away the Holy Mass. What kind of person would do that. We all know what kind of person, a pathologically sick person, someone with malice for the very people he is supposed to lead. And the bishops? They are worse than useless. Fr. Damien of Molokai. Take a look at Fr. Damien's life of service to his people, not even his people! And we have bishops who've denied the poor people, dying of Covid, alone in hospitals, and no human contact to comfort them, no sacraments, no anointing their poor heads and giving them last rites. Yes, last rites, there's nothing wrong with saying last rites. That's what they sometimes are. I watched my poor sister die of cancer, and the last rites and Viaticum were a comfort for her journey, and for the family left behind. And all those suffering people lying in beds, denied it because bishops no longer believe in anything supernatural. They believe in their full bellies, full coffers from "resettlement funds" from the government, and believe in mansions they build themselves. Hirelings, almost all. They don't have faith in or worship Jesus Christ. And they talk about demanding we be vaccinated before we can come to Holy Mass?? I'd rather listen to a Protestant pastor who loves Christ than darken the door of a church that has a bishops that demands a vaccine that clearly many don't want. How dare you demand the faithful participate in a medical experiment. You aren't doctors! If it kills someone or makes someone disabled, will you compensate?? I never thought I'd think or say what many of us are thinking and saying now, about Catholic bishops. They've brought this upon themselves.

Anonymous said...

Check out what a British undertaker has to say about the "pandemic". https://www.fromrome.info/2021/09/06/uk-undertaker-reports-250-increase-in-deaths-following-deathvaxx-campaign/