Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Cardinal Collins to Toronto Priests - No jab? No gab!

The annual Autumn priest retreat for the Archdiocese of Toronto was cancelled in 2020 due to the Chinese Communist Party Virus (lest we forget its origin and purpose). Held at the Nottawasaga Inn and Resort the annual CardinalFest takes on a different spin this year. No jab, no gab. According to multiple sources, a memorandum was sent yesterday from the Chancerycrats that a priest not double-jabbed by the appropriate time will not be permitted to golf, relax and dwell in the bask of the glow of the Cardinal and his episcopally bored committee.

What an ingeniously wicked and manipulative way to determine which priests in the Archdiocese of Toronto have not gotten the jab. They will all be exposed, outed to all their colleagues for easy shaming and targetting. I can assure you, they may not be the majority but they are not a few. There is also a repugnant level of harassment that has begun against some of those not jabbed. On the other hand, the un-jabbed will probably look at this as a bonus.

Cardinal Collins has been pushing the jab on Catholics for many months. Preaching from the Ambo at St. Michael's Cathedral, he has called it "common sense" and an "act of charity" admonishing Catholics that those who do not take it obviously have no concern for the "common good." It is important to note that Collins went even further than the government diktats in Ontario and shut down Mass completely, even before the initial lockdown and later, at a time when the government did not shut religious services and only severely restricted numbers. For many Catholics, receiving Holy Communion is impossible because Collins continues to prohibit Holy Communion on the tongue at Mass - a situation where some Catholics have now gone 18 months without the holy Sacrament. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Second Vatican Council and the Canadian bishops' own infamous Winnipeg Statement all remind us that our conscience is supreme and that we cannot violate our conscience. Except in the matter of taking the jab or in the manner of receiving Holy Communion. Here, we are expected in these two matters to violate our consciences. 

Rise up, Fathers, unite. If you are a Toronto priest and on your own and do not know your brothers who think like you, or if you are a priest being persecuted or harassed by your pastor, feel free to write me in confidence where I can share with you those priest colleagues who will support you and network in truth, solidarity, support and prayer.

Fathers, you are not alone. Do not violate your conscience! voxcantoris@rogers.com


Phineas said...

During this entire 18 months, this is what it was leading up to. The only freedom anyone really had was to not get jabbed. Those ruling us could not move forward without high vax numbers.

Everyday For Life's post about Bonhoeffer's stupid people is a must read. Most highly intelligent people it seems are utterly locked into the Government / MSM / Green Party-through-to-Conservative narrative. They are all in the grip of Communism.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

When you take government money during the lock down, you also will be obliged to follow their policies and laws. This is what the Catholic Church has chosen to do in Canada. So, the jab is just another requirement for payment. The Church today isn’t fighting for people’s freedom to choose or even for religious liberty. They have sold themselves for thirty pieces of silver and charitable status and then some. They are following the temporal and Caesar first and the spiritual second. Your post only provides more evidence for this. This is what has, sadly, happened to Catholics in China. The state is running the “Church” thanks to the Vatican agreement to allow the communist to chose bishops, the content of homilies and how celebrations are to be conducted. And the Catholic Church in Canada has slowly retreated into irrelevance. Worship has become a private matter of little consequence in the public square. Our “Catholic” schools have been hijacked by critical race theory, sexual indoctrination and social justice, while the shepherds remain silent. And it may get worse after this federal election, if Canadians don’t vote for freedom but choose more of the same. You would never hear Cardinal Collins say that you can’t be Catholic and vote Liberal. I’m sure you know why. And this is how evil and fear spread. We’re afraid to speak the truth.

Brother de Montfort said...

Cardinal Collins is a traitor to the faith who is nothing more than an arm of the state, just like 99% of the Bishops in Canada. I doubt any of them have ever had the faith.

Anonymous said...

There is talk that the chancery will implement its own vaccine mandate for people who want to attend Mass. Could you confirm this?

Vox Cantoris said...

I have heard this, though it is something I believe is being discussed at the Assembly of Bishops of Ontario. Hamilton Diocese released a letter stating their "lawyers" were studying the provincial mandate for a "vaccine policy." This does not mean a "vaccine!"

Hamilton now allows Holy Communion on the tongue, St. Catharines never banned it as Toronto and London have.

No firm info you.

We are the new lepers. "They have the buildings, we have the faith!"

Aqua said...

St. Polycarp was ordered by Caesar to render his obeisance by offering just a tiny little pinch of incense to the statue of Caesar. How much “good” could this Saint have accomplished by offering just a few tiny grains and remaining alive for more “good works”, more edifying writings. But no. He chose death, martyrdom, instead.

This is a direct cut and paste from Catholic Ground Game blog:

“ It’s Just a Pinch of Incense
“... whosoever therefore will be a friend of this world, becometh an enemy of God.” D-R Jas 4:4
pinch incense.jpg
Let us resolve to not let this enemy (Modernists within our Church) trick us into bargaining a perilous compromise with ingratiating words like coexist, dialogue, adapt, get along, find common ground, be nice, win-win, and so forth, which many times are intended to subvert authentic Church Teachings and our own convictions. As the Romans said, in an effort to enfeeble Polycarp, "it's just a pinch of incense”. Polycarp would escape torture and death if he would offer just a pinch of incense to Caesar's statue. Steadfast in his stand for Christ, Polycarp refused to compromise his beliefs, and thus, was set to be burned alive at the stake. But, instead of being burned …

Resume reading
View fullsize
… he seemed to glow ... so they stabbed him. For a full account see The Martyrdom of Polycarp.

Consider the quotes below, then ask yourself: Do these Scripture verses sound like we should make concessions, seek the middle ground, or accommodate?
+ “... whosoever therefore will be a friend of this world, becometh an enemy of God.” D-R Jas 4:4

+ “... you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.” D-R Jn 15:19

+ “... be not conformed to this world; but be reformed in the newness of your mind, that you may prove what is the good, and the acceptable, and the perfect will of God.” D-R Rom 12:2

+ “... they will put you out of the synagogues: yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth a service to God.” D-R John 16:2”

And then, the OT equivalent. Seven brothers, apprehended by the pagan King, ordered to eat swine flesh against the Law of God to the Jews, whose choice was to join their Jewish brethren and eat the swine against their will and live … or … refuse and submit to torture and death. How much “good” could they have accomplished if they’d only remained alive - broken the Law under duress - surely God would understand? They could support their widowed mother and their nation if they’d chosen to live by breaking Divine Law. No. They all, and then their mother with them, were tortured and killed. Their usefulness was ended …. Except we now get to read their story forever into eternity in God’s Holy Word, aka the Bible,


Aqua said...

I should have linked to the Catholic Ground Game blog itself, from which I excerpted for my previous comment.


He also mentions there, in addition to the story of St. Polycarp, the moving tribute to the martyred French Carmelite nuns, with video tribute embedded.


And the ancient (850 AD) hymn they sang to their Jesus as they marched boldly to their death.


Take the vaccine if you are convinced it is a godly, holy, spiritually lawful thing to do, according to the Word of God and the Magisterial teaching of the Church (as distinct from the current Vatican II teaching which explicitly disconnects itself from all that came before, including the Words of Christ Himself).

Do NOT take the vaccine because you wish to remain employed, in favor, or just to stop the constant pressure of “the Beast”.

Anonymous said...

David and ALL , please please please
watch in it's entirety !


M. Prodigal said...

Because all of these (not) vaccines are predicated on the murder of the unborn, I will never agree to take one as my conscience tells me it is immoral and a sin. Good fruit does not come from a bad tree. And this is a demonic tree.

Vox Cantoris said...

I agree. However, our problem is that most or all of our medications are tested on foetal stem lines.

Anonymous said...

So what will happen next year, you cannot attend if you don't show your 666 on your forehead or hand?

Dad29 said...

For a Roman Catholic view on "common good," see this essay: https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/tyrannizing-the-common-good/

If you guessed that the above is a FAR more CATHOLIC exposition of the topic than that of +Collins you are correct.

Johnno said...

More like the 'American funded Chinese Communist Party Virus' which proves that the commies are working in concert from East to West. There are no borders and communism is a disease whose symptoms are springing to life with every government statement and elementary school teacher hired to indoctrinate your cute little children 7 hours a day. Just see the most recent output from Project Veritas. If you believe the entire school staff wasn't aware of a tattooed individual coming to work in his Hammer/Sickle T-Shirt and portraits of Mao on the wall of his class, then please line up and take your mRNA injection because everything is awesome.

Also worth pointing out that seminarians are also being pressured to take the clot-shot. Some scaredy-cat priests also won't let them intern at their parish, either because they are scared, or some of the screeching mask-wearing parishioners are pressuring them. So there are already problems.

Some of them fear that they will never make it to ordination.

So between that, the aging priests and the priests who are sure to drop dead by their second, third or fourth jab, and the difficulties of travel so you can't even count on importing priests from overseas or sodomites on VISAs from south of the border means the Church is going to be absolutely devastated as 2030 approaches.

Francis will still be alive however, somehow clutching on, just to spite you, and because he knows where he is going and is desperately hoping all that soul annihilation is true.

Anonymous said...

The Vigano Tapes https://youtu.be/Tud_Julicq0