Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Mark Mallett - Open Letter to Catholic Bishops

 Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops - The Now Word (markmallett.com)

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Anonymous said...

That was very well written, and not a word of it is contrary to what I have read over the last year plus. With lightning speed we have arrived at a precipice, freedom as the West has lived it and understood it as long as we have been here, or complete tyranny and slavery to the system, brought about by evil people using Covid as their rationale. Just today I heard about a local hospital, where a woman was visiting her sick husband. An employee of the hospital approached her and told her she has to leave. Why? Because YESTERDAY, she was in the hospital and did not wear a mask. Her husband became very upset, and she was made to leave. The employee, was accompanied by a security guard. The lady in question, lives in senior housing. She was no threat at all.
What we are seeing is regular, average citizens, who are allowing themselves to be turned into Nazi-sympathizers, right before our eyes. So happy to have a vent for their months of pent-up anxiety, fear, and frustration, they stupidly act out against the now-demonized fellow citizens who merely do not need or want these shots. It is even fun, to be in the popular group, the group that gets a pat on the head for making "the right choice". Like little children, they happily inflict tyranny on their fellow man, as long as they are with the in-crowd. Despicable, no?
And what can we call it, when our churchmen, are mute and do not defend the flock against such tyranny. What possible words are adequate, when to our horror we see that the pope and these men, these traitors, have helped the tyrants and given them support and encouragement in their work, and fallen silent to allow good people to be punished for no reason at all. The church, is endorsing the active persecution of Catholics, and is saying NOTHING.