Sunday, 26 September 2021

The soon to be new home of Thomas Cardinal Collins renovated on your contributions from your parish collection and something else...

Sweet, eh? Big renovation to the upper floors for Cardinal Cocktail and his special priest friend from the Bishop's Palace to assist him. 

How much did you contribute today?

How much did you give to the "Family of Faith" campaign that is now going to provide this little gem for his retirement next January?

When shall we discuss that Dominican liturgist and the rape of a Carmelite seminarian at St. Augustine's Seminary and the rush to hospital. And who attended his eventual ordination and how much did the payoff of damages and silence cost? We have all the names, the pervert, his victim, the one who covered it up.

All true friends. The filth in Toronto is deep and so is the money to force non-disclosures.

Shall we mention the Chancellor? A Monsignor who fathered a few and used certain funds to support them? And whatever happened to the mother? 

Oh yes, we know it all. And so much more.

Have a nice day, Tom.


Anonymous said...

Just like the former Bishop of the Wheeling/Charleston Diocese of West Virginia, US. Cardinal Collins can look to him to see his own future.

Anonymous said...

If you have any contacts on the inside see if you can find out what happened to a faithful priest at the seminary who was removed for speaking up for recent victims of sexual harassment. The faithful need to stop funding their lifestyles. Stop contributing. Give directly to faithful priests and authentic Catholic charities. That's the only thing these pagan degenerates understand.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

I haven’t given a penny to my parish since the “pandemic” began and neither to the family of faith. I refuse to support a church that has chosen to abandon the faithful during a time of crisis and raise money with no real accountability.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder what he will tell Jesus on the Day of Judgement... The true faith in Toronto is almost DEAD... Young people make jokes about the FAITH... Churches are barely functioning without a true SPIRIT, but they - like their brothers bishops in USA are worrying only about money, convenient life and selling us to the politicians of the day! What a total shame! Personally, I can't imagine their Judgment Day! Thousand upon thousand of people lost their souls in our Catholic Schools - which has only name on them. The rest is a total disaster! I do not know ANY person from my daughter class, who is still going to church. Catholics here brought their faith from others countries, NOT TO LOOSE THEIR OWN CHILDREN'S SOULS UNDER SUCH CHURCH HERARCHY, who might not even remember what Jesus called them for!

Anonymous said...

If people can be shocked in heaven we are going to be shocked to see how much we supported an evil regime as corrupt as the government, all within our own church. It goes on and on and out of habit and loyalty people keep opening their wallets and what they are funding is in fact evil. Let these men have empty churches and zero money in the coffers. How long can Resettlement Funds from the government keep them going?
Not a DIME, not a dime, but gift cards for faithful priests, if you can find any, if you're blessed to know some. Give Father a gift card for gas at the gas station, food at the grocery store, and so on. But stop giving to the diocese which also goes to Rome. Cut off these sodomites and heretics. They clearly don't need your money, because look at how we are treated. We are so gaslighted they can humiliate us with Covid demands, deny our loved ones who are dying last rites and blessings, say people can't go to funerals, and no Holy Mass without diapers on our face and standing exactly where they say, etc., etc., etc., and it's all Bull____. They are nothing but perverts enjoying, yes, enjoying, forcing the faithful to publicly submit to their perverted demands and orders. We fail to recognize the titillation of sick men, whose perversions are so deep we cannot comprehend they are smiling in enjoyment. All that hilarity? All those "joy faces"? It does not conceal sick men enjoying sick antics.
Cut them off. There is nothing left but denying them money and your participation. Use them both.

Anonymous said...

I thought Collins wanted to go back to Guelph when he retired. Why is he wanting to stay at the Newman Centre? Won’t his successor have something to say about that?

Vox Cantoris said...

An excellent question.

He will be close by to give advice and guidance to his successor, McGrattan.

It's as good as done.

Also, most around the university are under 30. His Asperger's means it is all that he can handle. He can't stand real men standing up to him, runs away likes a little girl. He can't keep to a decision even when it is the correct one.

Take the establishment of a parish for the FSSP and its retraction a few days later.

There is so much.

Anonymous said...

I stopped giving money to this criminal organization since the pandemic started. I did so after deep prayer. I only give money cash to a priest I know who is also persecuted. They are living on the money the government gives to organizations to resettle refugees. They don’t care if they are Catholic, Christian or not; they just want the money. There is an organization called Samaritans Purse, ran by an Evangelical Church and they are the only ones currently supporting and bringing Christian refugees because our church who has “the fullness of truth” doesn’t care anymore.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vox: I always felt there was something odd about Collins. He surrounded himself with the young boys (priests and seminarians) and enjoyed their company. Now, I don’t know for sure that it’s Aspergers, but I sure sounds like you’ve got it right. Bravo!!

Vox Cantoris said...

He seems like a man who wants to do the right thing, but he is fundamentally weak, insecure and a coward.

Take the FSSP for example, I know all the facts, I was there as Schola Master and Choir Director. It was tragic, we were really starting to grow.

He came here in December 2006. The executive of Una Voce Toronto met with him in that first year about inviting in the FSSP or ICRSS. He eventually agreed to invite the Fraternity and it came to pass in August of 2008 with the promise of a personal parish. In late August of 2009 he granted them Canadian Martyrs in East York. It was announced on the diocesan web page in the Update Newsletter and sent to parishes. There was a revolt to his decision and three days later, he reneged.

In late October he forbid Holy Communion on the tongue. I attended the funeral of Msgr. T.Barrett Armstrong of the choir school on November 3 and dutifully went the deacon on his right and put out my hands (not something I do now). He then gave Holy Communion to a woman on my right, on the tongue. The next two Sundays, Father Venette printed in the bulletin that, "At this Mass and in accord with the laws of the Universal Church, Holy Communion is only distributed on the tongue." He had spies that dutifully reported back.

In January, a meeting was held with the Collins and Father Venette and the Superior General of the FSSP. They came here to discuss the parish and Collins raised the bar on money, attendance and much more. They were also told, as per my sources, that he was not pleased over their, "disobedience."

While they left of their own accord, it was sort of like, "please offer me your resignation" so that he could save face.

A coward from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

The CCCB will be asking you for 30 million to support truth and reconciliation.