Saturday, 25 September 2021

Letter to Thomas Cardinal Collins

Readers; feel free to write your own. The actual email address for Cardinal Collins is:

From: Vox Cantoris []

Sent: Saturday, September 25, 2021 6:15 AM
To: 'Office of the Cardinal'; ''
Subject: Legacy
Importance: High 

Cardinal Collins, 

I cannot think of a greater disappointment than what you have become. The hope we had fifteen years ago has long since vanished. You have left a legacy in your last two years of cowardice, lies and betrayal. You have committed sinful acts by barring the faithful from Mass when it did not need to happen. I fear for your particular judgement. What you have done to your clergy, staff and faithful are a betrayal and scandal. All of this scandalous action will shortly come tumbling down and you will be seen by history as a coward, a fool and a hireling. 

With all of the funds of the faithful being spent to bring the Newman Centre mansion up to your standards, you could have provided free rapid testing to your staff and volunteers for the remainder of this pandemic. You have betrayed your staff and failed as a shepherd and a Christian. 

May our Lord convert you and may you publicly repent for your betrayal before it is too late. 

Vox Cantoris


Oh, look.


Ana Milan said...

The Destroyer Antipope Francis "We planned it all before the conclave" must surely now be denounced & the Throne of Peter relieved of his backside, along with those who secretly conspired against PBXVI, leaving only those who were loyal still wearing the red hat. This must be done immediately - no more equivocating - before the intended Synod gets off the ground. Pachamama & his other gross demonic anti-Catholic rantings & support of Modernist/Marxist beliefs thoroughly wiped from memory. The man shows no regret because he hasn't any & doesn't beieve in Hell. According to a prophesy of Bishop Fulton Sheen he doesn't believe in God either but doesn't dare say so.

Cardinals/Bishops/priests all over the Catholic world have been taken-in by this False Prophet & must promptly get back to reality, demand the end of this forced "dual papacy" & request Pope Benedict to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary at once. The plandemic must be declared as a work of Satan & our Churches should never, ever, be closed in our faces again. Holy Communion given on tongue & kneeling (not hand), Holy water fonts filled & masks binned. Antipope Francis was fully behind the immorality of the NWO elites because they spring from the same source as he. We must rid ourselves of both!

Anonymous said...

Ana Milan speaks truth like a prophet. Vox, you are doing yeoman's work here, also speaking truth to power, and God bless you and yours for it. The time has long past for Christians, Catholics, to start speaking boldly about where we are and where we need to be. We should say the truth, the church has let the faithful down and even acted in a hostile manner to us. Why should we tolerate this. They only are in office because of US, and this is true in the secular world as well, where things are entirely askew. We need right order, but we're going to have to pray and then act. The hirelings that currently run the church need to end their vendetta against the people NOW. Stop talking Covid and climate change and defend LIBERTY, the liberty of a free people! Defend the sheep AGAINST the secular madmen and madwomen drunk with power, who issue edicts and punishments against a disease with a 99% plus recovery rate. Defend the sheep against the psychological torments of fear they are suffering from these people!
Close churches? You are going to Hell for such actions.
Deny sacraments? You are going to Hell for such actions.
Force the humiliation of your flock by telling them not to sing, to stand so many arbitrary feet apart, and by putting sadomasochistic masks over their faces, including children? When there is not a shred of real evidence these do anything? You are going to Hell. But if you do not believe in Hell, then you can at least expect the sheep to no longer make life comfy cozy for you. Changes need to be made or the people will stop supporting YOU.

Kevin said...

Thank you Vox for your keen insight, you have inspired me to write directly to Cardinal Collins and I will be happy to share my letter once I have sent in to the Cardinal in the next day.

I think all Catholics that object to these mandates should speak up and voice their concerns to the Cardinal