Sunday, 2 December 2018

Sanctissimus namque Gregorius


Anonymous said...

Today, 2 December 2918, an announcement was made in St. Mary's  Cathedral Basilica (the site of archbishop Halifax Yarmouth) after 7:30 a.m. mass that a married man with children is "discerining ordination to the ministerial priesthood" for the archdiocese; he is currently serving as "pastoral intern" at the Basilica. The announcement was followed by the presentation of the candidate and a personal endorsement by the priest who celebrated the Mass. Furthermore, the candidate is a newcomer to the Catholic Church, having served for years at the Anglican Trinity church in Halifax. There is a wtitten announcement in the parish weekly bulletin as well.
This may be the first case in Canada that a married man is about to be ordained a Catholic priest. The Church in Canada has hit a new low. That he is going to be placed in the Basilica in Halifax is not at all surprising for anyone who is familiar with the archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Anonymous,

I can understand your comment and how it has scandalised you. However, you may not be aware that he will not be the first.

Pope John Paul II initiated what was known as the "pastoral provision." This was initiated primarily in the United States of America for Episcopalian "clergy" to come into the Catholic Church as Catholic priests even though they may be married with children. They usually offered the Holy Mass according to a provisional Missal that was primarily the Novus Ordo Mass with a few little Anglican type additions. This was properly fulfilled under Pope Benedict XVI and his Apostolic Constitution, Anglicanorum Coetibus wherein he created the Anglican Ordinariate which exists in England, Australia, the United States and Canada. We have Ordinariate parishes in Toronto, Oshawa, Calgary, Ottawa and a few others. They are lead by validly ordained priests who were priests in Anglican orders and some, if not all are married men.

I should also tell you that I have a personal friend, he reads this blog, who was a Baptist Minister who read church history and realized he was missing something, liturgy. Well, the Catholic Church being the Whore of Babylon could not be the right one, so he became an Anglican priest. Not long after, he realized that he needed to swim the Tiber. He went to seminary in Toronto and is now a Roman Catholic priest (I will not say where lest I embarrass him). He is married and has children. Oh, unless absolutely necessary, he offers primarily the Holy Mass according to the Roman Missal of 1962, in other words, the Traditional Latin Mass.

It is a complex question and I don't think Catholics are prepared for it because we are cheap. The celibate/chaste priesthood is a worthy thing to preserve. Supporting a priest and his family will take tithing. But I am not totally opposed to it, I am Lebanese and a Maronite by ancestry, the Maronites long ordained married men.

But it would get rid of the sodomites!

Anonymous said...

This is all an outgrowth of the VC II and shows the extent of decay it initiated. If you belong to novusordoism then anything goes. But it has nothing to do with the Catholic Church. Ordinariate is not Catholic Church. Nor is an issue of celibacy a matter of personal preference of the laity. But they can mint "Catholic priests" out of anything in this country, it takes only a few years. And then you don't know whether to laugh or to cry at nonsense they "preach" in churches: either semi-literate or overtly protestant, or both.

Anonymous said...

By the way, how are those eastern-rite churches with their married priests doing? How do the parishioners support a married priest, his wife, his children, as well as college tuition for those children?

The Council of Trent mandated that the priesthood (in the Roman church) stay celibate, even though there was a huge push to have a married priesthood. The idea behind keeping a celibate priesthood was to acknowledge that celibacy was the ideal state for a priest. If married priests were to be allowed, then obviously celibacy would not be an important part of the priesthood. Our Lord Jesus Christ was not married. The priest at Mass is an alter-Christus.


Anonymous said...

With easy annulments and the lack of intellect that is ubiquitous among Canon lawyers(for the most part but NOT entirely) and absolutely among the clergy(for the overwhelming part), this is simply intended to do damage, to both marriage and to the priesthood. This will do grave harm to the Catholic Church, which is its SPECIFIC INTENT!!!!!

What a sad joke Catholicism is increasingly becoming.


Vox Cantoris said...

Isolated cases unfortunately expand. I'm afraid that the pastoral provision is the camel's nose in the tent.

On the other hand, I expect the day is coming soon when a faithful bishop will call upon single or married men, "viri probati" and ordain them in secret to minister to what is left of us.

Barona said...

Dear anonymous 8:40, what is a new low for the Church in Canada, is men (??) who engage in sodomitic acts whilst claiming to be celibate. I can assure you that a number of married men were admitted to the ministerial priesthood and the Church did not collapse. Are you not aware that St. Peter was married? Are you not aware that Catholic priests of the Eastern Rites for centuries were married men?

If you read Bishop Sheen's book on marriage you can rest calmly that marital acts are sanctifying and holy. There is no need for distress to know that the priest who is saying Mass caressed his wife's body the night before. However there is grave need for distress when Mass is being said by a man (??) who the night before engaged in abominable, demonic homosexual acts. It is at his Mass, that demons surround the Altar. At the Altar where the priest has just consummated his love with his wife, the Angels smile.

I, for one, take solace that a priest at the Altar unites with his wife, in sacred acts within Matrimony, and not engages if perverse, diabolical acts with other men.

I gave the experience of attending many Ordinariate Masses. The married priest were far more devout and orthodox than 99% of celibate priests I have ever met.

Please do not fear Matrimony. The acts proper to marriage are holy and sacred; the unity betwixt man and wife mysteriously image the Union betwix Christ and His Church.

Anonymous 11:58, it is you who are semi-literate and most definitely protestant when you judge against the Church that the Ordinariate is not Catholic. Your ignorance is only outdone by your arrogance and complete lack of education. You know nothing of what you speak. But perhaps, you are a sedevacantist? At least be honest. Please seek out a priest for guidance.

Anonymous said...

According to Daniel Rops one of the main reasons for the Church decision to change to priest celibacy was the enormous expenses of the priests, wives and chldren, heritages, lands, properties and all. The faithful paid for that. So celibcy is of utmost importance, not mentioning the offer celibacy means (Jesus and most of the apostles never married).

bvs said...

Barone why the harshness in your tone, There was no need for you to express yourself in such a contemptious manner. Your message would be more powerful if it was delivered in a ' brotherly ' manner. Perhaps you should seek guidance to develop skills to deal with unhealthy aggression

Anonymous said...

M Ray, you ask how they are doing? As a Byzantine Catholic I can tell you.
Married Catholic priests with children have wives who work. We had one as a pastor ( he came from the Orthodox under pope JP2) and was literally the BEST pastor we had. Three out of the other four pastors were highly disordered. The last one was a cross dresser. Fr Danilak left five suicides in his wake and when the police came to finally arrest him they found him dead due to AIDS on his kitchen floor. one of those who committed suicide was only ten years old and is buried in Monmouth Cty, NJ. Look him up and another one of our pastors ,Fr Davidovich, on Bishop Accountability.
The good married pastor? He returned to the Orthodox after spending too may years treated to perv fellow priests and their Bishop protector in the Diocese.
You might ask yourself why so many Catholic Melkite priests have also left for the Orthodox even though the Melkite Catholic priests are now allowed to be married.
Big hint . They did NOT leave to get married. They left to get away from all the perverts they were forced to either live with in rectories or go on Diocesan priestly retreats with.

How does it work for Orthodox married priests? google youtube with Fr Trenham who is married with ten children whom they home school.
Where there is a will ,there is a way if it is God's Will.

Barona said...

My anonymous friends. Perhaps you are correct. Peace be unto you. But, let us not turn from Christ and His Church to what? - the Synagogue of Satan.

Anonymous said...

Barona, i would never refer to the Orthodox as the Synagogue of Satan. Remember they have valid sacraments and valid clergy with Apostolic Succession unlike our Protestant brothers.

Rather , it is a more applicable moniker for those disordered clerics who ,having no Valid Intention to receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders,thus invalidating their Ordination and eliminating the True Contrition requirement of promising the avoidance of the Near Occasion of Sin.
Might I remind you a Catholic with no Catholic church to attend may fulfill their Obligation by attending an Orthodox Divine Liturgy according to Canon Law?
The Synagogue of Satan is more apt to be in the church pictured on this site whose priest is dressed as a Hebrew Rabbi.

Barona said...

Anonymous 12:44. The Orthodox do indeed have valid sacraments and Orders. However, they are schismatic. There is only One Church. If you read my blog, you will know that I have, on a number of occasions, mentioned how the Orthodox have called out wayward churchmen. However, the problem remains.